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Vampire's Romance
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Episode 1 - Their Journey

In a foreign country

Girl:I....I really like you a lot!!W-will you go out with me?!

Boy:....*smiles*I would love to but I'll be moving to Japan in three days,so it might not be possible....but,will you,come with me?

Girl:Ah! Of course I would!!*smiles*

In Japan,the apartment they are living in...

Boy:We're going to a new school,huh?Here in Japan my name is Aoi Katsuki, and you must never tell anyone we're living together!ok?

Girl:O-okay...But...whats my name here?

Katsuki:Your name here is Sakura,Himegami Sakura.So you'll be attending a Junior high school for this year until next spring.

Sakura:Okay....right i'll be working hard!

In Katsuki's new school:

Katsuki:(Japanese)My name is Aoi katsuki,it's a pleasure to meet you*bows*

Teacher:So your the new exchange student the principal said,huh?She doesn't tell me much detail so i didn't know you would be coming
today.....Sorry bout that...let's could sit over there beside Ren-kun(note Ren is a boy)

Katsuki:*heads to open seat and looks at Ren*U-um good morning!

Ren:So your an exchange student,huh?Lucky you getting into this class!There is a lot of good looking women in this class!

Katsuki:*laughs pitifully*Um i don't think that would be a good reason to be in a class....

Classmate:That's right Ren-kun!!You should know better to do this to a new student!!*to Katsuki*Hi! my name is Haruhi Hina!I'm the Class Rep. for this class!

Ren:*sigh* Stop bragging class rep.No body cares actually.

Katsuki:I think it would be great to be a class rep....but I'm too busy to handle the responsibility

Teacher:Alright everyone!Please be seated!Class is about to start!!

And the day end with confusion,anger and funny moments in Katsuki's new school.
In appartment at 7:30pm

Katsuki:I'm back!

Sakura:*smiles*Welcome back!How was your new school?

Katsuki:I think I'm the one who should be asking that question.Your all smiles,when we left for school you were kind of glum...

Sakura:Well I made new friends in school!! I was able to catch up with the lessons easily,too!And thought the entrance exam studies have
started and many of my classmates are discussing what school they'll go to,I already know what High School I'm going to!

Katsuki:hahaha!It's the same for me,for some reason the studies here is like the once back home!

Sakura:I've prepared dinner and the bath,what would you like first?

Katsuki:Dinner first.

Sakura:Let's eat then after you bathe we better go to sleep.

Katsuki:For some reason Your acting like my mother....

Sakura:Stop teasing me!

[Now they are asleep!You know the secret and what school do you think Sakura-chan wants to get to?Watch further episode to find out!!See you next time!!]
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Episode 2 - the Sports Festival

Weeks after their arrival to Japan Katsuki and Sakura planned to move....

At Fujisaki High, a week after arrival

Teacher: Good Morning class!!!

eveeryone:Good morning,sensei!

Teacher:All of you might have known this already but tomorrow is the sports festival.Everyone is encouraged to participate.Have you all been training up for today cause i known this class is very excited for the sports festival!

Most of the student:Yes!!!

Katsuki:Sports festival?

Ren:It's a pathetic festival arranged by the student council members to encourage people to do some sports cause they usually don't do anything

Katsuki:The student council doesn't do anything?

Ren:Yes,i mean no!The students don't do anything.

Hina:And they're referring to people like you,Ren!

Katsuki:Tomorrow,huh?....It's the same day as Sakura's cultural festival.....What should i do...?

Hina:Sakura?Little sister?

Katsuki:*honestly answers without thinking*No.She a girl from my country."Sakura" is her Japanese name.....*realises*Waaah!why am i telling you this?!

Hina and Ren stares at Katsuki in disgust

Katzuki:What?!We're not in that kind of relationship!

Hina:So she's your girlfriend?No wonder you rejected 3 girls in the class who confesed to you..

Ren:Damn you,Katsuki!!With in a week you cought the eye of 3 girls and of this class too!!! I've been in this class for 3months and i haven't caught somebody to like me!!!*menacing look*What your secret?!

Katsuki:What on earth did i do?!?!

Hina:It's because he's an idiot that's why he's never caught anybody to like him at all.But you got the highest score in school history in the entrance exams.....pretty impressive!Huh?where's Katsuki?*sees him with teacher*wow that was fast!

Katsuki:*to teacher*Um,sensei,is it okay if i don't come to tomorrows sports festival?I promised a 'relative' that I would Come to her school's cultural festival and it tomorrow...

Teacher:Sure.A man has to keep his promise doesn't he....At least it's better than Ren's "skip school and do nothing at home" plan which he does every year....

Katsuki:hahaha.... ....

[I will post the 2nd part of episode 2 later,sorry for the inconvenience caused]
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[sorry for the late part2....i'll try to do episode 3 today]

Katsuki:*goes back to seat*Hey i got-

Ren:What?!Class rep. isn't coming to tomorrow?!At least our other trump card,Katsuki, is coming to tomorrow!!

Katsuki:Um....I can't come to tomorrow,too.I got approval from sensei already.

Ren:What?!?!?!Where gonna get beaten tomorrow for sure!!

Hina:Well,guess your not the only one coming to a 'relatives' cultural festival,huh?

Katsuki:Hahaha wonder if we'll meet each other!Haha probably not,huh?!


At Katsuki's and Sakura's appartment...

Katsuki:I'm ho-

Sakura:Ah!Welcome back!*stares at Katsuki*Why didn't you tell me it's your sports festival tomorrow?

Katsuki:Huh?How did you know?

Sakura:Don't try to hide it from me!I saw that flyer that Fujisaki High is having it's sports festival tomorrow!!Apperently my whole school is excited about it.So why didn't you tell me?!

Katsuki:I didn't even know there was a sports festival here...

Sakura:*sigh*Anyways lets have dinner and you could take a bath!*smiles*

The next day...

Sakura:OI!!!Wake up its morning!!!

Katsuki:*still asleep*...

Sakura:Guess I'll call the house to wake him up later...I'll write a note to come to school at 9 sharp*smile*I'm very excited!this is the first cultural festival i get to!

At 7:30am.Phone rings.

Katsuki:huh?*answers phone*Hello?

Sakura:OI!!Wake up!!!


Sakura:Oh,did i scare you?Anyways come to school by 9 today okay?The cultaral festival start at that time!

Katsuki:Ok sure....and never do that again ok?!

Sakura:See you later!!

9am at Sekai Junior High

Katsuki:*pants*I got here just in time*pant*I ran all the way here...Sekai Junior HIgh,huh?....GuessI got the right place.^^*enters gate*

Student1:Hey look.Is that a guest?Looks like he's just a year older than us...

Student2:Yeah.He's pretty cute isn't he?

Studen3::He looks perfect!I wonder why he's here,shouldn't he be in school,too?

Katsuki:I seem to be attracting a lot of attention... ....Now where is class 3-A....

After ten miniutes...

Katsuki:I'm completely lost...*takes out hand phone*guess i should call her....Better not cause her any inconvinietnce...

Five more miniutes...

Katsuki:I finally got here....Huh?What this...."3-A maid cafe"?...*enters room*

Students:Welcome back master!


Sakura:*heads towards Katsuki:*Sheesh what took you so long?Got lost?

Katsuki:*immediate answer*Yup!

???:Hey Sakura who's this?You seem like you know him,and he knows you.

Sakura:Oh this is Katsuki,my roomma-

Katsuki:*covers Sakura's mouth*Relative!*whispers to Sakura*Be carefull of what you say!*lets go of Sakura's mouth*

Sakura:Sorry Oh this is Suzuno Koyuki-chan.She's our class rep.!

Katsuki:Is this an all girls school?So far I've only seen girls....

Sakura:Hahaha!Well this part of school is.The campus s divided into two sections,for girls and for boys.

Katsuki:oh I see...

Koyuki:Would you please come with me to your seat,master!

Katsuki:S-so this is a cosplay cafe....

Koyuki:What school do you go to?

Katsuki:I go to Fujisaki High...

Koyuki:FUJISAKI HIGH?!?!That's one of the best schools in Japan!!I thought Fujisaki High has their sports festival today?

Other costomers:Fujisaki High?!That kid is from Fujisaki High?

Katsuki:Seems like I attracted even more attention... Oh yeah I heard there would be a solar eclipse today!^^

Koyuki:Really?!How'd you know?

Katsuki:Huh....This school is not informed about it,huh...Well i guess there is going to be trouble later on...i have a bad feeling about the solar eclipse...

Someone outside:KYAAA!!!Help!!Someones rampaging outside!!!Someone's already injured!!

Everyone runs outside and Katsuki is shocked of who he sees....the eclipse has already started and danger romes the festival...

???:Oh,Katsuki!So this is the school your were going to....hehehe..I'll have a feast for today!*smiles menecingly*
[Watch episode 3 to see what has happened!!!]
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This is just the starting of episode 3...i need to change a dif come to add pictures....

???:Oh,Katsuki!So this is the school you were going to...hehehe.I'll have a feast today*smiles menecingly*

Katsuki:*shocked*Wh-what are you doing here,Hina-chan?!

Hina:Hehehe....Have you heard of....Vampires?!

Katsuki:A-are you one of.....*whispers soft enough that only Sakura heard*us....?

Hina:Yes....I am a vampire!!

Episode 3 - Danger of the Solar Eclipse

Hina:Let's go Katsuki!!!*grabs Katsuki's shirt and throws him towards the open area of the campus*Hahaha:C'mon Katsuki!Is that all you got?!

Katsuki:Not by a long short!!!*suddenly appears in front of Hina*grabs her arm and threw her away from the crowd*That should prevent anyone else from getting hurt.

Hina:*nails grow longer*Then I'll play with you if thats what you want,Katsuki-kun!!*misses and scratches Katsuki at the cheek*

Katsuki:Kuh...your pretty good...I haven't fought anyone at a level that they would give me a wound in a long time already!*grabs Hina's arm and slams her onto the floor*So,class rep., what do you think is happening in the sports festival?

Hina:Not caring at all,right now!!

Katsuki:True....same as me...i really dun like sports...*gets stab in the left chest by Hina's bare hands*Guuuh....

Hina:For someone who dislike sports,you sure have a strong stamina...

Katsuki:keh*blood over flows out of Katsuki's mouth*I had a lot of fights back then so I'm like this...

Sakura:Katuki!!!!*runs towards Katsuki*Katsuki stop already!!!*tears flow from Sakura's eyes*

Katsuki:Idiot!Get away,Sakura!!! she's Sakura?Well then she wants to play then we shall*attacks Sakura but is blocked by Katsuki*

Katsuki:*Hina's hand though Katsuki's lower chest*Gah!geh...Idiot...Go away....

HIna:I'm getting thirsty....*opens mouth and fangs starts to grow bigger and sharper*

Katsuki:*pushes Sakura further away*Go!!*bitten by Hina*guuh....*Hina lets go and falls to the floor*

Hina: *regains control of her body* I can control my body again....but the eclipse is still

Sakura:*Shocked at seeing Katsuki covered in blood*K-katsuki.....

Koyuki:S-sakura get a hold of yourself!!

Katuki:....*turns ito bats and appears behind Hina's back*grabs her head*Looks like you've gained control,half vampire*menecing look**throws her further away from crowd*

Hina:H-how can you still be alive?!That side of me should've killed you with all those hits!!


Koyuki:B-but how?

Katsuki:A half Vampire can't kill a Pure Vampire like me....All those pathetic hits are strong but not strong enough to kill a vampire...


Sakura:....Um Katsuki...I think you'll have to...

Katsuki:I know...*magic circle appears on the floor*Snaps and everyone lost their memory of what happened except for Katsuki,Hina ans Sakura*That's taken care of....

Sakura:I think you two should go back to your sports festival,huh?

Hina:Good idea,more problems may occur...what do you think,Katsuki?

Katsuki:....Let's go...

Sakura:I-I think he's mad...

Hina:That's not good...I've seen a vampire get mad and it's not a pretty sight....

Katsuki:See you at home Sakura!*waves good bye*

At Fujisaki High...

Ren:Ah!Katsuki!!!Class rep.!!!!!!!We're saved!!


Ren:Incho what happened to him?....Did you do something that would get him mad?

Hina:Wh-why would you say that?

Ren:Well.....I can see a demonic aura coming from him....

Hina:Th-that's not a pretty sigh is it....Maybe i did do something but I'm not sure....

At the apartment...

Sakura:u-um...Katsuki?...Are you alright?

Katsuki:huh?Of course!*smiles*

Sakura:That's a relief.What happened at your Sports festival?

Katsuki:Not sure...when we got there we we're last place but ended up as first place....odd....I wonder how i would face Incho tomorrow...knowing she's a half vampire and she knows my secrets...What now..?*a depressed aura appears behind Katsuki*

Sakura W-well you should rest up first take a bath and lets sleep,k?


In the bath Katsuki thinks of plenty of things... and went to sleep after that with Sakura...

[thank you for your support.Please wait for further episodes!!]
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Episode 4

Katsuki's weakness story

Student: Waaah! Its so cute!!!

Katsuki:*passes by*Huh? what's cute?*smiles*

Hina: Oh! I heard some First years found a cat wondering around school so they wanted to take care of it!

Katsuki: C-cats....?*starts trembling*

!st year student: Hey<Katsuki-sempai! Would you like to hold it?*holds out cat*

Katsuki*quickly moves away*N-no thank you....

Cat jumps of the first year's arms and moves closer to Katsuki...

Katsuki:*trembles harder*G-get away from me....

Cat arrives at Katsuki's leg and licks it to show affection....

Katsuki:*fleds away from the cat*Waaah! Don't eat me!!!*heads towards the canteen*

Ren: What's wrong with him?

Hina: I-I think he's afraid of cats.....

Ren and Hina head to Katsuki in the canteen....In the canteen

Hina: Hey,Katsuki! Are you scared of cats?

Katsuki: Don't tell me there's another one?...

Hina: I'll take that as a yes...

Katsuki: Haaa...Thank goodness....Waaah i really like sweet things! It's one of my weaknesses!^^

Ren:Are you really male?...Anyways i herd you like fruits and vegetables here have some spring onions...

Katsuki:*backs away quickly*P-pls. Don't joke around like that....

Ren I see....You don't like spring onions,huh....but....Why are you far away as well,class rep.?

Hina:W-well....I can't be near spring onions...I also don't know why...

Ren: Hah.....Anyways,so Katsuki, Have you joined any clubs yet?

Katsuki: Ah,yes! I joined the cooking club!

Hina:You like cooking?

Katsuki:Yup!Yet another weakness....
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II Sakura's Weakness

During lunch break....In the classroom

Koyuki: Hey,Sakura, want to hear a story?Iheard it from my brother yesterday!

Sakura: Sure

Koyuki tells Sakura a horror story that scared her to much...

Sakura:WaaaaH!!!*crying* No more!No more!!

Koyuki: I don't like scary story do you...

Sakura: I hate them!!!WAAAAH!!

Koyuki: Hahaha!I never thought that you, the person who loved sports to be afraid of these kind of things! Hahaha!!

Sakura: Aww,don't laugh at me!!

Koyuki:Hehehe....sorry,sorry....It's just so fun teasing you....*accidentally cuts herself*Ow...

Sakura: Are you okay?

Koyuki:Yeah,I'm's just a cut...Huh?What's wrong,Sakura-chan?

Sakura:B-blood...i see blood...*losses consciousness*

Koyuki: Kyaaa!S-Sakura!!Are you okay?!Someone help me bring her to the infirmary
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III Hina's Weaknesses

Ren: Hey,class rep.!!!Katsuki said he wanted to challenge you to a contest!!!

Hina:Huh?Challenge?.....*switches to dark Hina*I would gladly accept your challenge!!kuh kuh kuh!!

Katsuki: Ren!!!!I said no such thing!!!!

Ren: Hahaha!Well this will be interesting!! Since there's swimming class today,you'll be Racing with each other there.....and you were always accepting challenges...*to katsuki*It's one of her weaknesses ya know!

Hina:*returns to normal*Sw-swim?!B-but can't....

Ren:Huh? What was that?...

Hina: I said I can't swim,You idiot!!!!

Katsuki and Ren:....What?!?!?!

Lights suddenly goes of and the room was pitch black...

Hina:Kyaaaa!!!Waaah! i Don't like the dark!!!Help!!!

Katsuki:*whispers to Hina*Huh?Your a half vampire and your afraid of the dark?

Hina punches Katsuki,without knowing it was him, and Katsuki's knocked out....Lights goes back on...

Ren: Waaah?!K-Katsuki!!!Are you okay?!?!

Hina:Wh-what happened to him?!

Katsuki:guuuh....y-you punched me in the face.....guuuh*looses consciousness*

Ren:OI get a hold of yourself idiot!!!

Hina:Get him to the nurse's office!!!
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Episode 5 - Childhood friend

In Katsuki's classroom...

Teacher:Okay class!Please seat down!!Today we have a new transfer student!Please come in.

Ren:Hey don't you think it's weird having a transfer student in the middle of fall?

Katsuki:A little....but it doesn't mean anything....

Hina:Hey she's coming in!


Teacher:She's from England but moved to America and she speaks fluent Japanese so please watch what you say....I'll let her introduce herself...

Transfer student:Um...Good morning,My name is-

Katsuki:Karin Mcdowell,17 years old,and only lived in England until she was 8....

Karin:H-how do you know so much about me?!

Classmate:Have you been stalking her?!

Katsuki:Of course not!!Such little information and it's already considered as stalked information?!

Karin:Then how did you know about my past?!

Katsuki:Long time no see Kan-chan(note:Kan-chan is her nickname....she was given this nickname by Katsuki when they were still kids)It's been nine years hasn't it?*smiles*

Karin:Huh?Taka-chan?(Katsuki's nickname)


Hina:Sensei!The atmosphere is getting odd....

Katsuki's aura is a gentle and calm aura while Karin's is Demonic and hateful one.....


Katsuki:Ye-*gets punched at the face and ends up flying to the back of the room*Huh?!What did I do?!

Karin:You idiot!!Your secret was almost out cause of your violent attitude back then You gave me so much trouble!!What do you think is wrong?!I suppose that everyone is fearful of you here right now,huh?!

Hina:W-well during the sports festival he was kinda scary but he's the most reliable one in this room right now....

Karin:Is that so then i'm-*sees Katsuki unconscious...*Oi!Idiot get a hold of yourself!!!!

Ren:I guess he knows alot of people ,huh?

Hina:Guess they're childhood friends....

Teacher:*sigh*Anyways Mcdowell-san,my name is Nagoya.....*bell rings*Home period is over please get ready for your next lesson....

The next day...

Katsuki*looks very depressed*...

Hina:I-I think you said to much yesterday,Mcdowel-san.....

Karin:Oh please call me Karin....

Hina:Sure.Karin-san....Have you gotten a little bit used to the school....?

Karin:Y-yeah's a little violent though....

In Hina's and Ren's thoughts:That's just you who's acting violent....


Hina:What's wrong?

Katsuki:Well Sakura seems to be very quiet lately and she hasn't talk to me since the other day....I'm getting kinda lonely at home....

Ren:Then Karin-chan came and gave you an even worse day....

Karin:I did not give you permission to adress me by my first name Shikimori-kun...

Ren:Waaah,don't be so mean Ka-*gets stared at by Karin*M-Mcdowell-san.... you still remember my darkest secret...?*very serious*

Karin:There's no way anybody will forget a secret like that....Don't worry I won't tell anyone....

Katsuki:If you will know and come after you...

Hina:I thought your parents was in England?....

Katsuki:Let's just say has a way of suddenly appearing from nowhere....

Lessons Start and ended late in the afternoon...

Hina:Hey Katsuki:Want to go karaoke with us?

Katsuki:Nah....maybe next time....It's only two months before the final exams....

Ren:Why study so early?

Katsuki:Not studying.....making notes its Sakura's entrans exams in two months too so u wanted to her her study at least by making notes for her....

Hina:Your like an onii-chan don't you think?

Karin:You've really change since nine years ago,huh....sorry for doubting you...

Katsuki:It's ok....see you in school tomorrow...*walks towards their apartment*

[The next episode is about the times between the next day and the exams....and in spring time too.....soon you'll know what school Sakura goes to for her high school day!!!Please wait for it!!]
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Episode 6 - Exams

Teacher:Alright!All of you should know that the exams are coming in a month!So all of you should start studying now!ESPECIALLY YOU REN!!!

Ren:Hey!I've already started light studying!

Teacher:Study harder!

Hina*sigh*Hey.....sensei,Ren stop fighting.....

Teacher:Anyways attendance.....*says class' names one by one*Ren?




Teacher:Katsuki?....Katsuki?He's not here?

Karin:That's a surprise.....Katsuki's never skip's school nor become absent....even when we were kids...something must be wrong...

Faculty:Um,sempai!There's a letter to notify you of something....*Hands over letter and leaves room*

Teacher:*reads letter*I see.....well,class,Katsuki won't be here until the exams start for certain reason so please don't worry!

Student:EH?!I wanted to ask him for help!

Student 2:Same for me!Now what are we supposed to do ?

Sudent 3:I doubt sensei knows this question....

Hina:*in a group with Ren and Karin*Hey,why don't we go to Katsuki's house to check on him?

Karin:Great idea!We can study with him while we're there,too!

Hina:And it will force Ren to study,too!

Ren:Whatever....I don't really care,I just want to know if he's alright...

Karin:Saturday it is then?

Ren and Hina:Sure!

Saturday.....At Katsuki's and Sakura's apartment

Katsuki:*just finished explaining on how to do a question*So that's how to do this type of question....Do you understand how to do it?

Sakura:Y-yeah....but my head's getting dizzy....

Katsuki:Why don't we take a break?*hears a knocking on the door*I'll get it you stay here....

Katsuki opens door and...

Hina:Hey Katsuki!!!!!

Ren:Sh-she sure is energetic.....she's nothing like the Hina in school.....(o.o)"


Katsuki:Huh?Why are you guys here?

Hina:Well...we' re here to see you,cause we thought you were sick

Karin:Even thought that's highly impossible....

Katsuki:I see....Come in....

Ren*sees Sakura*Ah! so your the 'Sakura' Katsuki's been talking bout a lot!!How did Katsuki get a cute girl like you?

Hina:*hits Ren's head*behave yourself!!

Katsuki:*cracks his knuckles*Kuh kuh kuh....


Sakura:Um.....Katsuki?Can i go to sleep?I'm extremely tired...

Katsuki:Sure...You haven't slept last night get some sleep before you collapse

Sakura:Thanks....*goes inside her room**on her bed*So....Katsuki talk about me a lot in school huh?.....That...makes me happy^^*blushes*Well i could see him everyday after i pass the entrance exam....I'm getting excited!Okay I'll work hard on the exam!But for now...I'm...getting sleepy....*falls asleep*

Katsuki and the others study together and Sakura woke up and joined the group to study....A month after.....After the exam...

Ren:I-I think I failed my exmas....

Katsuki:Huh?How come?

Hina:*suddenly appears behind them*I saw him sleeping during the exam.....I'd be surprised if he aced it...


Ren:Don't just eppear out of no where,class rep.!

Hina:Sorry,anyways,how'd Sakura do?

Katsuki:How am i supposed to know her exma is today too!Well her results will come out in three days...

Karin:That's nice....wonder if she's took the test to Fujisaki High,that would be nice....

Ren:ACK!Mcdowell-san,don't act like class rep.!

Katsuki:Kan-chan,Don't pop out like that!Well,it is true that it would be nice if she came to this school....Well see you tomorrow!

[sorry for the late notes got lost so i had to look for it...episode 7 will be out soon too Thank you for your support]
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Episode 7 - The new school year

At Fujisaki High notice board.....

Katsuki:Hmmmm....class A again,huh?....Wonder what will happen this year....


Katsuki:Hmmm?This voice....Koyuki-chan?*looks behind

Koyuki:AH! It is you,Katuki-sempai!

1st year 1:Wh-who's that guy?

1st year 2:Didn't he come to our school's cultural festival last year?

1st year 3:Yeah,he did!!He looks a lot better with his uniform on!Wonder if he's seeing anybody?

Koyuki:Heheh.... You seem pretty popular,aren't ya,sempai?

Katsuki:That happened a lot last year,too...It somewhat feels uncomfortable....Oh yeah,what school did Sakura go to?

Koyuki:I don't know.I haven't talked to her yet...

Katsuki:Hmmm...*notices somebody*I see...well see ya during lunch break,meet ya at the roof!*head toward notice board*Yo,Sa-ku-ra-chan!

Sakura*showing no expression at all*....Good morning,bakka-sempai...

Katsuki:Gah?!Why did you just call me an idiot?

Sakura:If you wish to know what class I am,Aoi-sempai,then it's 1-B....If you would excuse me,the bell is going to ring soon...*leaves*

Katsuk:*sigh*Guess she's in a bad mood,huh?She seemed different than awhile ago...

1st year 1:Sakura?!Why do they know each other?!

Katsuki:*sigh*Better leave soon before i cause a commotion...Guess I'll go to her class to invite her for lunch...*Heads to classroom*

In 3-A classroom....

Hina:Ara?Katsuki!!We're in the same class again?!

Katsuki:Huh?class re-....oops,Haruhi-san....Ren's not in our class?

Hina:.....*faces away from Katsuki*I don't know....He's probably skipping school,again...

Katsuki:D-did I say something wrong?

Teacher:Alright!Home room is about to start!Please take your seats!!

Hina:Oh!I guess Anne-sensei is our teacher again...

Anne-sensei:Firstly,welcome back to Fujisaki High!Next,we have a last min.transfer student.Please come in!

Transfer student:My name is Kojirou,Kaguya Kojirou.It's a pleasure to meet you!*bows*

Everyone stared at Kojirou in amazement,except for Katsuki who glared with an annoyed presence...

Female student:Kyaaa!He's cute!!

Male 1:Heard he got second in the entrance exam for the school's history!

Male 2:Guess Katsuki still holds the record,huh?

Kojirou:*sees Katsuki*So he's the guy who got higher than me,huh?Keh!

Karin:Actually,he's the lowest in class when we were kids...he never got better only worse!

Katsuki....ranking,marks,to me,those mean nothing at all....

Hina:By the way,Katsuki,I saw Sakura-chan awhile ago!

Katsuki:SO did I,but for some reason,she seems to be in a bad mood....

Anne-sensei:OI!Listen up!I know the year just started but,do you remember what's coming in a month?

Students:Not at all sensei!!

Anne-sensei:Try to remember!!You've been in this school for two years and you can't remember such an event?!

Hina:The cultural festival?

Anne-sensei:Yup!Oh Sorry,Kaguya-kun,your seat is next to Katsuki-kun's..

Kojirou:Okay....*Walks to Katsuki*to Katuski*Um...I'll be relying on you from now on,please take care of me!*bows*

Katsuki:*giving a menacing look*....Same goes for me...."nine-tail"

Kojirou:Huh?Wh-why did you call me that?

Katsuki:Cause your *whispers to Kojirou*A nine-tailed fox aren't you?....Don't try to hide it Kaguya Kojirou of the nine-tail tribe...


Hina:Oi....Katsuki....What did you say to him?He seems like his in a huge shock...

Katsuki:*looks away from Kojirou*....Nothing....

[I'll be coming up with episode 8.....It's about the cultural festival of Fujisaki high!!!}


Katsuki:Huh?the cultural festival is in the early year?

Hina:Yup! It's so that we can concentrate on studying for the rest of the year!!

Katsuki:I see...

Ren:*yawn*So what happened today?

HIna:I knew it!!You were skipping school!!

Ren:Crap!Anyways who's the new kid?

Katsuki:Guess you'll have to know on the next episode!

Karin:Don't be such a kill joy!

Katsuki:Next on Vampire's romance: "Memories of the past" What happened to me before anyways?

Hina:I want to know what Katsuki's past is!!

Katsuki:Isn't this supposed to be private?!Why is it being shown to everyone?!Nobody asked for my permission in this!!!

Ren:Huhu....So you had secrets you don't want to let anyone know huh?

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Episode 8 - Memories of the Past

Kojirou:N-nine-tailed fox?You have a wierd imagination d-don't you think?*trembling*

Katsuki:.....nope....anyways,please be ready,nine tail,cause class is starting soon....

At the end of the day....

Kojirou:Katsuki-san,can you come with me for awhile?

Hina:Hey what are you talking about?!

Ren:Yeah!Let us in too!!

Karin:More importantly.....where is the guy you were talking to?

Everyone:*looks around,scanning for Katsuki*Where'd he gone of too?!

Out side School building....

Katsuki:*sigh*Sorry,Kojirou-kun but i have a lot of things to think about....*sees Sakura*Huh?Sakura!!

Sakura:Oh......good afternoon,Katsuki-san...

Katsuki:You seem to be still in a bad mood...

Sakura:*sigh*Well some girls in the class were interrogating me how i knew you....

Katsuki:That seems to be tough.... ...Anyways how'd ya find your lunch?

Sakura:Didn't you ask the same question in the roof awhile ago during lunch?

Katsuki:I did?Sorry i got a lot of things in my mind....I'm starting to forget somethings...

Sakura:I see....Has you're class thought of something for the cultural festival,yet?

Katsuki:Nope....Kinda hard to think if its at the beginning of the year....Shall we walk home together?*smiles*

Sakura:Sure....I'm not quite used to this way yet.....:sweatingbullets:

At the apartment.....After dinner...

Katsuki:It's my duty today,right?

Sakura:Yeah but you seem tired so-

Katsuki:But you're in a new school you should think about things that has happened on your first day!^^

Sakura:Okay,guess when you make your mind you never listen to what anybody says do you...It make me be reminded of my friend when i was a kid...

Katsuki:Hahaha!I was told the 7 year ago by a friend of mine!Go get some sleep....I'll take care of things....

Sakura heads to sleep and Katsuki does hit duty.....After doing his duties,Katsuki heads to his room...

Katsuki:*sigh*A lot of things happened today hasn't get....some sleep...*falls asleep*

Katsuki's dream...

Katsuki's dad:Fate,this is my friend from work and that's her daughter,take care of her now.

Sakura:M-my name is with me....


The two play catch at the garden and the ball got stuck in a tree....

Sakura:Looks like we can't play anymore....

Katsuki:....Hehe....I'll get the ball down and play with you no matter what!

Katsuki climbs the tree and takes the ball but incidentally fell of it....

Sakura:Ar-are you alright?!

Katsuki:Of course I am c'mon let's play again!^^

Sakura:B-but you really hurt!Lets go take you to in the house to get better!

Katsuki:I said it didn't I,"I'll get the ball and play with you no matter what!" I made my mind and I'll play with Anna! don't listen to anybody when you make up your mind do you?

Katsuki:Hehe sorry about that!

Sakura:I promise,I'll be with Fate no matter what!

Katsuki:Same for me!I'll be with Anna always!!

The next moring....

Katsuki:*sigh*That was a weird dream I had....7 years since then,huh?

Sakura:I had such a weird dream....a memory I think...I can't remember who I was with in the dream though....

Katsuki:Hahaha....I had a weird memory dream too!Maybe we had the same dream!

Sakuar:Yeah maybe!

Both laughed until they were late for school...

Hina:Oi!Where'd ya go yesterday?!You suddenly disappeared!

Ren:Yeah!We wanted to hear what you were talking about!

Kojirou:I'll get you for that,idiot!!Nobody ignores me!!


Kojirou:Since when was he asleep?

Karin:Since you started talking...

Kojirou:This bastard!He's ignoring me again!!!

Katsuki:*punches Kojirou at the face*Don't be so noisy early in the morning,idiot....

Hina:Guess Katsuki's right in a way but...not in a way he's thinking right now....

Anne-senei:Alright We'll be spending the months home period on how we're going on with the cultural festival and who'll be the class rep. of the year!!

HIna:This will be interesting...a challenge,huh?

Anne-sensei:Alright!Lets start and all of you pay.....attention?*sees Katsuki*


Anne-sensei:OI!!!WAKE UP KATSUKI!!!PAY ATTENTION!!!*throws duster at Katsuki*Hits Katsuki's head*

Katsuki:*still asleep*



Ren:Now that we know what were doing and wearing....what should we make Katsuki wear?

Krin:Good question....he's been asleep since the beginning of class....and lunch break has finished...

Hina:And we don't know what to make him wear....

Kojirou:Why not we change him ourselves?!You would know what is perfect for him to wear,his sizes and i get to get my revenge for him!

Katsuki*still asleep*sleep talking*Don't even try....mutt....ZzZzZz

Hina:Oh....he's sleep talking...That scared me....

Kojirou:I-It wa in perfect sync with what i said.....I-I think he's really awake....

Karin:That didn't shock me at all....I always played pranks on him when he was asleep when we kids....he always scared me with his sleep talking...he always said the things you wouldn't want to hear when you plan to do something to him....

Ren:I wonder if he sleep talks when he's with Sakura at night....

Karin and Hina:Now that you mention it....

Katsuki:Next time on Vampre's Romance: The Cultural Festival!

Kojirou:IS HE REALLY ASLEEP?!?!?!?!

Ren,Hina and Karin:Not sure anymore...
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Episode 9 - The Cultural Festival

At Fujisaki High....

Anne-sensei:Okay!The cultural festival is starting in an hour!Hurry up and move!

Hina:Is the menu of our cafe ready yet?!

Katsuki:Y-yeah but...What kind of cafe are we doing again?

Karin:Why you ask?,Ren and Kojirou are wearing costumes....and so are you guys....(they are wearing army clothing.....Ren and Kojirou are navy captains and Katsuki is a general....)

Hina:Oh were sleeping then....well we're doing two cafes,a maid cafe and would you call it Karin?*wearing maid uniforms)

Karin:Military cafe?

Katsuki:*sigh*Then why am i the only one who has a unique costume?(only one wearing a general's uniform)

Karin:Nothing else suited you that's why...

Katsuki:How'd you know?

Ren:Well the boys stripped you and changed your clothes while this two were the only girls who were allowed to see if it fits you or not!


Kojirou:When ya were asleep in the class meeting!

Katsuki:Guess i have no choice already...

Anne-sensei:Oi!It's time to open our cafes!!!


And so the festival started and in the middle of the festival during Katuki's break...

Customer:Aww....your going?

Katsuki:I would like to stay and serve my ojou-samas but I'll be doing something for the time being!*smile*

Customer:WAAAh!!So cute!!

Ren:*to Kojirou*That bastard!Even girls from outside school likes him!!And they don't even know him!!


Ren:Who are ya calling an idiot!?! comment....*gets called by customer*Ah!Coming ojou-sama!!


Katsuki:*outside*So this is a cultural festival huh?....Why am i feeling strange for some reason....*looks at school's roof top*....must be imagining things....*continues looking around*

???:Hmmm?He felt my presence?That's surprising...possible was he able to?

Katsuki:*outside 1-B classroom*Wonder what's Sakura's class is doing?...

Sakura:*wearing costume*jumps from inside classroom to in front of Katsuki*Welcome to our haunted house please come in and have a good scare!!!

Sakura and Katsuki:*stares at each other*....

Katsuki:Bwahahahaha!!!!H-how can you scare someone with that outfit?!?!?!Bwahahah!!!It-it suits you very well Sakura!!!HAHAH!!

Sakura:Stop laughing at me!!!!Why'd you come here anyways?!Geez!Stop laughing already!!

Katsuki:Sorry sorry....i wanted to see what your class was doing but....pfft!I saw something else!HEHEHE!!

Sakura:Just go in!!*pushes Katsuki in haunted house*....

Katsuki:Waaah!How nice it's pitch black!!I like this place!

And Katsuki exits the haunted house having an enjoyable time instead of getting scared...

Sakura:Y-your not even the slightest bit looking scared....

Katsuki:Well that place is a suited environment for me!

Sakura's classmate:Y-your friend is wierd....hes the only person who isn't affected by the haunted house at all....some people have at least one thing they got scared of....B-but he's more energetic than when he entered...

Sakura:W-well sempai's kinda strange...

Classmate:Sempai?So he's in this school?


Classmate:So he's the perfect guy the others been talking about?!I agree to what they are saying about you!!!

Katsuki:P-perfect guy?

Sakura:Aren't ya giving him a bit to much credit?'s my break now....why don't we have a look around,Katsuki-sempai?

Katsuki:Sure that's another reason why I came anyways!

Sakura and Katsuki looks around the festival and Sakura:Suddenly runs to the middle(open)area of the courtyard....

Katsuki:Sa-Sakura?Hey wait up!

Sakura doesn't listen to Katsuki and comes to a guy in the middle of the open area....

Katuki:Who are you?*stops*

???:Oh?I'm Hyptocem.....a mage who's specialty is hypnosis!Nice to meet you,Fate Breagnarde!

Katsuki:How'd you know my real name?

Hyptocem:I made my research on you two....Anna and you,Fate...*grins*


Katsuki:Keh who is that idiot?And why is Sakura with him?He said his name was-


Katsuki:Waaah!!What are you doing here?

Hyptocem:I can't be a guest?I even brought your girlfriend!^_^


Hyptocem:But if you want her you have to fight me in the next episode!!

Katsuki:What?!Hey Your only forcing her!!Take of that damn spell of her!!!

Hyptocem:Next on Vampire's Romance: Fighting for Sakura!!

Katsuki:Hey I was supposed to say what the next episode is!!

Hyptocem:Anna,Can you keep your boyfriend quiet by knocking him out?

Katsuki:Wait?!What?!?!?!S-Sakura....p-please put that giant hammer down....where did you keep it anyways?....Waaah!!!Help me!!
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Katsuki:H-Hyptocem?....Where have i heard that name before.....Hyptocem,Hyptocem,Hyptocem......Nope,doesn't ring a bell....

Hyptocem:Hey!!!I lived next door to you back in England!!!!How can you forget when my daughter always comes to your house for you to help her with her studies?!?!

Katsuki:Oh!Bel-chan?I remember her!She a very good student!Are you related to her?

Hyptocem:I just said she's my daughter!!!!


Hina:H-he can be surprisingly stupid sometime.....


Hyptocem:Anyways,I'm ordered to get you back to England or make you transfer to a new school!!

Katsuki:I don't think I'm up to that...I like it here....who sent you anyways?!

Hyptocem:Your parent....

Katsuki:Hah.....that explains everything...those paranoid idiots are way to attached to their children....

Hyptocem:And you'll be transferred to a new school here in Japan if you don't agree to come..

Katsuki:I choose neither!I like my friends here!!

Hyptocem:I have no choice,huh?

Hyptocem chants a spell and Katsuki was slammed to the ground by an unknown force....

Katsuki:Gravitational magic?!

Hyptocem:Yes,and what better way to defeat someone then make the be loved of that person get him?Anna!Get him!!

Katsuki:HUH?!*growls*Don't include her into this!!!*escapes spell and punches Hyptocem on the face*

Hyptocem:Kuh.....Well then,huh?

Hyptocem's pendulum breaks and Sakura breaks free of spell.....


Hyptocem blows a whistle and some one suddenly appears falling from the sky...

Hyptocem:GET HIM!!

Katsuki:What the?!Where'd she come from?!WHO is she?!!

???:Who ever you are I'll defeat you since my master said it!!!

Katsuki:Master?.....wait this voice....Manna?!


Katsuki:That's because your scarf mask in blocking your ayes...

Manna:huh?So it is...

Manna removes scarf mask and look at her opponent(Katsuki)

Manna:Onii-chan?Onii-chan!!!*hugs Katsuki*Waaah!!Onii-chan!! i thought I'd never see you again once you moved to Japan!!!

Katsuki:Manna,what are you doing here?I thought you were in london?

Manna:I transferred here....i have a new school here in Japan....Yokuyokai Gakuen....

Katsuki:Never heard of it....

Sakura:Hi,Manna-san.Long time no see!It's been half a year since we last met,huh?And...what did you mean by "master"?

Manna:Oh,in my school the seniors take care of their juniors as though they are our masters and since I already know him(Hyptocem)He became my master!

Katsuki:How'd you know's his name again?

Manna:Hyp-to-cem!!Bel-nee-chan talks about him in a very unpleasant manner back at home....

Katsuki:She does?

Manna:YEAH!She does!!

Hina:Yup,surprisingly stupid....

Hyptocem:She thinks poorly of me?!*Becomes depressed*

Karin:Your sister?She looks like she's the same age as Sakura...and when we were kids you don't have a sister....

Hina:And she has cat ears and tail..... parent disappeared so Manna's parents adopted me....and now they grew too attached to me and Manna....

Hyptocem:So,Fate,what's your choice?Go back to England,cause you never really agreed with your parent's condition,or go to Yokuyokai Gakuen?!

Katsuki:Why don't you explore the festival and at the end of it we'll talk,okay?


Manna:I want to go to onii-chan's class!!

They explored the Festival and Katsuki's break finished,Manna had a great time being served by his brother and Hyptocem had a call from Bel and got scolded by his own daughter...

At the end of the day....

Hyptocem:Where's Fate and Anna?!?!

Hina:Oh they ran home as soon as the end of festival bell rang...

Manna:I want to see onii-chan!!!I'll come back tomorrow!!

Hyptocem:So am I!!

Manna:You have classes to teach!!You stay in school!!

Hyptocem:Scolded by two people whom i take care of in 1 pathetic of me....

At the apartment....

Katsuki:We'll be moving tomorrow so come to this address instead of here,okay?I bought a new house which is quite near the school....

Sakura:Okay.....why don't we just come together?

Katsuki:I'm busy tomorrow so i can't come with you....


Hyptocem say's this back in school:I'll get you,you abnormal idiot!!

Manna(same place as Hyptocem)Don't talk about onii-chan like that!!


Sakura:Are you catching a cold?

Katsuki:No,it's just that...i have a felling someone's talking about me...


Katsuki:Waah!The Festival is finally over!!

???Yes,it is!You sure tired yourself out,didn't you,Fate?

Katsuki:HUH?What are you doing here-

Manna:Onii-chan!!!Waaah!I want to come back tomorrow!!!

Katsuki:What are you two doing here?!

???:Next on Vampire's Romance: "School exchange Program?!" You'll see me in the next episode!!!I"m getting excited!

Katsuki:Why are your here anyways?!I thought you were in England,Ne-

Sakura:Who's she,Katsuki?

Katsuki:Oh she's my-Where'd you come from?!*sigh*This is getting bother some....
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Episode 11 - School exchange Program?!

Katsuki and Sakura walks to school.....7:30am

Katsuki:So where's the paper i gave you yesterday?

Sakura:In my bag....

Katsuki:Good....And don't be surprised at the house,okay?

Sakura:Okay,your making me feel uncomfortable....What is the place anyway-

Manna falls out of nowhere and land on Katsuki,SakuraGet's pissed of cause she suddenly pops out of nowhere...


Manna:Huh?Sakura-nee!I won't hand onii-chan to you!Where is he anyways....

Katsuki:D-down here....

Manna:AH!Onii-chan what are you doing on the floor?Why are you under my feet?

Katsuki:.....never mind.....

Sakura:What are you doing here,Manna-chan?Shouldn't you be in school?

Manna:Well,my school was selected for and exchange student program and i volunteered immidiately cause it was at Fujisaki High!

Sakura:That means Manna-chan would be in my class!

Manna:Hah?What are you talking about?

Sakura:My teacher said there would be one 1st year who would come to our class for an exchange program whcih will be held....

School bell rings

Katsuki:AH!We're going to be late if we don't get to school in ten minutes!!

At Fujisaki High....In 3-A

Katsuki:I made it....

Anne-sensei:All right class,there is an exchange student program that's going to be held for the whole week,until SEVEN day from now,and our class has been selected to be one of the class to take care of them.Our student is From England so please welcome her!

Ren:Her?This i got to see...

Katsuki:Just like what Manna said awhile ago...

Exchange student comes in class room....

Necaru:G-good morning I'm Necaru.Please take care of me.

The whole class gives a welcoming applause and Katsuki falls onto the floor

Hina:K-Katsuki....are you alright?

Katsuki:Never thought it would be you,Necaru....Dad sent you too?

Necaru:Huh?Ah!Fate!!What are you doing on the floor?!

Ren:You know each other?

Necaru and Katsuki:We're cousins....

Hina:I see....

Karin:Looks like a lot of your family is coming to us huh?

Anne-sensei:Well since she's your cousin,you'll be her guradian for the whole week!


Hina:Katsuki's dense's mode on.....

Anne-sensei:Well,in exchange programs the "partner" of the student will take care of him/her.That means the partner is to take in that student.As in the student will live in the partner's home until the day for her return home to arrive.

Ren:But his house is really small and he's already living with someone!

Anne-sensei:WHAT DID YOU SAY?!

Whole class glares at Katsuki.Boys in jealousy and girls in anger

Katsuki:Your dead Ren!!

Hina:Your not supposed to say that you idiot!!

Katsuki:Anyways,I'm her guardian,well something like that,so don't think of anything weird!

Anne-sensei:But that doesn't solve the rooming problem...

Katsuki:I bought a new house last week.We're moving today.The place is very big.My parents sent me money to buy a house and told me to use all of it on the house only....

Anne-sensei:Guess we don't have a problem now,huh?Anywyas let's start lessons...

At the end of the day the whole class was surprised about Necaru's intelligence.....After school..

Koyuki:Hi,Sakura!Can i come with you to your house?

Sakura:Sure why not!*takes out piece of paper*Okay where do i go from here.....

Koyuki:Huh?You don't know where you live?

Sakura:No,it's not that.Well Katsuki-sempai said to go to a different address from now on so....

Koyuki:Okay i get.....

Koyuki and Sakura look for the new house.....At the new house...

Koyuki:W-what on earth is this?!?!

Sakura:S-such a huge place....

Katsuki:*arrives*Oh have you been Koyuki-chan?

Koyuki:What's the meaning of this place sempai?!

Necaru:Oh,I see you bought the old mansion,huh?

Katsuki:Yup....It's been a long time since I've been here....

Sakura:You've been here before?

Katsuki:Yeah,my family would invite Necaru's family and everyone would come to Japan and we would live here for that vacation time...

Sakura:Okay...I understand so you two are related?


Necaru:Oh...i see....

Katsuki:Anyways let's go in,shall we?




Katsuki:What are you...?

Sakura:I became her partner for the week....

Katsuki:I see...and i became Necaru's partner....come on before we catch a cold standing out here...


Katsuki:Seems like the past,huh?



Sakura:Th-this place is big....

Manna:Careful Sakura-nee before you get lost!

Necaru:And to think you were always getting lost,Manna.

Katsuki:Wait a minute....Where's Koyuki?

Koyuki:*lost*Where am I?I fell like crying....

Katsuki:We need to look for her!!!

Koyuki:Next on Vampire's Romance: ''Fighting for Katsuki!!!''
I hope i get found soon....
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Episode 12 - Fighting for Katsuki!

Early in the morning in Katsuki's classroom...

Katsuki:*sigh*...What am I going to do....

Ren:Huh?Hey,Katsuki!What's bothering you?

Hina:Seems like you have a big problem...

Katsuki:W-well...there's an end of spring ball on Friday,right?And it's also at the final day od the exchange program day,isn't it?

Hina:Yeah.So what's bothering you so much?

Ren:What,Sakura-chan didn't want to go with you?

Karin:That's kinda hard to believe don't you think?And besides you should be the one who's depressed,cause your the one who's been rejected for every try you had.

Ren:Turns to stone and becomes extremely depressed cause of what Karin said and a gloomy aura appears behind him.

Hina:Karin,I think you said to much..

Karin:I don't really care about that pervert...*klenches fist*

Katsuki and Hina are both thinking "Something definitely happened between those two...." at the same time...

Hina:Anyways,so what's wrong?

Katsuki:*sight*Well,Necaru and Manna heard about it and saw Sakura asking if i would come with her and then Manna came to ask me when Sakura was asking then Necaru joined in for the fun of it....So Manna declare a challenge on who gets to come with me to the ball...

Hina:That is a problem...

Karin:So they'll be co-

A group of girls barges into the classroom asking(shouting) the same thing at the same time....

3rd years(same level as Katsuki):Katsuki!Come to the ball with me!!

2nd years:Katsuki-sama/Katsuki-sempai come to the ball with me,please!!

1st years:Sempai!Please come to the ball with me!!!

Katsuki:Sempais,too?!Some one help me!!!

Manna barges into the room with an angry look on her face
Manna talks in a demonic tone!!!!!

Everyone got scared of Manna that they ran out of the room

Katsuki:Waaah!Thanks for saving me Manna!

Manna:*hugs Katsuki*Onii-chan!Come with me!Take it as repaying me for saving you

Sakura:*enters room*That's cheating,Manna!And class is going to start soon come on!

Manna:Hmp!Haven't you realised?Onii-chan is Necaru-nee's "partner" so she has an advantage!

Sakura:Now that you mention it....That's not fair!

Necaru:*enters room*What's not fair?*smiling cheerfully*

Manna:She definitely has something up her sleeve....

And the bells rings and Manna and Sakura were forced to leave the room

Ren:You lucky bastard!Almost every girl in school wants to come with you to the ball!

Katsuki:That's really bothersome....and disturbing...even now

Ren:How come?

Hina:What to you mean even now?

Katsuki points to the next building,which is 10 metres away and Ren and Hina sees the 2nd years looking at Katsuki and hanging banners to ask him to the ball...

Hina:That is disturbing even now...

Ren:That's somewhat creepy....This is why I don't like sempai to be my girlfriend...

Karin:I thought it's cause you can't stand being younger than your girlfriend....

Ren:Shut up!


And the first half of school ended with third years getting scolded for not paying attention and staring at Katsuki.During lunch break-

Manna:*runs into roomOnii-chan have lunch with me!!

Sakura:*walks into room*Here you go,Katsuki-sempai!Heres you bento!*give bento to Katsuki*And here yours Manna,Necaru-sempai.

Necaru:Thank you.Lets go eat at the roof shall we?

Katsuki:That would be calming...

On the roof Sakura and Manna was fighting on who would site beside him but Necaru sat down while they were fighting...
Back in class....

Ren:Hey Katsuki,How was you lunch with those three?

Katsuki:Tiring....Very tiring....

Karin:Must be tough....

And so the school ended with student charging at Katsuki,Manna and Sakura arguing and Katsuki getting dragged into the fight....


Katsuki:*sigh*What am i supposed to do....those three are challnging each toher and I'm getting dragged into it....

Hina:Guess you should just accept one of them...

Ren:But if he accepts one of them the other two will be angry and things will be worse...

Karin:I don't think you should have said that....Katsuki's getting more depressed....

Hina:Oh well....Next on Vampire's Romance - "Spring end Ball!!"

Katsuki:What am i going to do....T_T
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