Project E.A.R [Asian Collaboration Group]
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Posted 4/1/09 , edited 4/1/09
Watch to see if your interested

Link to music video at bottom!!!

The super group is made up of members from
Ahli Fiqir (Singapore)
Pop Shuvit (Malaysia)
Saint Loco (Indonesia)
Slapshock (Philippines)
Silksounds (Thailand) and Thaitanium (Thailand).

Project E.A.R. is a collective of like-minded musicians from Southeast Asia who had taken the opportunity to showcase their very first collaboration on MTV. Performed in five different languages from the region (Bahasa Indonesia, Bahasa Melayu, English, Tagalog and Thai), fusing various genres of music.

Aiming to break the geographical boundaries and sharing their music beyond their own backyards, Project E.A.R's ultimate goal is to showcase Asian music on a global platform. MTV is proud to provide the pan-regional platform for the band to reach out to all the young music fans in Asia.This collaboration marks a new chapter in the Asian music scene and we will continue to look at new platforms to promote Asian music to the rest of the world

From Singapore, Daly of Ahli Fiqir will be bringing his fast and swift rapping style to the performance. By merging the art of rhyming in the Malay language with the modern hip hop beats, Ahli Fiqir plays an important part in introducing Singapore's unique culture to music lovers.

Pop Shuvit is one of the nominees for Favourite Artist, Malaysia at the 2008 MTV Asia Awards. Formed in 2001, the band is known for their blend of hip hop and rock. The band opened for My Chemical Romance's concerts across Malaysia, Hong Kong and the Philippines.

Bagging almost all the accolades and awards for their debut album Rock Upon A Time, Saint Loco has cemented their position as one of the top rock groups in Indonesia. Joining Project E.A.R from Saint Loco is Joe, who will be contributing his vocals to the performance.

Jamir and Lean of premier rap metal band Slapshock of the Philippines will also be part of the collaboration. Known for constantly challenging themselves and pushing the boundaries of the music they create, Slapshock is proving to have much more to offer to music fans in the region.

No stranger to the MTV Asia Awards, Thailand's Thaitanium will be taking the stage again after their stellar performance with Simon Webbe at the 2006 MTV Asia Awards. Kan, Way and Day will represent Thailand in the super group.

Also hailing from Thailand is Silksounds. Having already worked with Thaitanium in Thailand, Dandee from Silksounds is venturing further this time round, hooking up with the best of Southeast Asia.

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Posted 4/1/09 , edited 4/1/09
Wow...they actually sound good.
They could be like the linkin park of Asia lol.
Hope they get big aound the world!
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26 / F / Vegas yeaaa!!
Posted 4/1/09 , edited 4/1/09
I like the chorus part and the guy at the end with the shades... pretty good! But i dont care for the rap parts lol i hate rap.... I think the chorus part guy is Thai and the guy with the shades at the end is from Philipines... i dont know im just guessing! correct me if im wrong. They should add Koreans and Chinese people and represent the whole Asia and not just South East Asia >.>... They are racist! lol
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Posted 4/1/09 , edited 4/1/09
E.A.R hearing that name makes u dont want to even give a shit..
Posted 4/1/09 , edited 4/1/09
Sick ASS beat! THAI reppin! wen dey get new songs?Thai should put Silly Fools my favorit group!
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Posted 8/25/10 , edited 8/26/10
dope collabo..
rep the SouthEast baby
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