chaos and violence korea's DREAM CONCERT 2008
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Posted 4/1/09 , edited 4/1/09
i don't know if there was a topic such as this before but i was really disturbed when i read the article.. don't get me wrong.. i'm not a fan of any of those groups who showed up in the concert but here.. i quote:

" Dream Concert Part 2: Wrong doings of SNSD fan club

1. Walking around with a knife, threatening Cassies and ELFs
Why in the world would anyone bring a knife to a concert if he/she didn’t have the purpose to stab someone with it? SNSD fans are a bunch of low-life thugs.

2. After SNSD’s performance, SNSD fans left the stadium in a group
SNSD was rude enough to leave the stadium after the performance of SNSD, deliberately missing out in the performances of DBSK and SUJU. There are many fan accounts that prove unlike what they claim they never cheered for other artists either!

3. ELF (SUJU fan club) attack/battery
The girl in the wheelchair with a broken leg is just one example of SNSD boy fans beating up ELFs. There are currently reports of 3 ELFs who had to be taken to the emergency room.

4. ELF sexual molestation
Actual fan account:
“A friend of mine was taking a long time to comeback from the restroom, so I called her. She picked up the phone and told me that she was in a certain row, naked and crying. She was going to the restroom when a couple guys came up from behind and ripped her clothes and touched her body and took pictures and then left. They looked like high school boys…she says she doesn’t remember anything but that the boys were holding pink balloons.”


5. Cassieopeia (DBSK fan club) attack/battery:
Cassie fan account, personally from the victim:
“I was constantly kicked in the head and was hit by balloons by SNSD fans. I got fed up and told them off “Stop it you bastards”. From that point on they started hitting my head with their fists. I remember exactly, there wasn’t just one person, but 5 or 10 that came to my seat and started beating me. SNSD fan girls were just looking at the scene and giggling….while some fans were so alarmed that they were talking of calling the police. I couldn’t defend myself and just patiently hoped that they would stop. When they left, I went over to the SUJU side to ask my friend for help. She took me to the hospital. When I awoke the next day at 2 in the afternoon, I found myself in a hospital bed with my mother humped over my bed, holding my hand tightly. I have bandages around my head…it seems like my head was ripped open.”

6. Tearing down SUJU and DBSK’s banner
Fans saw SNSD fans ripping the banners for SUJU and DBSK, enraging many fans. And making many more cry!

7. SNSD fans used words that a human should not say to incite other fans
[Warning: This is disturbing!]
SNSD fans were cussing out other groups and saying the following:
“We can kick their stomachs so that they can’t have babies”
“We can just rape the girls”
“Those crazy bastards, if they’re going to do it, they should do it right”
“They’re screaming like crazy bitches”

8. SNSD fans cussed out other singers while they were performing
SNSD fans shouted “bastard”, “bitches”, and “Shut up” when other artists came onto stage. This doesn’t compare to the 10 minute “silent treatment” that SNSD received.

9. Attack/Battery of ELF/ Cassie/ and Triple fan clubs
So far, ELF has reported 3 members who were taken to the hospital; Cassies have 2; while Triples have many injured members.

We will continue to update readers of any incidents that are reported …
But here’s Soyboy’s opinion:

SNSD fans WAKE UP! All of you and SNSD don’t deserve to be in Korea’s music industry. What the hell is this? How could this happen between fanclubs of the same company? You’re finally bringing everyone down. SNSD and their fans are a pretentious bunch of garbage that don’t belong in the spotlight. Even in sports, if a team is playing ugly, against the rules, or just plain being rude, they’re going to get kicked off the field. SNSD and their fans are displaying bad sportsmanship in a competitive arena. It doesn’t matter how talented they are… if they are a bad sport, they need to leave quickly. The Dream concert was supposed to give hope and dreams for young kids just as its name suggests; but instead, it has caused more hurt and pain for many young kids. SNSD and their fans need to APOLOGIZE and BEG FOR THEIR FORGIVENESS!

But in return this is what they (SNSD FANS) will respond you!
QUOTE ((YoonA)TaengSica @ Jun 8 2008, 11:24 AM)
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Not only the fans but the artists weren’t safe from SNSD fansboys!
There are many reports that SNSD fanboys threatened ELF to rape Kang In and Sung Min from Super Junior! And this is when you have Sung Min writing to the ELF after the concert asking them to support SNSD from now on!

If SNSD fans rip off the banners of SUJU in front of ELF and SUJU eyes
if they stab fans to death right in front of their eyes and send them to hospital!
They sure can rape suju members as well! Just saying!

and while SuperJunior members are going out of their way messaging their fans to support SNSD. The mighty members of SNSD didn’t even care about the way their fans were acting! "


just look at the link for complete report.
Posted 4/1/09
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