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Posted 4/1/09
p.s. for the moderators of this group, if you don't like this post, you can delete it... gomen

Anyway if you guys are interested, just wanna tell you:

Their will be a "FAN GATHERING"

In celebration with Super Junior's comeback,
SJUPH proudly presents:

SJ-R:The First Gathering
Together We Stand.

Celebrate as ONE.

Super Junior Fans...

Are you READY?

DATE: April 25, 2009
EM Party: 1:00-3:00 PM
SJR: 4:00 PM (assembly starts at 3:30PM)
VENUE: Sm Mall of Asia
EM Party: Carver's. (Near World Chicken)
SJR: Mall entrance near Pizza Hut (Assembly Place)

Ticket Price:
Pre-selling EM Party: 250php
On the day of the event: 280php
SJR: 300php (includes EM party ticket)

*Pre-selling starts on March 21, 2009 and ends on April 18, 2009.

** SJR tickets are for limited slots only. SJR tickets would be sold on a first-come first-serve basis. People who bought EM party tickets will gather in the bayside as the race progress.

This is true, visit Mall of Asia because their is indeed a giant poster, in this way, Super Junior might notice Philippines and might as well the long awaited "fan meeting" will happen...


Rules, because their will be a game:

- Teams must consist of two people.<br />
- Each team must provide their own vidcam/digicam that they'll use for this race.<br />
- They must complete the waiver form and pass it the day they'll buy tickets.<br />
- Everything they need will be provided inside their SJR bags. They need to take care of it so they'll be able to accomplish the tasks.<br />
-Clues given should be kept inside their bags after reading.<br /><br />

<span class="big">Race Rules and Conditions:</span><br /><br />

1. Any form of electronic devices that can be used for communication are not allowed.<br />

2. No outside help. Teams can only ask the security personnel and the customer service.<br />
3. Wear color-coordinated t-shirt with your partner. The only things that will be used during the race are the things provided by the core.<br />
4. SJUPH core will not be liable for any accidents/ injury/emergencies that will occur during the race. No time allowances will be given unless it’s critical. If such thing happens, INFORM one of the CORE immediately.<br /><br />

<strong>In accordance to these rules, the following should be observed:</strong><br /><br />
o Be mindful when doing the race. Yes, this is a race but don’t run like some headless chicken. And yes, please don’t be rude to other people.<br />
o When crossing to the bayside, use the bridge. DON’T CROSS ON THE STREET.<br />
o Do take a bit of rest after doing some of the tasks esp. the ones where you have to eat or drink. You have plenty of time to finish the race.<br />
o Do not do anything that could cause harm or injury to your teammate, cameraman and other people. SJUPH will also have a First Aid team to help if any problem occurs.<br /><br />

5. No fighting between teams. Be a good sport.<br />
6. Rule breakers found guilty will be disqualified from the race.<br />
7. Have fun. Enjoy the race.<br />
and here is the waiver, for those who are still ages 18 and below

For more info:

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