Hoe does Ishin know the vizards and arrancars?
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Posted 4/2/09 , edited 4/3/09
How Isshin knows about the Vaizards

Well most of SS should know of the Vizard. Arrancar were naturally occuring before Aizen came along and started to artificially make them so SS should know about them too. Isshin is a friend of Urahara so he has been kept in the loop. He also spies on Ichigo (atleast in his house if not elsewhere).

Edit- The story behind the Kurosaki family

Isshin seems to have fled because of the Shinigami/Quincy war or around that time. He stopped being a Shinigami 20 years ago. He is on very familiar terms with Ryūken. Urahara helped him by making a gigai that is probably hard to trace. He notes that it wouldn't be Urahara's fault if he was weaker. Isshin seems like he could hav been a captain, but we don't know for certain. If he was a captain, Hitsugaya is probably his replacement so he would have been in the 10th division.

Edit again:p- Quincy shinigami war war 200 years ago so that doesn't seem to be a major cause.
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Posted 4/2/09 , edited 4/3/09
I don't really know, they didn't really give us any info on Isshin

What if he was a friend of Urahara and he agreed to have experiments done on him. Urahara was spending his time trying to devise a cure for the Vizards, maybe Isshin agreed to certain tests. If he too had some of that hollow power, it might explain why ichigo gained hollow powers when he gained his shinigami powers back.

Yea, I know, a bit out there but it was a random thought lol
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