APRIL Poetry Contest
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Posted 4/2/09
Poetry Contest Rules:
1. All CR rules apply to this contest
2. Length should not be too short nor too long.
3. The theme is Easter.
4. It should be creative.
5. Do not copy somebody else's work.
6. You can send more than one entry.
7. Deadline would be May 1, 2009.
8. Winners will be chosen by daddyluvboo and the mods. Winner will be announced on the first week of March.
9. The poem that wins will be posted in the group profile for the entire month of May.

Judging/ Rubrics:
originality 35%
creativity 50%
choice of words 5%
flow of the poem 10%

BONUS: Anyone who was able to put and fit the word ice cream in the poem will get an additional one point but those who can put the flavor of the month which is Strawberry Cheesecake will get additional 5 points in the scoring.

For any other questions, please post in this forum.
Posted 4/17/09
my poem

Today is easter
i jumped
out of bed
i went to my livingroom
i saw lots of candy
they were kitkats
and m.ms with peanut butter
i saw a starbucks card
in my bucket
my mom said
were gonna do
a speacial suprise
for a special day
were going to
six flags Magic Mountain


Ice Cream Lover
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Posted 4/23/09
easter yesterday
to be painted like the egg
the one they hid
hiding forever
only to be found by one
he keep the egg
he kept it safe
but the paint still ran off
he closed his eyes and cried
dont cry a small voice said
his eyes opened surpised
hello im your shugo chara =]

easter=shugo chara lol by inuj
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