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Posted 10/19/09
Salvador Dali

What is your favourite sandwich filling?
Posted 6/24/10
Chicken & bacon

What's your most treasured possesion?
Posted 8/14/10
My HP TouchSmart TX2 laptop, oh Yeah! XD

What time is it in your city now?
Posted 8/15/10
8.21am on Sunday morning

What time is it where you are in your city right now?
Posted 8/15/10

what is your desktop bg of??
Posted 8/15/10

What did you have for lunch?
Posted 8/15/10
Honey nut cornflakes (how can a cereal be so good)

what was the last thing you watched?
Posted 8/15/10
Cows & Cows & Cows (A crazy video on YouTube)

What's the most annoying piece of clothes for you to wear?
Posted 8/17/10
Anything that's too slutty or tarty >.<

What time is it where you are right now?
Posted 8/17/10
3:23 am

What do you feel like eating now?
Posted 8/19/10
A panini

Do you suffer from some sort of medical condition?
Posted 8/21/10
No, but have some other body problems.

What does money mean to you?
Posted 8/21/10
It means to me that it doesn't nor can ever bring you true happiness

What is the meaning of life in your opinion?
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F / in a box
Posted 9/1/10
an adventure.

What is the best thing you've ever met in your life?
Posted 9/2/10
My fiance ^^

What is your most used word when you speak to people?
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