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"Square Enix revealed at Tokyo Game Show 2007 that a new unique installment to the Kingdom Hearts Series would be coming exclusively to the Nintendo DS. In 358/2 Days, Players will learn more about Roxas' time in the Organization XIII. By engaging in both exciting single-player & multiplayer modes, many unanswered questions about Roxas' life (while Sora was sleeping for one year) will be explored alongside offering Kingdom Hearts fans a whole new way to enjoy the series in a variety of Disney worlds.

TGS 2007 - Press Release:
The untold story of another hero. Organization XIII, Number 13, Roxas

-Twilight Town-
Roxas and Axel were watching the sunset from their usual spot on the station's clock tower after a long day of collecting "hearts" from the Heartless, as ordered by their organization. When their daily work ended, they often spent their evenings there. They talked about the day's work and other things over ice cream.

"Do you know why the sun looks red as it sinks below the horizon? It's because among the countless colors comprising light, red travels the greatest distance."
"You're just trying to show off, Axel!"

It was idle chatter between two boys without hearts.
This is the untold story of Organization XIII's Roxas.

Co-director: Tomohiro Hasegawa (FINAL FANTASY VIII, X, KINGDOM HEARTS series)
Producer: Patrick Chen (KINGDOM HEARTS series)
Executive Producer: Shinji Hashimoto (KINGDOM HEARTS series)

Confirmed Appearing Worlds:
• Twilight Town
• Destiny Islands
• The World That Never Was
• Wonderland
• The Nightmare Before Christmas
• Olympus Coliseum
• Agrabah
• Beast's Castle

GamePen magazine's review for Kingdom of Hearts 2.

You'll be hard pressed to find another game that even comes close to matching the quality found in KH2. Games just don't come as beautiful and well thought out as this, it's a virtual masterpiece that excels in every way possible

KH2 is and exciting and enjoyable game for players of all ages. Many people who enjoyed KH2 also enjoyed online arcade games and social networking games such as online bingo as well as a wide variety of card games."
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