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Posted 4/3/09 , edited 4/3/09
Konichiwa ~!^^

When u choosed your status, vampire, human etc. U can make your character!

My character!
Under construction

Name: Maddy Cross
Hair:chocolate brown, and very tall
Eyes:bright green
Form:poorblood vampire
Weapons:weel..something like Yuuki have in VKG
Description:I am really shy and nice vampire..but when some1 makes me mad, i can't be really horrible vampire...and i hate humans...
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Posted 4/4/09 , edited 4/4/09
Name: Hanna Tsukiko
Hair: light purple
Eyes: deep blue
Form:pureblood vampire
Weapons: sword, Scythe, demonic bracelet
Description: I am caring and polite for the most part. When i fights i am very serious and shows no mercy, but that depends on why i am fighting. I would protect my friends and family at all costs. Because i have a demonic bracelet, i can transform into a demon.
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Posted 4/8/09 , edited 4/8/09
Form:FULbloodED vampire
Weapons:her own hands she can make more sharper than a sword
Description:umm I'm mysterious girl but very kind once you get to know I'm actually very energetic,and i love sweets^__^
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Posted 5/15/09 , edited 5/15/09
Name: Miyagi
Hair: Black/Brown
Eyes: Green
Gender: Female
Form: Human Vampire
Weapons: close combat, using fist/Sword.
Description:eto... I'm carefree girl, very calm and polite. i love collecting stories of individ.
my spesialist is Gimp User as and as HV i am spesialist in Magic User.(maybe not) Yoroshiku
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22 / F / Indonesia
Posted 7/6/09 , edited 7/7/09
Name : Okazaki Tama
Hair : Deep black
Eyes : Black
Gender : Female
Form : Half Vampire
Weapon : Katana and fist/kick
Description : Very tomboyish, easygoing, friendly, smart, and highly sensed justice. Scary while she's angry. The only vampire's personality that affects her is just her habits that can stays up at night. She's also an Otaku.
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Posted 12/29/09 , edited 12/30/09
Name:Sorano Yamanaka
Hair:long brown (to the back of the knee)
Eyes:crystal blue
Weapons:martial arts,physic powers.
Description:very kind and caring couldn't hurt a fly,sora is your everyday human girl,sometime her curiosity can get her into a lot of trouble.she's very friendly,straight forward(she not afraid to speak her mind)silly,funny,sweet,and gentle.she can be a bit empathetic at times.she has visions,and the ability to read peoples minds.she hasn't learned how to control her abilities yet.(but is working on it).she always had a thing for vampires but she's always thought of them as fictional characters(she loves vampire movies^_^)(want to know more let me know)

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