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Posted 4/3/09 , edited 4/5/09
Ok, I'm up to episode 8 and I'm positively shocked at certain things in the translation....Did some of the guys seriously just call Deco - (a female character I'd never seen before until this episode) - a whore?! Not just once, which is bad enough, but twice! That's so wrong! I really hope that this was a huge mistake or very bad and cruel "joke" on the translators part because to me it just seems so out of character for them, too horrible/hateful and sudden plus so far she doesn't seem the type to deserve such a horrible name-calling. Judging from the various characters body language and stuff, I highly doubt that this is what they "really" stated about her and that it's something weird on the translator's part.
I don't believe any female, real or not, deserves such horrible name-calling regardless of what they do/who they are , what they look like, ect.
And she seems like a very cute regular or doll-like girl that doesn't deserve that crap.
I mean, come on, she isn't even dressed like a stereotypical prostitute or whatever.

I got the feeling the translators just put that in because they hate the character for whatever reason or something and making a big deal about her breasts.....
And I hope that is all it is...but I could be wrong and maybe it was a serious translation....
Are we supposed to seriously believe that they called her whore just because she has big breasts or something like that?!
That's so stupid!

Of course I'm not finished with this episode yet but if it comes up more times and more weird things like this happen it will make for very bad memories for me....otherwise this is a great anime and I feel for the main character and all the crap he has gone's really amazing that he is dealing with his inner pain with this cake shop business....
I haven't read the manga yet though....


My second big shock was that this character is (well according to the translation anyway) Chikage's daughter.
No way! I really wanted to believe that she was a younger sister (either by blood or adopted sister)

And now that I think about it, it was kind of a shock to see this episode open with direct violence rather than have implied violence and bruises....but not really as much of a shock as the two other things....especially the shock of seeing a female character treated so horribly and being called a whore in the series.

(ok past episode 8 now)
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