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Posted 4/3/09 , edited 9/11/09
Ok, so we all know the main character - (I keep forgetting his name...hah) - was kidnapped when he was younger and more or less force fed - (or rather that's all the kidnapper would let him eat) - cake.

Judging from the little snippets of memories/nightmares and such, I'm thinking the reason he "forgot" everything...not just from the trauma of being kidnapped and wanting to go home ect. but the kidnapper wouldn't let him...I think he snapped one day and killed his kidnapper (remember what they said about blood being everywhere and the part with the knife?)...his mind got so messed up from everything that when he's older he believes that it's very possible that the kidnapper is still alive and out there somewhere....when the truth very well may be that he killed his kidnapper and made himself "forget" it or changed things around in his mind so that he didn't kill anybody.....or something.
Something like that.

Maybe I'm wrong, but that's how it seems to me.....

What do you all think?

Why are there no replies?

Anyway, finished the whole series (I think both the manga and the anime) the other day, man overall a great series but some things I wish they had done differently. But that happens with a lot of stories I like......there's always one or two (or more) "little" things that annoy me but otherwise the series/story ....really good
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