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25 / Male
Posted 4/5/09
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somewhere on EARTH
Posted 4/5/09
hmm.. maybe.. not now though cos need to gather some more info on this show... haha
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22 / `dunno
Posted 4/5/09
wt's that?
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23 / M / In my bed
Posted 4/5/09

riavan wrote:

azocar wrote:

Is this like Beck?

Beck is good. Beck is a real representation of how a band starts/works.

I know that beck is good....so it's not like beck but it's a music anime right?
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25 / F
Posted 4/5/09
awesome! i wanna watch this soon
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28 / M / SEA OF LCL
Posted 4/5/09

shit was so moe
Posted 4/5/09
where to watch?? =/.. cant find it here in chrunchy
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27 / M / who knows?
Posted 4/6/09
So Yui's weapon is a Les Paul!! ^___________^
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27 / M / Bermuda Triangle
Posted 4/6/09

macphapie wrote:

darkoff wrote:

macphapie wrote:

Definitely something to look forward to. Watch the 1st episode!

wingdavid01 wrote:

Oh man I'm so going to watch it right now. It sounds, and looks so cool! Is it out with subs, or RAW??

subbed by chihiro

Chihiro's quality is worse and the subs are worse as well, i'd suggest to use Coalguys instead :P

Also, the first ep was god damn awesome, I HEREFORTH (Typo?) CLAIM MIO AS MY WAIFU.

"Please don't say you're lazy~"

Don't really like coal's since the subs are pretty much westernized. They keep using "Fuck" a lot xD

What kind of sub did you watch? The K-on girls don't seem to be the type to say those kinds of words.

For me I didn't find the concept refreshing at all, probably because I've watched too much school based anime. Although it does seem interesting that they're formulating a band I feel this is going to be another one of those naive anime where the girls are just plain stupid about every day life. Especially when that one girl was like, "I always wanted someone to ask me 'would you like fries with that'". Seriously, I'd give no moe points for that.
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Orange Planet
Posted 4/10/09
I watched ep1 and ep2.
It's awesome!
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35 / M / Quebec, Quebec
Posted 4/10/09 , edited 4/12/09
Excuse me i gotta say it: THE ENDING SONG KICKS ASS!!! :P! Ya know a music show that finally looks like one ehhh :P

This serie rocks O.o
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21 / F / Edamame
Posted 4/10/09
I watch it but i thought Yui already knew how to play guitar D:
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35 / M / Quebec, Quebec
Posted 4/10/09 , edited 4/10/09
Beck was ordinary compared to K-ON, so far. I've seen most anime out there which is why I will recommend K-ON to any music lover with a slight touch of humour. Beck was dull except a very few romance scene and once in a millenium good song but this music is the real thing. this is a crazy cool song with lots of energy, the ED is also gonna be my new profile song :P

9/10 stars superb show within this setting

Shortcut Tags (Total >70 animes)
Spring Anime Line-ups 2009
[CBY] Candy Boy : Episode 6 (aired)
[KNC] Kin'iro no Corda -secondo passo- Daiichi Gakushou (airing)
[LVD] Lupin III VS Detective Conan (aired)
[MNG] Marie and Gali (airing Tuesdays, 19:25, NHK-E)
[MNK] Mainichi Kasan (airing Wednesdays, 19:00, TV Tokyo)
[CNJ] Charady no Joke na mainichi (airing Everyday)
[QBR] Queens Blade - Rurou no Senshi (airing Thursdays, 20:00, AT-X)
[PRP] Phantom -Requiem for the Phantom- (airing Thursdays, 26:15, TV Tokyo)
[HNG] Hayate no Gotoku! Season 2 (airing Fridays, 25:23, TV Tokyo)
[GMI] Gokujo!! Mechamote-Iinchou (airing Saturdays, 09:00, TV Tokyo)
[SMZ] Shin Mazinger Shogeki! Z (airing Saturdays, 23:20, TV Tokyo)
[MFB] Metal Fight Beyblade (airing Sundays, 08:30, TV Tokyo)
[DBK] Dragon Ball Kai (airing Sundays, 09:00, Fuji TV)
[PHT] Pandora Hearts (airing Thursdays, 25:29, TBS)
[HNR] HAGANE NO RENKINJUTSUSHI (airing Sundays, 17:00, TBS)
[KAV] Kon'nichiwa Anne: Before Green Gables (airing Saturdays, 19:30, BS Fuji)
[HSN] Hana-sakeru Seishonen (airing Sundays, 23:01, NHK-BS2)
[GSS] Guin Saga (airing Sundays, 23:29, NHK-BS2)
[TKD] Tayutama -Kiss on my Deity- (airing Sundays, 24:30, Chiba TV)
[NSI] Natsu no Arashi! (airing Sundays, 25:30, TV Tokyo)
[SMG] Saki (airing Sundays, 26:00, TV Tokyo)
[ZSG] 07-GHOST (airing Mondays, 25:40, Chiba TV)
[STK] Soten Koro (airing Tuesdays, 24:50, NTV)
[RPD] Ristorante Paradiso (airing Wednesdays, 26:08, Fuji TV)
[EDT] Eden of The East (airing Thursdays, 24:45, Fuji TV)
[HKU] Hatsukoi Gentei (April 11 Saturdays, 24:00, BS11)
[CIM] Cooking Idol Ai! Mai! Main! (airing Mondays, 17:40, NHK-E)
[SBD] Sengoku Basara (airing Wednesdays, 25:34, CBC)
[HGP] HigePiyo (airing Fridays, 18:20, NHK-E)
[JSP] Jewel Pet (airing Sundays, 09:30, TV Tokyo)
[SGL] Shangri-La (airing Sundays, 0:00, Chiba TV)
[TTT] Tears To Tiara (airing Sundays, 25:35, CTC)
[ACN] Asura Cryin' (airing Thursdays, 21:30, AT-X)
[VYC] Valkyria Chronicles (airing Saturdays, 25:35, Chiba TV)
[SSP] Shinkyoku Sōkai Polyphonica crimson S (airing Saturdays, 25:30, TVK)
[BAQ] Basquash (airing Thursdays, 25:25, MBS)
[KKN] K-ON! (airing Thursdays, 25:59, TBS)
[CSH] Chi's Sweet Home : New Home (airing Weekdays, 06:40, TV Tokyo)
[CGM] Cross Game (airing Sundays, 22:00, TV Tokyo)
[FIJ] Fight Ippatsu! Jūden-chan!! (May)
[XMD] Xam'd: Lost Memories (April 11 Saturdays, 26:25, Tokyo MX)
[DNF] Slap Up Party -Arad Senki- (airing Fridays, 26:45, TV Tokyo)

Out of that list in the upcoming series, Shangri-la, Saki and K-ON blow out of the water the rest of the animes I've seen for its genre so far, most of them. The coolest is that they sing and actually I feel the fun and energy they put into it! It's a MIX of humour/slice of life/music band
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35 / M / Quebec, Quebec
Posted 4/10/09 , edited 4/11/09
damn it can't find it on the internet yet but i won't give =p!

Don’t say“lazy”(初回限定盤) [Single] [Limited Edition] [Maxi]
~ 桜高軽音部 (アーティスト, 演奏), 大森祥子 (その他), 小森茂生 (その他)

Price: ¥ 1,260 (Tax Included) & eligible for FREE shipping on orders over ¥ 1,500 (with some exceptions). Details
Amazon Points: 63pt (5%) See details
「予約商品の価格保証」対象商品。 Learn more.
This title will be released on April 22, 2009. Click here for details of availability.

so april 22 for the single >.<!
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32 / M
Posted 4/10/09
seen ep2 recently and i have to say that this show is very promising.

this has got to be one of the best anime season in some time.
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