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Robert Thomas Pattinson(Edward Cullen)-
DOB-May 13,1986
Born In-London,England
Awards-2008 Holywood Film Festival

Kristen Jaymes Stewart(Bella Swan)-
DOB-April 9,1990
Born In-L.A California
Oher Movies-Panic Room,Zathura,Into the Wild,Catch That Kid

Nicole(Nikki) Houston Reed(Rosalie Hale)-
DOB-May 17,1988
Born In-L.A California
Other Movies-Thirteen,Lord of Dogtown,Mini's First Time

Taylor Daniel Lauther(Jacob Black)-
DOB-February 11,1992
Born In-Grand Rapids,Michigan
Job-actor,voice actor
Other Movies-The Adventures Sharkboy and Lavagirl,Cheaper by the Dozen 2

Peter Facinelli(Carlisle Cullen)-
Born In-Queens,New York

Kellan Lutz(Emmett Cullen)-
DOB-March 15,1985
Born In-Dickinson,North Dakota
Other Movies-Prom Night,Without You

Ashely Michele Greene(Alice Cullen)-
DOB-February 21,1987
Born In-Jacksonville,Florida

Jackson Rathbone(Jasper Hale)-
DOB-December 21,1984
Born In-Singapore

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Robert Thomas Pattinson
i think he doesnt fit edward cullen like stephenie mayer describes... he seem to ordinary =x

Kristen Jaymes Stewart
for her.. it was abit confusing ~
well.. ok she seem to fit the picture... but it all seem to... dull?

Nicole(Nikki) Houston Reed
not what i pictured xD but it seem to fit the movie well

Taylor Daniel Lauther
no wonder he was familar o.0 acting in shark boy and lava girl and cheaper by the dozen...
kinda hot too ^^"
the hairdo doesnt match his looks =x i think

Peter Facinelli
the only one... in my opinion that is PERFECTED by the movie lol
i couldnt ask for a better person for the job xD

Kellan Lutz

i was kinda looking forward to emmett's interpretion xD i mean...
how do you get a godly like gorgeous features plus muscular person? o.0
well it seems find anyway... but he didnt have much lines xD pity

Ashely Michele Greene
weird interpretion
i pictured alice to be more captivating then dreamy o.0

Jackson Rathbone
he seem more like edward (not edward twilight xD) i mean from edward scissor hands....
you know...
johnny depp? =x
haha...... i didnt see any scars
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