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Posted 4/4/09 , edited 4/4/09
When i was looking up...something...not gonna say what I found tis website of Kingdom Hearts.
I clicked the KH 358/2 Days link thingy and it said that Square Enix made a website of 358/2 Days!!!
It has some news about the game and all that stuff. And when its loading theres this clock and its soo cool xDD And there is even MUSIC coming from it!! Its "The Other Promise" the song when u fight Roxas as Sora in Final Mix...

Sad thing is....its mostly in Japanese.... Hopefully we have some sorta translater?...

And a few weeks ago i looked up the game at my local bookstore's pc for the stocks and what not.
I typed in kingdom hearts 358/2 Days and they even had the release date!!! They said its gonna be out in stock there like September 1st i think.

Yea...i did all tis research...cuz im in LOVE with Roxas!! I want the game sooooo badly!!!
Hope u enjoyed
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Posted 5/5/09 , edited 5/6/09
Wow. . . . . . . . ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
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