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Shounen Fan
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23 / F
Posted 4/26/09 , edited 4/26/09
Username: shadowqueen05
Bday: oct 25
Fave Shounen:lelouch lamperouge,len tsukimori,teito klein,ciel phantomhive,sebastian michaelis,tsuruga ren
Fave Anime:07 ghost,pandora hearts,code geass,kuroshitsuji,skip beat,katekyo hitman reborn
Fave Activity:watch anime and read mangas
About Yourself:
well i'm a simple 14 yr old girl who loves bishies and anime and stuffs lol
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F / Pearl of the Orie...
Posted 4/30/09 , edited 5/1/09
Name: arianne
Username: aryann
Bday: july 20
Fave Shounen: kuran kaname, len tsukimori, aoi kaji
Fave Anime: vampire knight, la corda d'oro, special a
Fave Activity: watching anime! haha:) drawing, reading manga
About Yourself: well,,arianne's the name,,girl,single! hahaha lol,
i love music especially classical hahaha lol, nd im really addicted to vk and l corda..kyuaaaaaaaaa!!
Posted 5/4/09 , edited 5/5/09
Intro form
Name: aya
Username: ryoma_sakuno
Bday: may 24
Fave Shounen: ryoma, len, ikuto, ryuu, natsume and many more...
Fave Anime: prince of tennis, la corda, shugo chara, kamichama karin, special a, ultra maniac, gakuen alice..
Fave Activity: watching and reading
About Yourself: i love animes and mangas!!

nice to meet you everyone!
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23 / F / Right next to you!
Posted 5/6/09 , edited 5/7/09
Name: Love (friends call me Danni)
Bday: March 31
Fave Shounen: wow that mite take a while .... i think rite now ikuto from shugo chara
Fave Anime: Sailor moon, Ouran Host Club, Mermaid Melody, Fruits Basket, Shugo Chara, Card Captors Sakura... and more
Fave Activity: Definatly Drawing, Baking, and Cheering
About Yourself: well im new to the shouen thing and i am very proud to be here!! i love Bunnies ^^ ... and like to read shojo manga!!! i cant live with out chocolate ...................... its just toooo good !!!

Anything else you want to know just ask
Posted 5/7/09 , edited 5/7/09
Name: Eric
Bday: January 13, 1995
Fave Shounen: Kurosaki Ichigo Kuchiki Byakuya Hitsugaya Toshiro Kallen Stadtfeld Image Lelouch (Lulu) Lamperouge Tsunayoshi Sawada
Fave Anime:Reborn Naruto Bleach Code Geass - Lelouch of the Rebellion
Fave Activity:playing sports watching anime and chatting on the computer
About Yourself: hi =] im Eric 14 years old and im kinda new here to Crunchyroll i joined April 13,2009 and im getting the hang of crunchyroll so far so im kinda happy and i met really great friends that i love so much becuz well they r fun and cool to talk to so i think thats it but thats all i can think of oh and i like to read shounen manga too =]
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22 / F / On a fantastical...
Posted 5/10/09 , edited 5/10/09
fave shounen: many
fave anime: too many to count
fave activity: playing piano, violin, reading, going online sometimes, tennis, soccer, making stars
about me: I'm the middle child, i've been playing violin and piano for 4 years. I'm addicted to buying books, love reading manga and watching the occasional anime, like everyone in the world i have a lot of wishes.
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F / Lee Min-Ho's hous...
Posted 5/13/09 , edited 5/14/09
Name: Christine
Bday: September 5
Fave Shounen: Len Tsukimori, Kahoko Hino, Kuran Kaname,Takishima Kei and many more. (:
Fave Anime: La Corda d' oro, Vampire night, Special A and many more..
Fave Activity: chatting, internet surfing, reading books, listening to music, and many more...
About Yourself: uhh me? well, i really love anime and reading books- interesting books and i am the craziest person that you will talk too but i am fun to be with. ^^. Nice Meeting you all guys i hope we can be good friends.(:
Shounen Fan
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24 / F / Singaporeee
Posted 5/13/09 , edited 5/14/09
Bday:June 10
Fave Shounen:Kuran Kaname , Tsuruga Ren , Tsukiyomi ikuto
Fave Anime:Skip beat , shugo chara , vampire knight , code geass
Fave Activity: Singing , dancing , have fun in cr .
About Yourself: i'm a happy , cheerful , hyper & emotional girl .
talk to me if u wanna , pls note that i'll BITE ! :B hehes !
Shounen Fan
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25 / F / Cuddling with my...
Posted 5/20/09 , edited 5/20/09
Name: Mika
Username: Mika-Chan211
Bday: July 31
Fave Shounen: Kuran Kaname, Tsuruga Ren, Tsukiyomi ikuto, Izumi Sano, Benkei, Honda Takara, Honda Arata, Leo Aoi,
Fave Anime:Skip Beat, Shugo Chara, Vampire Knight, Code Geass, Peach Girl, Fruit Basket, Death Note, Hana Yori Dango, Itazura na Kiss, La Corda Doro, Romeo x Juliet,
Fave Activity: Singing, Reading, Writing, Listening to music. .
About Yourself: I'm outgoing and talkative. I love making new friends and i have a happy personality. ^_^
Posted 6/4/09 , edited 6/4/09
Name:Yuuki Cross nickname : moka
Bday:March 4th 1993
Fave Shounen:Zero ichiyu and kaname kuran, len tsukimori , takishima kei
Fave Anime:vampire knight , Rosario Vampire , la corda doro and prince of tennis , bleach,naruto, etc
Fave Activity:singing and playing piano and violin , flute chat make new friends
About Yourself: eh me -places my hands together smiles softly- am soft and gentle easy to be broken has many problems with health and i am a vampire and i love making friends -bows-
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26 / F
Posted 6/26/09 , edited 6/26/09
Intro form

Name: Keshia
Username: -Anime_Princess-
Bday: Aprill 11'1992
Fave Shounen: Ren Tsuruga, Tamaki Suoh, Kyoya Ootori,
Hikaru and Kaoru Hitachiin, Night Tenjo, Soshi Asamoto, Kurou Tenma

Fave Anime: Sailor Moon, Cardcaptors, Fruits Basket,
Ouran High School Host Club, Skip Beat!,
Shugo Chara!, Earl and Fariy, Kamichama Karin, Kirarin Revolution, Saki,
Wallflower, and many more.

Fave Activity: Singing in CR, watching anime on the internet,
sleeping, reading manga.

About Yourself: I'm 5'2 no taller than that T.T, I love to watch
anime on whatever time i have, and i love to sleep and listen to my i-pod
if i don't have it i feel lost xD and reading manga hanging with friends.
Shounen Fan
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19 / F / Texas
Posted 7/2/09 , edited 7/2/09
Bday:August 11th
Fave Shounen:Kazuki Hihara, Kiryuu Zero,Kain Akatsuki,Tsukiymi Ikuto, Souma Kukai, Suzaku Kururugi, and Hitsugaya Toushiro
Fave Anime:La Corda D'oro Primo/Secondo Passo,Vampire Knight/Guilty,Shugo Chara/Doki,Bleach, and etc.
Fave Activity:chatting on my laptop, hearing music, and jump rope.
About Yourself:Well I love music alot, making origami,kintting, sewing, and cooking!
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27 / F / Estonia
Posted 7/25/09 , edited 7/25/09
Name: Ingrid
Username: charuntera
Bday: 9/9/1990
Fave Shounen: Ryoma Echizen, Inuyasha, Gokudera Hayato, Ikuto Tsukiymi, Lelouch Lamperouge, Toushirou Hitsugaya
Fave Anime: Prince of Tennis, Lovely complex, Gravitation, Hikaru no Go, Fullmetal Alchemist
Fave Activity: singing; drawing, bakeing, riding a bike, reading
About Yourself: i love animes even if i'm adult already..i love to read yaoi fanfics..about music i like differnt style like rock to hard music but also love songs..most of the time i'm lisening old artist so i dont know about new artist so much..about my personality i'm dont talk so much but ppls still love to talk with me..most of my friend call me mom becuase if they have problems they always ask me for help..18 and already love to be alone most of the time..i like helping others
Posted 7/25/09 , edited 7/25/09
Name: Deidra (Misa)
Username: Misa_Amarah08
Bday: August 21st
Fave Shounen: AirGear, Full Metal Alchemist, YuYuHakusho, Code Geass
Fave Anime: Fruits Basket, Naruto, Vampire Knight, YYH, FMA
Fave Activity: Acting, writing, dancing, hanging out with friends/bf, going to the movies, just going out and enjoying myself and checking out what's going on with life and how's Nature's changing.
About Yourself: I am somebody who is pretty different compared other people but I'm proud of it^_^-in other words I'm pretty much called a Nerd but "I'm proud of it" :lol:. I am also learning how to speak Japanese and my dream is to actually go to Japan.
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F /
Posted 7/26/09 , edited 7/27/09
Name: Jenny
Username: AnimeAmutoLuver
Bday: December 3rd
Fave:Shounen: Len Tsukimori, Ikuto Tsukiyomi, Lelouch, Kei Takishima, Natsume Hyuuga, Kiryuu Zero, Kaoru and Hikaru (and lotz more >.<)
Fave Anime: La corda d'oro (1st and 2nd series) , Special A, Vampire Knight (1st and 2nd series) ,Shugo Chara (both series), Ouran High School Host Club and lotz more!!!
Fave Activity: hanging out with my friends, watching animes and reading mangas celebrating and lotz more!!!
About Me: I LOVE MUSIC. I like acting too i guess. Animes and Mangas are AWESOME!!!!! I love my friends and besties, they cheer me up when im sad but i am hardly sad....i guess. I love cheering up ppl too. hehe.
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