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Best Comedy Anime on CR
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27 / F / The great not so...
Posted 12/20/08
Gintama (Especially the episodes with the Shinsengumi) I also heard from somewhere that the last episode will be airing in a half a year I hope this is a rumor and not true


Linebarrels of Iron


Clannad After Story (but lately its been more sad than funny)


some parts of Toaru Majistsu no Index

Earl and Fairy

I heard Skip Beat was funny might check that anime out
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18 / M / San Fransisco, Ca...
Posted 10/21/12
1) Nichijou (my ordinary life)- The episodes leave you with a face like WTF JUST HAPPENED
2) Kill Me Baby- It's stupidly funny
3) Ika Musume (squid girl)- It's stupidly funny and cute
4) Working!! (wagnaria)- It's funny because its like a regular guy at a crazy job
Doesn't count) Higurashi- I know its messed up and it's not supposed to be a comedy but some scenes are so horrifiying the make me want to laugh with them.
Posted 10/21/12
At this point I don't think I need to say Gintama needs a recommendation, so I will drop down and name another.

Sket Dance is well worth the time. It feels like a tame and lame version of Gintama at first, which while it may be tamer in some aspects it's quite far from being lame, but you have to realize it's not trying to be Gintama since it has it's own personality and way of sucking you in to the stories of the characters and the humor in the show. So especially if you are first a Gintama fan, you need to give it a little time to grow on you. Do I bust out laughing like I do with Gintama? Not nearly as much as I do with Gintama, but it does do it and I certainly enjoy Sket Dance as much as I do Gintama. I love both shows and each with their own personality I recommend with confidence that you will smile big a lot if not laugh too.
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