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Make up story~
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18 / F / Somewhere else
Posted 11/9/09 , edited 11/15/09
Name: Yuki Tamago (P.S. Tamago means egg)
Age: 14 (will turn 15 soon)
Gender: Female
Crush: Secret!!!
Charas: Kitty, Melody, and Hell
CT: Blue Stray, Singing Soul, and Life Killer

Yuki's POV

After a whole night of moving in the house I was so tired. (since I have no parents or siblings to help me) While I sat down at my table and puting down my books, I fell asleep on my desk. When I woke up I saw 3 eggs in front of me. (u ppl would know what i was thinking) It was 5:00 a.m. so I put everything in my bag and put the eggs in my pockets. Then I saw a person (male) drop a book and left. I pick up the book and ran after him until I have reach to a dead end and I didn't see him at all. I look around and I relized that I was lost. I stayed calm and read the book. (its that picture book *winks*) Then I found out what the eggs were for. The only question is how am I going to find my way back?
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22 / F
Posted 11/11/09 , edited 11/12/09
name: Nani Tsukiyomi
age: 14
gender: female
crush dont have one yet
chara: iru and dia
CT: ultimate dia and devil
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20 / F / California
Posted 3/20/10 , edited 3/20/10
My time to shine!

Name: Mari Miharu
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Crush: none (yet)
Chara: Lala and Mimi
Ct: Twilight Cat and Twilight Charmer

One day when going shopping with my charas, I noticed a group of other kids with charas.
Mimi: Mari Chan! I'm hungry!*cries like a baby*
Lala:Me too!*twitches cat ears*(okay i know cat ears are very popular but I just love them)
As I walked past the kids, I noticed most of them went to Seiyo High, like me. I started to walk to the food court and saw one of the kids from the group walking up to me. I got very nervous because I'm actually shy. I've always been an outcast since the third grade. My black hair and purple eyes just say that I'm an outcast. I'm new to Seiyo elementary so I hope I could start off new. Anyway, the guy who walks up to me has black hair and blue eyes. He was wearing blue jeans and a blue and black striped shirt.
guy: Hi, you're Mari Miharu, the new girl right?
I thought he looked kinda cute now that I'm closer to him.
Me: Uh, yeah. I'm Mari. and you are?
Guy: I'm Shinji Kokobunji. Nice to meet you.
I got nervous when he bent closer.
Shinji whispers: You better keep close to your charas. Some people might want to steal them.
Me Okay nice to meet you Kokobunji-kun.
Shinji: Please just call me Shinji
He walked back to the group as it was my turn in line to order.
Lala: I want a cookie!
Mimi: I want a taiyaki!
Me: Okay, can I please have one cookie, one taiyaki, and one chocolate ice cream please.
Clerk: Okay that'll be 910 yen.
Me: Here you go*gives money and walks to dorm hall*
I walk to my new dorm number 305.
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20 / F / California
Posted 3/20/10 , edited 3/20/10
When I enter the room, I meet my new room mate.
I think: Why is it girls have to share rooms with guys?
Me: Hello. Is anyone here.
My roommate wasn't here yet. I started to unpack my stuff and even changed out of uniform. I wore my favorite purple and black shirt. My mom gave me purple sheets(of course) and lamp. When I finished unpacking all of the stuff, I decided to hook up my computer and check my e-mails. My mom sent me a message saying this
Hi sweety, how are you? Are you making any new friends. Remember, stay away from boys!
My mom always said for me o stay away from boys. She lives in China now and thought it would be best if I stayed in my country. Suddenly, the dorm door was opened.
A familiar voice: So you're my new roommate?
When I turned around I noticed it was Shinji-kun.
Me: Um, hey.
both Lala and mimi popped out of their eggs.
Lala: Mari-Chan, who's here?
Me: Hey guys you remember Kinji-Kun from the mall.
Mimi: Oh yeah, Where's your Chara Kinji-Kun?
Right behind him was a dog-like chara.
Kinji: Miharu-san, this is rolf.
Rolf: Nice to meet you-ro
Me: Hi Rolf
I think: This is going to be one strange semester.

Just in case you were wondering, Kinji and I look kinda like this

Posted 3/20/10 , edited 3/20/10
ooooo! can i join...

Name: Kira Tanaka
gender: female
crush: don't know
chara: Lilac
CT:Lilac Petals

me: i woke up from a good sleep only to find myself staring at a alarm clock that said Holy crap! 7:30!
meaning i only have about say thirty minutes to get changed and dressed! sigh....
i rushed downstairs and nearly knocked over my mom, with Lilac following after me, holding my
lavender headband

lilac: u should have set the alarm u know...
me: *running and putting on headband* how come u didn't wake me?
lilac: ehhh... i kind of slept in too...
me: *still running* just what i need...

today was my first day at my new school... what a way to make an entrance... i've never personally been good with first impressions... now i'll be labeled as the late girl... hopefully that won't stop me from making friends. with the way things were going it probably would

sigh... and my mother warns me why i always ask her to wake me in the morning...

(i'll add more later)

Posted 3/20/10 , edited 3/20/10
Kira's POV (if u don't mind seacolor i'm going to add you to my story...)

Almost made it.... thank god i could see the school from here.... but why are there like so many hills argh!
As i turned the corner i came across a girl about my age just sitting calmly reading a book. how on earth could she just be reading? here i was major freaking out and she was just sitting... i would kill to be that clam...

lilac: kira come on, the bells almost going to ring... *stops for a moment* kira she has chara eggs...
me: u can't be serious right?
lilac: You've really got to start believing me...
me: it's just well how often do u actually meet someone with a chara?
lilac: i believe it's like 7 out of every 200 people
me: seriously? o.O
lilac: nope just made that up
me: oh u little...

the girl looks up only to find me about ready to strangle my chara (not literally of course) as i said i'm not good with first impressions

me: What are u doing sitting there? don't all schools like start like in ten minutes?

(seacolor would u like to continue?)

(oh lilac has light brown hair and has a flower in her hair, wearing an apron, jeans, and a fluffy white blouse- my dream is to own a flower shop, she's kind, calm, smartish, and a bit absentminded at times)

(me i have dark brown hair my hair is a little past my shoulders, its a bit wavy and i'm always wearing some kind of headband with a bow positioned on the left side...)
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21 / F / In your mind! I c...
Posted 3/20/10 , edited 4/4/10
Name: Kiira Ikeda

age: 16

Chara: Reivun

CT: Haunted Falcon

Crush: Ikuto

I was sleeping in my dorm as the pale spring sunlight streamed through the windows. I rolled onto my back and heard a quite voice in my ear."Kiira. Kiira. KIIRA!!!" I opened my eyes slowly and my chara, Reivun, was shouting as loud as her tiny lungs could allow. Her tiny raven wings flapping madly. "Kiira, wake up class starts in half an hour!"She said "WHAT! Why didn't you tell me earlier!" I shouted. "never mind that get UP!" I jumped out of bed and changed. I was running up the flight of stairs to my Geography class. "Get out of the way -nya" I heared, i turned around and BANG!!!!

"Oooohhhhh..." I moaned. "Are you Okay" said a slow, smooth, boyish voice. I opened my eyes slowly. Through my long, black hair covering my dark blue eyes I could see a chara, knocked out cold. "Hello, are you okay." The voice said again. "I...I... think so." I siad. I sat up slowly and wiped the hair from my eyes and looked up. He had navy-ish hair with bangs covering his incredable dark blue eyes. He offered me his hand. "do you want some help." he said. "NO." I said, jumping to my feet, I was determaned not to let my dignety be damaged by this. I turned to go, but the mysterious boy grabbed my hand. I turned and met his gaze. "whats your name..." he asked. "Kiira Ikeda" I replyed. He smiled and let my hand go.He turned to leave. "Wait!" I called. "whats yours." He stopped. "Why do you want to know..." "I... Just" But before i could say anything he was gone...

BTW Kiira looks like this:
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117 / F / ....................
Posted 3/21/10 , edited 3/21/10
Name: Momoko tsugunaga
age: 13
Chara: Luna
CT: Sailor Luna

Momo: *running at speed of light* Gotta Hurry or i'll be late!
Luna: *yawn* Why do they make school so early?
Momo: I don't know but i've gotta hurry-*crash*
Momo: Oww *sees hand reaching out*
Boy: Sorry for running into you, do you need help?
Momo: Thanks........*tries to hide face* (you know, cuz she's from Berryz Koubou) *Ding Dong* Crap! i'm gonna be late, bye!
Boy: Bye! *thinks* She looks familiar...
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Posted 3/21/10 , edited 5/5/10
This is awesome, but uhh there are gonna be a lot of characters and mixed up stories lol

Name: Airisu Konpeki
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Crush: Unknown
Chara(S):Lotus(Lo), and Lily(Li)
CT: Black Lotus(Lo), White Lily(Li)

I look sorta like...


I noticed that no guys are joining this lol I Dont think this is their thing.
Posted 3/22/10 , edited 3/23/10
you're rt there's going to be a lot of stories going on... confusing if u try to read it all... oh well! i think i only really know what's going on for my story...

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21 / F / In your mind! I c...
Posted 3/25/10 , edited 3/25/10

sunflowerlily wrote:

you're rt there's going to be a lot of stories going on... confusing if u try to read it all... oh well! i think i only really know what's going on for my story...

I agree Everyones making up there story nd not paying much attention to others But some of the storys are really good! Everyone should read them all!
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21 / F / In your mind! I c...
Posted 3/25/10 , edited 3/30/10
I'm gonna continue my story now....

It was Sunday, and on most Sundays I slept until around 11 o'clock. There was a sudden and loud knock on my door. "Kiira, open this door!" I couldn't be sure but it sounded like the dorm head. I forced myself out of bed and walked to the door. I had a funny feeling that this had something to do with the fact that I was the only person in a 2 room dorm. I tied my bath robe and opened the door. "Kiira, this is your new roommate, Ikuto Tsukiyomi." (Gah, curse this school and mixing of boys and girl) Ikuto walked into the room and i couldn't help but think he looked familiar...Oh yeah, he helped me after I fell down on a staircase... "Hi... sssooooo... You have a Chara."I said slowly. "Mm mm..." Ikuto said. Reivun came and sat on my shoulder. "Kiira, he plays the violin, you do too. SPEAK KIIRA, YOUR STARING!" I blinked and looked at the white violin case he had set down beside my dark black one. wrapped around the handle of the case was a small key with a clover shaped top made of a diamond-like substance. My eyes grew big as the sunlight danced across the beautifully cut diamond. I suddenly felt a cold breath on my ear. "Do you know what it i?." Ikuto asked. "" Every time Ikuto spoke to me I felt a shiver down my spine and I had to catch my breath. "Its called the Dumpty Key. It is used to Chara transform." I turned and looked Ikuto in the eyes. He stared right back. I felt something in that moment, the moment that i recognized love.
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20 / F / California
Posted 3/30/10 , edited 3/30/10
everyones doing really well.

Lala: Mari-chi you're late for class!
I woke up and looked at the tome.
ma: AAAAHH!! It's 9:30
I hurried up to get ready and ran off. I accidentally bumped into someone. It was Kinji!
Kinji: Hey, nice to see you're coming to class today.
I started to blush. I also started to think about my mom. If she knew my school had co-ed roommates, she'd have a heart attack.
me: Yeah. I kinda slept in
Mimi: Hey, where's Rolf?
I looked around to notice he wasn't here.
Kinji: He stays in the dorm during class. Easter's been stealing Shugo Charas lately.
me: Easter
Kinji: Right, You're new here so you probably don't know about them. Easter is an evil company that tries to get their hands on the embryo by doing evil stuff with x eggs.
me: X-eggs? Company?
Kinji: I'll tell you more after school. I'll meet you at the mall in the food court around 4:00?
me: Uh, sure.
I ran to math class thinking about after school.
Teacher: Ah, so you must be the new student Mari Miharu. Tell us something about you.
me: Um, my favorite color is purple?
I was really nervous. I could barely breathe.
teacher: You can sit by Ruby Arrabi.
He pointed to an empty seat in the left back near a window. I sat down next to a girl with square glasses and Brunette hair. Her eyes were pitch black like my sisters and brothers.
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25 / F / Musical Island
Posted 4/1/10 , edited 4/3/10
Name: Miyuki Kobayashi
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Crush: ????
Chara: Kin and Arisu
CT: Ribbon Ringtosser and Vio Melody

It was 5:00 in the morning, enjoying my sleep until my sister woke me up
Me: zzz
Hina: Hey wake up or you're gonna be late for school
Mei: Hmm? Wha?
Hina: Sis!!
Me: Huh?! What?!
Hina: Mom said to wake you up. I'm pretty sure you don't wanna miss your first day of high school
It was the first day that I'm going to high school and also Hina's first day of middle school
Mei: Oh yeah... Now get out of my room
Hina: Meanie!
After she left I started to get ready.
Me: *grabs a toast and leaves* Bye! *rides the bike*
I was pretty much in a hurry because I thought I was late
Hikari: You're early
Me: I thought I was late ^_^''
Hikari: C'mon let's see if we're in the same class
Me: Right
We went to check if me and Hikari were in the same class. But something caught my eye. A guy with brown hair with amazing grey eyes. I couldn't help but to stare at him. I was completely ignoring Hikari
Hikari: Awesome we're in the same class!!
Me: Who's he?
Hikari: Him? He's a new resident going at our school. His name is Kouhei Tanaka. Wait, you like him do you?
Me: What?! No!! *gets red*
Hikari: Whatever you say Mi-chan. Now let's go to class
Me: We're in the same class?
Hikari: *sigh*
5 minutes pass me and Hikari saw Kouhei. He's too perfect. There's no way he'll like me...
Hikari: Hey look Mi-chan, it's Kouhei!
Me: What!?! 0/////0
Mrs. Shimane: Morning students! This year I am your homeroom teacher. Blah blah blah
Me thinking: ... *staring at Kouhei*
Kin: Someone's in love
Arisu: Hehehe
Me: Shut up and get in the bag!
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25 / F / Musical Island
Posted 4/1/10 , edited 4/3/10
I couldn't trust my shugo chara yet but I believe in them
Kin: We told you a million times that they can't see us
Arisu: See? *dances*
Me: Stop!!
The whole class looked at me like I'm some kind of psycho
Mrs. Shimane: Something wrong, Kobayashi?
Me: No ma'am *thinking: Great now Kouhei-kun is gonna think I'm crazy*
The lunch bell rang...
Mrs. Shimane: Well that's the lunch you guys.
Hikari: Hey Mi-chan what happened to you?
Hikari doesn't really know what are shugo charas so I kept it from her
Me: Nothing of course! *stares at Kouhei*
Kouhei was eating by himself and all alone
Hikari: I am soo right. You do like him
Me: Noo!!!!
Hikari: I know you do. I'm your best friend. Don't worry I won't tell anyone. Now...
Let's go sit with him!!
Me: What?!
Hikari: Hi!! *hits me with her shoulder*
Me: Hi 0////0
Kouhei: Hi...
Hikari: Soo where did you come from?
Kouhei: London
Me thinking: London~ ♥w♥
Hikari: *pretending someone calling her* Coming! I'll leave you two alone
Me: D8<
The atmosphere was just quiet until...
Arisu: I can finally breathe!!!
Kouhei: Did you say something?
Me: No why?
Kouhei: I heard something strange...
Me: That must be other people you're hearing *thinking: Arisu you're dead!!*
Kin: Hiya!! *waves in front of Kouhei*
Kouhei: I swear I'm hearing something!
Arisu: His egg is almost born!!
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