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Make up story~
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Posted 4/2/10 , edited 4/4/10
I'll continue my story now

I sat on the windowsill looking out the window, rubbing my knuckles together like I always do when I’m nervous. Ikuto was sitting at the desk in the room studying music. The awkward silence continued for another 2 or 3 minutes. I turned and saw Reivun sitting beside Yoru. They weren’t talking much either. “Um... Ikuto, are you.... o.k. never mind.” I mumbled. “What...” Ikuto said. “Nothing I was just going to... oh, it doesn’t matter.” Ikuto turned around. “What!” He jumped of the chair and slowly approached me. “IKUTO WILL YOU GO TO THE FORMALS WITH ME...” oh my god what did I just say. Reivun and Yoru where looking at me with a shocked look on their faces. Ikuto smiled and came closer to me. He backed me against the wall of the dorm and whispered: “O.K.” Then he kissed me, on the lips. He turned and sat down on his bed. I started feeling a little dizzy and ended up sitting on my own bed. Ikuto smiled and stood up. I have to go to class now. I got up and picked up my hand bag it was my day off and my class was going into the city today.
1 hour later
I walked down the main street to my favourite shop. I walked in the door as reivun whispered: “Kiira look at that dress, it’s so pretty!” She wasn’t kidding; it was a dark blue, one shoulder dress that seemed to sparkle in the sun. I walked towards it and inspected it more closely. There were little flecks of glitter through it and there was a little flower on the one shoulder. I grabbed it and paid for the dress. “I can’t wait to see Ikuto’s face when you’re in that dress.” Reivun said. I laughed at the thought. “So you’re going to the formals with Ikuto.” I turned around and saw the singer Utau looking kind of ticked off... “O.k. look, you don’t have a chance with Ikuto, get over your little crush, I’m not letting you get close to Ikuto, got it.” She said. “What did you do that ticked her off so bad?” Reivun asked. “Shut up.” Utau said to Reivun. “Do you have a chara?” I asked. “None of your business. Leave Ikuto alone...” “Oh..... O.K.” I said. As she turned and walked off. “Kiira, just ignore her.” Reivun said. “Mmm.” I mumbled as I headed back to the bus to go back to the school. I sat down on the bus and started to think. Was she right, did I really not have a chance with Ikuto...? Well when I went to the formals tonight I suppose I’ll find out...

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