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Fanfict Darkness alone is not enough
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20 / F / Earth.
Posted 4/15/09
your plot is really good!

does ikuto and the guardians have shugo charas?
Posted 4/18/09
i like you fanfic its nice
it has a nice beggening
which makes you wanna read all of iand when are you gonna update it
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Posted 4/24/09
[b].....ok, i'll get straight to the point............I WANT A CONTINUATION!! SO START UPDATING!!!! (soory, i was trying to be dramatic...ehehehe....)
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33 / F / kendall
Posted 10/9/09
please update soon its a great story
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20 / F / I live in my house.
Posted 12/6/09
LMAOOOOOOOOO sorry long time kno update ehhhhh but yeaa iv been soooo busy plus i 4got about this haha ok heres chappter 3

It was like i was in a whole other land where people just hated me an wanted to kill me....but then...then i met ikuto...
"AMU..AMU YOU KILLED YOUR MOTHER WHY WERE YOU EVEN BORN" the words echoed in my ear even as i slept.

"I HATE YOU" My father screamed, he always through moms old things at me when he was mad. I tried to earn his respect but i couldn't because i was weak. One day it happend "stop i didn't do it i did not kill mama why do you hate me?"
"AMU I HOPE YOU DIE FROM THIS GUN " My father said, the trigger was pulled.

When I woke up ikuto was holding me in his arms i was sweating and it was all just a dream.

"Why" I cried.

"Why wont he love me an i not enough for him"


Why did it hurt me so much too see her cry i just saved this girl the other day why do i feel like
i need to protect her? (why am i the writer ikuto:shut it) I kissed her head and sat her in my lab its gonna be find i whisperd sweet
nothings in her ear. As i fell asleep along wit her.

"OI, IKUTO OPEN UP" kukai yelled.

As soon as ikuto heard kukai he srung up and ran down the stairs slamming open the door.
Glaring at his best friend with sleepy eyes.

"what kukai" ikuto said still half sleep.

"i wanted too see if i could talk to amu~chan"

Ikutos aura went blank as kukai talked about random stuff. Ikuto got changed an came
back down the stairs with daggers for eyes. As he saw kids starting to look at
the back aura aound him and a half/sleep/naked amu.

"woooo look at that ikuto,looks like you beat me too it" kukai chirped.

Ikuto ran to amu and took off her shirt and pants trying not to look at her body too much
shocked by he small figure she had a very smexy body(no homo fo meee)
ikuto smiled and kissed her abit then let go. She woke up abit more an saw kukai.

"Morning kukaiiiii" she dragged out his name.

"Morning sunshine" kukai smiled.

"I wanted to know if you and the rapist here could come an go swimming with me and some friends friday"

Amu smiled brightly."CANT WAIT"

ikuto sighed unhappy as he wrapped his hand around amu an dragged her up the stairs an nuzzled her hand.
Ikuto eyes darkend a bit as amu shifted unhappy in there postion ikuto dragged his lips up her coller bone.

"Ikutoooooooooooooo, lets go to najikas" Amu said blushing.

"Uhh fine" ikuto said getting bitter/

Chapter 3 umm why do i have a bunny suit................
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20 / F / SHUGO CHARAS!!!!!...
Posted 7/5/10
whens chapter 4?
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