Hey everyone who loves ikuto,amu, and tadase please join Tadamuto.
Posted 4/5/09 , edited 4/5/09
We do:

1.Avatar request.[SOON!When we have more mods.]
2. Banner Request [SOON! when we have more mods.]
3. Icon Request [SOON! when we have more mods.]
4. Single/Group Competitions [SOON! when we have more members in the dormitories]
5. Dormitories
And more to come!


(To apply as a Gaurdian go to forum and take the quiz. Also, A member that is very active and is very helpful, Will become Member of the month and Maybe even a gaurdian. AND!!!! Only Queens and Kings can be Mods. So if your fave Dorm's Kings and Queens slots are closed, just apply as a mod. )

Please go to
and apply for a dormotory
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