[JMovie] Cobalt Blue (Gunjo)
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* Movie: Cobalt Blue
* Romaji: Gunjo
* Japanese: 群青 愛が沈んだ海の色
* Director: Yosuke Nakagawa
* Writer: Yosuke Nakagawa, Ayako Miyagi (novel)
* Producer:
* Cinematography:
* Release Date: June 27, 2009
* Runtime:
* Studio: 20th Century Fox
* Distributor: 20th Century Fox
* Language: Japanese
* Country: Japan

"Cobalt Blue" deals with a young woman's emotional recovery from her boyfriend's death at her father's home in Okinawa.

1. Film is based on a story by Ayako Miyagi, which was first serialized in a popular Japanese magazine.
2. "Cobalt Blue" is 20th Century Fox's second native Japanese film.
3. Film will include actress Masami Nagasawa's first ever love scene.

* Masami Nagasawa
* Seiji Fukushi
* Kuranosuke Sasaki
* Misato Tanaka
* Miyuki Hatakeyama
* Shinji Rachi
* Mitsuru Tamaki
* Yoriko Douguchi
* Masako Miyaji
* Misato Tanaka

Image Gallery

Source & credits to : AsianMediaWiki + Youtube(Trailer)

P/S : Don't quote this one.TQ
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Interesting...Might check it out
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can't wait for this movie and also magare spoon I'll definetely watch it on big screen^^

pls vote masami nagasawa her name goes like this 長澤まさみ at


pls vote haha I love everything about her^^
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something new from masami..
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Nagasawa Masami's New Film Flops at the Box Office
Source: Mingpao
Translated by: sparkles_n15 @ asianfanatics.net

'Last Friends' actress Nagasawa Masami's latest drama, 'Boku no Imoto', starring opposite of Odagiri Joe has failed to achieve ideal ratings. The drama only reached an average of 7.9% viewership. Unfortunately for Nagasawa, it's not the end of her worries.

Her latest film, 'Cobalt Blue' has also achieved poor results at the box office. The film opened on the 27th last month and sold only 7,000 tickets the first two days, bringing in a meager 9,140,000 yen (less than $100,000 USD). The original story was adapted from a novel and included mature themes. During filming it was rumoured that Nagasawa had strayed from her pure, innocent image to take on a more daring role. This created a lot of buzz and discussion for the upcoming movie. But Nagasawa's management refused to let her image be tainted, leaving many fans disappointed as the rumours were far from what appeared in the actual movie. Perhaps this is why it was such a big flop at the box office.
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masami is now struggling for her career
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