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Posted 4/5/09 , edited 4/6/09
Greetings, it's TK here with another major PPV LIVE report! Before I begin am giving my quick predictions for the lineup as predicted by Fox 8 TV in Australia; of course I'll report match by match in the true order given. Any behind the scenes news too will be supplied. Tonight's sources for reports with help from member andone, come from , , and

TK's Quick Picks:

Nicole Scherzinger sings America the Beautiful
JBL vs. Rey Mysterio for IC title - REY
Money in the Bank ladder match - SHELTON BENJAMIN
Chris Jericho vs. Ricky Steamboat & Roddy Piper & Jimmy Snuka. It is now a gauntlet match and not a handicap match. Ric Flair and Mickey Rourke are billed at ringside - JERICHO with post match beatdown by the Legends to end well
John Morrison & The Miz vs. Carlito & Primo Colon for the tag title unification - MIZ AND MORRISON
Matt Hardy vs. Jeff Hardy Extreme rules match - MATT HARDY
Kid Rock short concert
25 Divas Battle Royal. Santino Marella and Mae Young are listed as the final two participants that have yet to be made public to this point
Edge vs. John Cena vs. Big Show for the World title - JOHN CENA
Shawn Michaels vs. Undertaker - UNDERTAKER
HHH vs. Randy Orton for WWE title with the title changing hands if HHH uses the sledge hammer - HHH


-Dolph Ziggler got injured at the Fan Axxess in a match with Jimmy Snuka to tuneup for tonight. He's likely out as a lumberjack for the Tag Title Unification match due to a broken collarbone.

-Speaking of the Tag Title Unification Match I just got news it's been pulled from the PPV showing and is now a DARK MATCH. Dolph has shown up after all as a lumberjack.

-Frank Shamrock is ringside with Mickey Rourke tonight at Mania.

-The Colons won the belts when Morrison went for a suplex but it got reversed into a Backstabber for the win. Hot Crowd tonight for this alone. Jim Ross, Michael Cole and Jerry "The King" Lawler will be calling the matches.


New HOF entry Howard Fink is doing the ring announcing. Nicole of the Pussycasts apparently butchered "America the Beautiful" to start the show.


2. Money in the Bank (MITB) LADDER MATCH
-With Tazz now released and gone, the SPANISH ANNOUNCERS AND THEIR TABLE RETURN! Take your bets now too on who is taking a bump thought it!

-Match highlights include: Mark Henry TRYING TO DO A TOP ROPE MOVE, Hornswoggle pulling out a mini ladder, jumping and taking out EVERYONE, Kid Rock can be seen warming up during this match to do his concert, lots of Henry smashing spots of smaller guys, Kane AND Henry on one darn reinforced ladder, lots of ladder shots, 5 men on ladders at once, Finley doing a TOPE to the outside, MVP with a senton from the ring INTO THE CROWD, dual topes to outside by Kofi and Punk, Shelton landing a swanton on Kofi's leg, Unprettier off the ladder, Shelton powerbombing MVP a few times including one INTO THE CROWD, Kofi doing a dive through a ladder AND off one Henry was holding

-End came when CM Punk kicked Kane off a ladder after chokeslamming (sloppily) Christian off that ladder.


Kid Rock is now performing and apparently he's the reason the tag match got moved to a dark match too, as he gets in FOUR songs. Lame. Songs he did if you need to know was "Bawitaba", "Rock 'n Roll Jesus", "Cowboy" and his new song "So Hott" for 14 minutes.

-OK scratch it VERY LAME as Rock keeps going into song #5 for this one with his So Hott song.

-At least it meant not having 25 intro songs, and a plus is each gal paraded sexily around his lameness. Mae Young is there but thankfully as guest timekeeper. Santino is in the match in a wig. Candice was ringside still injured.

-Rough order of people out included Rosa first, Sunny and Torrie catfighting, announcers sort of gawking most of the way, Victoria taking Maria out, Gail took out both Jillian and herself, Beth took out Kelly Kelly after a handspring, Molly is then out by Beth, then takes a bunch out including Maryse, 5 left are Mickie, Michelle, Santino, Beth and Melina, with Mickie and Michelle fighting on the top rope and both falling out.

-End came as Santino, I mean, SantinA dumped both Melina and Beth to win. My fellow reporter andone is none pleased and I concur. And yes he danced in drag post match. It's scary. Announcers pretending to not know who it is. Santina claiming to be Santino's twin cousin (more twins?!).


Video of the Wrestler being shown and a recap of the Jericho feud. We cut to Rourke in the crowd with a cowboy hat like Kid Rock's (Kid I am your father?!). Sign of the Night so far: "Jericho vs. the Golden Girls."


-Frank is indeed next to Mickey but not IDed on camera. Flair also got an intro and nice welcome before the match.

-Jericho eliminated Snuka first fast (Walls of Jericho), then Piper (Shining Wizard). Piper somehow did a dropkick though. Steamboat looked great and did the top rope crossbody onto Jericho! Only a 2 count. He did also a Skin the Cat that got cut away by the camera a bit. He got the classic top rope chop too and a scatapult crossbody in as well as the arm drag, arm bar, shoulder block, powerslam. He's shirtless, looking good, turning back the clock and saving this PPV with Jericho! He goes for the small package! Only a 2 count. Jericho recovers from the Dragon's awesomeness to hit the Codebreaker to win.


-Absolutely Ricky is still the man. Flair now is in ring to staredown with Jericho. Flair then goes to school on Jericho with chops until he hits a Codebreaker. He calls out Rourke as a coward, which gets Rourke in ring! They shadow box before Rourke stiff Jericho with a left hook and KO's Jericho! Flair and Rourke celebrated while Jericho slinked away. Good on Steamboat and Rourke for doing whatever they could to save this match, and the spare time was better used here than with Mr. Rock. Some reports though think this was still a bad match and the end was Sportscentre worthy only as a joke on Rourke looking so bad doing it. I guess as some won't see it as anything otherwise with pro wrestling. Intriguing side note from another report: "If this was 1985, guaranteed Jericho goes into business for himself and knocks out Rourke for some mainstream mention (in fact given the WWE's feelings about the movie, he could have done it here)."

5. EXTREME RULES: Matt Hardy vs. Jeff Hardy

-At least Matt changed a bit of his looks as he wore tights.

-We've got the first Shop Vac in a hardcore match I think. That's a vacuum cleaner folks. Ladders make a return too. Jeff gets a spot in putting Matt on a table, putting a second table on Matt there, and gets on a ladder to jump and smash all this at once. Other highlights included chair shots, Poetry in motion off the ringsteps, a Side Effect into a chair, kendo stick and crutch shots, the OMG 15 feet ladders used, a missed slingshot leg drop onto a chair between said ladders

-End came after the missed leg drop when Matt wrapped the chair around Jeff's head and did a Twist of Fate, OUCH.


6. IC TITLE: JBL vs. Rey

-JBL cuts a promo in ring before Rey comes out in a mask paying homage to the Joker.

-OK it's WRESTLEMANIA did we need a squash match?! This was 21 seconds and I can type more words than that. JBL kicked Rey before the match started. That's all he got as Rey hit an enziguiri, the 619 then big splash to become the new champ.


Post match JBL was stunned, got a mic and said "I Quit." He's a better announcer anyways, or maybe a GM choice.

7. Undertaker vs. HBK: The STREAK on the line

-Great line from a friend of mine also reporting: "You know the introductions take too long when you can go upstairs, get your son out of the tub, dry him off and kiss him goodnight, then come downstairs and the match is just starting." Even so hearing HBK had a good intro. Think a bit like Christian's intro before leaving the first time (the wrestler, not the religion).

-Pretty even back and forth to start this one. With 2 hours to go give or take and only this and the 2 titles matches I expect lots of time for all 3 to end the night. Scary moment when Taker did the tope and nearly landed headfirst. Apparently this is where a planted cameraman was to catch him.

-HBK pulled Taker onto a cameraman midway in in that tope spot. Looks fine until they did a very odd BEHIND THE CAMERA shot...not sure why you'd have a cameraman taping RIGHT BEHIND the other one other than planting for this shot, which is silly. Sweet Chin Music only gets a close pin into some odd male hug I'm described. Taker then gets a Tombstone in but only nets a 2 count as well. Gogoplata (Gates of Hell), chokeslam and elbow drops also resulted in near falls.

-End comes when HBK tries a moonsault and in a neat spot, Taker catches him instead and Tombstones him this time for the 1-2-3 to remain undefeated at 17-0. 31 minutes total given.


8. WORLD TITLE: Cena vs. Big Show vs. the champ Edge

-Edge then Show came out before Cena's intro. Cena comes out with an army of Cenas come to line the ramp before the Real Slim Cena came out.

-Highlights include Cena being able to lift Show again, Edge spearing Show through the ring barricade, Vickie taking a spear off the ring apron into Chavo's arms, Cena then hoisting BOTH Edge and Show on his back

-End sees Cena giving the FU (I refuse to call it otherwise) of both men to become the new champ, pinning Show. Got some boos and cheers throughout the match.


We get a promo for Wrestlemania 26 which will be in Phoenix, Arizona on March 28, 2010. Then they recap the HOF inductees, with Stone Cold Steve Austin showing up in his ATV live to drive around the ring like the good old days, drinking beer too.

The official attendance is announced: 72,744.

9. MAIN EVENT WWE TITLE: Randy Orton vs. HHH

-There's about 30-45 possible minutes left for this one.

-Updates slowing as is the crowd for this final match. We got 1 RKO and 1 Pedigree so far for 2 counts. About 5 minutes or so maybe left before PPV done.

-Very methodical match. Referee Scott Armstrong got knocked out. Orton dropped HHH during this time, goes out to get the sledgehammer but HHH turns the tide punting him then using it on Orton.

-End came as HHH then does a Pedigree on Orton to win as the crowd is dead and tired by now.


And so am I, thanks for reading if you did, always post in the forum instead of the wall for thoughts, and I'll be back to updating on the BEHIND THE SCENES Thread here so take care!
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Posted 4/5/09 , edited 4/6/09
Ehh... Why did wwe put a small ****ing kid rock concert into mania instead of the tag team unification. At least Santina won..
and punk won mitb again why?

But seriously, the wwe think kid ****ing rock, 24 divas and Santino are more important then the Tag Team Championship and the rest of the roster who arn't on the card, there more important then the ECW title.

I'm so glad i didn't order this


I actually watched the orton/hhh match. That was the most pathetic main event of mania i've seen. Nothing happened, they could of done that stupid match at any other ppv. It ended the same when every other bloody hhh/orton match ends.... Seriously that was such a pathetic ppv...
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