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Posted 4/5/09 , edited 4/5/09

Fill the forum out!

Username :
Name :
Program You Use ( Mostly looking for photoshop, and GIMP users) :
Do You Have Experience? :
Why You Would Like To be A Mod :
Will You Be Active? :
How Much Can you help out? :
What forum do you want to be in? :
What Are you best at? ( Avii, Banner, Icon, etc ) :
Mod in any other group? ( Please Be honest And List ) :
Please show us Examples Of YOUR work. [ 2 Avii's, 3 Banners, and 1 icon ] ( And put them in a spoiler please )

We are looking for mostly GIMP, and any kind of photoshop makers! The only way you could be approved or disapproved are by animekid100 or Ayavi-chan! After you take the test you will be a AB mod, and if you are not active, then you will be deleted as a mod, so PLEASE BE ACTIVE! One other thing that we are looking for are members of CR who have time to be on and help more with the group! Thanks!


You will need to make an avii, and a banner out of of these 2 photo's for our group to be approved!

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