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Post Reply Round One: BoundariesOfLife vs Nemaya
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Posted 4/6/09
Nemaya's AMV

BoundariesOfLife's AMV

You are also required to post in this thread you have voted for or it wil not be counted.

Do not be bias in your vote, be fair.
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Posted 4/6/09
i voted for BoundariesOfLife's AMV
because i thought the amv was very well done.
Good beat sync. Matched the lyrics good
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Posted 4/7/09
ok BOTH were GREAT
but i'm going to have to give Aaron the vote this time.
I liked the way it was done. Except for the last 20 or so seconds it was nicely edited. With a lot of good effects.

for his friend
Yours was really good too but I had to give the vote to Aaron cause he did just as well and managed to put in quite a few effects to add to it.
Really there was nothing wrong with yours.
The only reason u didn't get the vote was because Aaron was able to put more effects into his video in the short amount of time that was given.

Both were on equal terms when the amount of time to make it isn't taken into consideration.

That's all.
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Posted 5/16/09
I voted for BOL but I didn't even watch
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