New Shugo Chara Roleplay!
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Posted 4/6/09 , edited 4/6/09
Hi! For a while, I've wanted to do this, and I finally got enough points! ^_^ So all the positions are open, just PM me if you want to play a specific person, and I will announce it. By the way, I will be Tadase.

As always, there are rules
1. No killing off a character, unless you created them. If you no longer want to participate, please PM me and I will take you off the list.
2. Be aware of the time, it can't be one time for a certain character and a different time for a different character, if you know what I mean.
3.You can not act, speak or think for any character other than your own.
4.Please keep it PG-13 people ;)
5. If you create a character, please announce them, including name, age, grade, appearance etc.
6. And finally, have fun! :)
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Posted 4/8/09 , edited 4/8/09
i think there is too many role plays in the forums i'll have to lock this
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