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Posted 4/6/09 , edited 4/7/09
ok so if you like shugo chara here you can do an rpg about it!(to those who dont know what a rpg is)an rpg is where you creat a character(from the ones i give you)and when you have enough characters you start a story like"as rima was heading out of the room she tripped into...."like that!
ok so this is the story(please follow along as i tell it)

tadase was heading out of the royal graden to amu's house,"knock,knock"amu's dad heard the door smacking so he opened it." amu here?"called tadase's voice.amu's dad started to cry from thinking it'll be her boyfriend on the frontsteps."why yes!"answered the mom."she's in her room, y dont you go up there?asked amus mom."sure!"he walked up the stairs and knocked on amus door.amu let the door open while pushing IKUTO in the closet.tadase went in."um...hinamori i have something to tell you~blah blah blah~can i LOVE you?"amu started blushing"y-yes!"ikuto heard it all,he seemed a bit jealouse.~later the morning went the day~.on the day after the mornining in the evening when tadase was going to go on a DATE with amu,when he went upstairs and picked amu up,ikuto from behind the door started sayn mean things of how tadase said "i love you"but he did it so he didnt get involved with amu and her please wright what u think will happen in story mode with the information im giving you,and please wright what you think is going to happen next with everyone participating.

amu(thats me so u cants use her)
parents(mom , dad)
any other character,thats not here but only one person can be a person on the roles!*because if not its going to messy if there are 2 ikutos or 3 utaus(and only i am amu!)

personality(real personality of the person you are given):
what shugo chara does your person have:
pic of who u r:

personality:shy,two sided,lovely girl
likes:people who are themselves,her friends,how she acts
dislikes:an x character,people who dont belive in themeselves,mean people
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