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Post Reply Tatcis in playing Japanese mahjong
Posted 10/2/09
hi all, better place to play is
Its free and you an play against real people or bots if u want. Even riichi version
But Its also relatively new so theres not that many people on usually. but try it out its really good
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Posted 9/11/10
I still don't get it..... what does it mean by "no multiplier" when i can perfectly have a Ron?
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Posted 10/11/10 , edited 2/8/12
No multiplier, that does mean you have no Yaku. A legal hand must have at least one Yaku. A Yaku is a specific mix of tiles, as the "two pairs" or the "full flush" in Poker. And has it own value in "Han", 1, 3, 5 Han... Used to calculate the points you will recieve if you win. The Dora tiles give you extra Han but no Yaku, they should be seen as bonuses.

The Fu are minipoints earned from your type of win, your pair, your sets, how many of Pon or Kan you have and if they´re exposed or not, and so on. You need the Fu to calculate the points earned when you win, with the Han.
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