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Posted 4/7/09 , edited 4/7/09
I'm searching for Random Retards that can write cute random/retarded conversations.. I can put it up on internet for other people to read it.. The genre can be.. kinda horror, romance>luff this type!< or just simply... random. Here's a form to apply to be a Random Retard CW. :D!

Application Form

Name/ Pen-name: >if you want me to put your pen-name or your real name. Your choice! :D<
Genre You Make Best:
An example of your conversation: Only 1-2 examples. :D

Do not fret! I will copyright it to you. I don't steal works of other people. Okay?

Also, i'll tell you the rankings here okay? :D

10th rank - Dumb
9th - Dumber Retard
8th - Dumber than dumb Retard
7th - Dumbest RAWKS Retard
6th - Retard
5th - Crazy Retard
4th - Random Retard
3rd - Insane Retard
2nd - Stupidity God/Goddess
1st - Rrrrrrico!>:O! * with a matching " MWAHAHAHA!" *

Okay, i know what you're all thinking, WHO WANTS TO BE CALLED DUMB?STUPID?INSANE?MAAAADD?CRAZY? and most of all.. MWAHAHAH? I've got the answer! Dum-da-dee-daa! Here in RRConvention "THESE" words are treasured, precious and most of all... crrrrraaaazzzy! Okay? So.. just fill that form and viola! I'll aprove you.. or not.


Oh, if you don't know Rico just ask me.. or he will rape you to death! Kiddin'. Anyways, just ask okay? >:O!
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Posted 3/5/12 , edited 3/5/12
Name: Kuro or Alex (I go by both)
Genre: Drama, comedy.
Example of Conversation: I did work out and I say random things like once I was tlking about a time a I ate pizza then started dancing for no reason
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Posted 5/15/12 , edited 5/15/12
age: 18
i sometimes say stuff that dont even make sense that i look stupid 0//0
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