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Posted 11/25/09 , edited 11/26/09
im VHBD and im 14 (see my name in my profile)
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Posted 11/25/09 , edited 11/26/09
Hi hi my real name is Jessica but my CR name is Yuka ^_^. I'm 16 (points to age under picture) My hobbies are chatting with friends and strangers, playig videogames, watching t.v., read poems, and read storys, watching anime, shopping, dressing wierd haha, going to anime conventions :D. ohlala almost forgot, im social but shy (yeah get that one) but feel free to send me a friend request and lets chat soon~. I love making new friends and love to make word-wide friends b/c it brings fun into your life. I'm the hype of my friends, I make everyone smile but they make me smile aswell. If you want to know more leave me a message or comment ^_^ buh baii~
Posted 12/4/09 , edited 12/5/09
i just like to use my username, i love mostly rock, hip hop, and instrumental music. I don't really have hobbies but just know that im in my school's art club. I really dislike math! And i think of myself as kinda of an uninteresting person, not exactly boring, but just really average.
Posted 3/28/10 , edited 3/29/10
hey yo! My name Nagi. I'm 13 years old, I'll be 14 this april. I like play basketball and soccer. I like art, music, and science. Nice 2 meet u ppl.
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