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1. Who Is the Fifth Signer

2. How many people were entered in the Fortune Cup tournament?

3. Where was Yusei's first encounter with the "Black Rose"

4. What is sealed in the Nazca Lines
a) Crimson Dragon
b) Evil Spirits
c) Real life sized dragons
d) Earthbound Gods

5. Who serve as the antithesis to the Crimson Dragon and the Five Dragons.
a) Dark Signers
b) Rebels
c) Legendary Dragons
d) Eartbound Gods

6. What is Enerdy?

7. Who keeps tabs on Jack Atlas when Goodwin is away from him.

8. What is Yliaster originally?

9. What is the purpose of the Fortune Cup?

10. What is the main reason why Domino City split into 2 parts 17 years ago?
a) The Zero Reverse Effect
b) Plate tectonics
c) Earthquakes caused by the first rise of the Crimson dragon
d) The battle between the Crimson Dragon and the Earthbound Gods.

11. Who are the servants of the Crimson Dragon?

12. What is the Crimson Dragon's original form?
a) The Five Dragons
b) It is the embodiment of the Red Star, a god
c) There isn't an original form
d) A statue

13. What is Akiza's special inate ability

14. What was Krieger's strategy in defeating Leo.
a) To absorb Leo's attacks with his machine monsters
b) To backfire Leo's Trap, Spell, and Monster card back at himself and damage his life points in the process.
c) To immobilize all of Leo's trap cards so his deck would be unbalanced.
d) To negate Leo's attacks to reveal his mark of the Crimson Dragon

15. For the final big question.(5pts fo each correct answer). Name 4 of the 5 signers, name what part of the crimson dragon they have, and name the dragon they posses.
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1. Goodwin
2. 6
3. in the streets
4. b
6. to use for domino city
7. meena
8. A group to serve under the crimson dragon
9. reveal the other signers
10. c
11. people of the stars
12. b
13. telekinetic abiliies ( makes the duel feel real)
14. b
15. Akiza- claw of the black rose dragon
Yusei- wing of the star dust dragon
Luna- claw from mystic fairy dragon
Jack- wing of red dragon archfiend
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mmmm so this is the duel or something?
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