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Posted 12/29/10 , edited 12/29/10
Okay^^ This is late and i just joined so i dont know how mine will compare :D

My BEST FRIENDS in the whole world are in love with twilight. so i told them i hated it. She is still my friend, i just dont like her TALKING,YELLING,FANTASIZING about it to me....-_-||| so then she goes "Oh! come on!! Just READ one of them!!" so i Skim one of the book, and OH LORD HELP ME. i was bored in the first Ch. So i tell her i hated it. she gets mad and is like "OMG HOW!?!? EDWARD IS SO HOT!!!!" i wonder to myself why we still are friends...Anyway, Then my dad rents the movie. i watch it, and it haunts my dreams for 4 months. Really. And most of my friends STILL like twilight. they get mad at me, but do i give a Shit? Hell to the no.(I am almost done venting...) So NOW i move and go to a new school and they LOVE twilight SO FUCKING MUCH that they have it in TWO diff that other races can read it...i DONT get why it is so great...But Thankfully most of my friends are so out of date.(not to be mean) they dont even have a CLUE what twilight is about. (which Yes. i know is bad. But still..) So I am HOPING that my Reading Teachers. or ANY of them will make me read it. because i would rather.Just.FAIL.
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