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21 / F / Find it out yourself
Posted 4/8/09 , edited 4/10/09
Wish. 1 : First Meet!! So Cute!!!

Naoko : *Walks to class and open the class door* “Good morning everyone!!” *Walks to her chair*

Riri & Mint : “Good morning Naoko-chan!!” *Walks to Naoko’s chair*

Riri : “So… How’s it going with Nemoto-kun??” *Evil Smiles*

Nemoto, Ryou, & Michiro : *Open the class door* “Yo, everyone!” *Wave hello and walk to their chair*

All Girls in the class : *Looks to Nemoto, Ryou & Michiro* “Kyaa…!!! Nemoto-kun, Ryou-kun, Michiro-kun!!! Good morning!”
*Scream & Walk to their chair*

Nemoto, Ryou & Michiro : “Good morning girls!” *Smile*

Naoko : *Looks at the all girls* “That’s the answer of your question Riri-chan!!”

Mint : “Oh… are you OK Naoko-chan?”

Naoko : “Yeah… I’m OK! Don’t worry Mint-chan! I’m always something like this. So…”

Riri : *Cuts Naoko’s talk* “Yeah you’re right. But not this right!?!” *Looks to Nemoto, Ryou, and
Michiro who walk to Naoko’s chair*

Naoko & Mint : “Huh??” *Look there too*

Nemoto : “Hello Naoko-Chan! Good morning!!” *Smiles*

Naoko : “He-Hello Nemoto-kun! Good morning!”

Ryou & Michiro : “Hello you girls!” *Talk to Riri & Mint*

Riri & Mint : “Hello guys!” *Smiles*

Mint : “Hey… why don’t we go to my chair, talk there & leave 2 of them alone in here!” *Evil smiles*

Riri, Ryou, & Michiro : “Good idea! Hahaha…” *Laughs*

Naoko : “Ah… Eh…?! You guys!!! >o< ”

Nemoto : “Um… Naoko-chan… do u want to go home with 4 of them & me?!?! Hehehe…” *Smiles &
little blushes*

Naoko : “Eh… If u want to… I’m OK with that!” *Blush*

Nemoto : “Great… I’ll tell them now!!” *Smiles*

(After School, in the street)
Mint : “Hey Naoko-Chan, Riri-chan!! Look at that pet shop” *Look beside to the shop*

Riri : “Huh… I never see that pet shop before… but… Wow the pets in that pet shop are so cute!!
Let’s go in there!!” *Pull Naoko & Mint to the pet shop*

Naoko : “Eh… But… Nemoto-kun & the others?!” *Looks at the guys!*

Nemoto : “It’s OK! We’ll come in too!” *Walks in too*

Mint : “Wow… The pets in here are so cute! Right Riri-chan, Naoko-chan?!”

Riri : “Yeah… you’re right! Oh… Let’s go there!”

Naoko : “Eh… Ok!!” *Walks to Kitten’s place* “Oh… They’re so cute!!! I want to buy!! This 1 is cute!
This 1 too!! >o<”

Nemoto : “Hmm… you’re right! I think I want to buy pets too!”

Naoko : “Eh… Nemoto-kun want to buy pets too?!?” *Shocked* “How many pets do u want to buy?”

Nemoto : “Yeah… ‘Cause I love animals especially pets! I think I’ll buy these 2. They’re cute, aren’t
they?” *Smiles* “How ‘bout you Naoko-chan?”

Naoko : “I think I want buy these 2, but I don’t know my mom let me have 2 pets or not & I dun
have enough money now!!”

Riri : “Hee… Too bad! I want to buy these 2, fish and bird though, they’re really cute!!”

Mint : “Yeah… these 2 too, mouse and rabbit! I want to buy them! Too bad u just buy 1 Naoko-
chan! I think everyone buy 2 pets! The boys too though!”

Naoko : “That’s OK. If my Mom let me have 2 pets… I’ll go to this shop again & buy another pet!
Hehehe…” *Smiles*

Riri : “But… there’s just 1 pet left & it’s the 1 u choose but u cancel to buy it!”

Mint : “Yeah… Riri-chan right, Naoko-chan!!”

Ryou : “Hey… I think something strange here!”

Nemoto : “What’s wrong guys??”

Michiro : “U don’t know what’s wrong? Dun u think there’re just some pets in here? And the total
of pets are same with us who buy 2 pets/each people!”

Ryou : “Yeah! And there’s just 1 left in here, & the pet is the Naoko-Chan choose!”

Nemoto : “Hmm… Yeah u guys right!”

(In the Cashier)
Mint : “Hey, u guys! Do u want to buy the pets or not?” *Looks at the guys*

Michiro : “Yeah… We’re coming!” *Run to Cashier*

Riri : “So… Naoko-chan, do u choose that kitten?”

Naoko : “Yeah… ‘Cause this kitty use a tiara like a princess! So cute right!? But… I want that
pink kitten too!” *Looks at the pink kitten*

Nemoto : “Are u sure u dun want to buy that kitten too?” *Curious*

Naoko : “Eh… That’s OK! Dun worry! Nemoto-kun u buy kittens too? And they look like siblings!”

Nemoto : “Yeah… I think so too! That’s why I want to buy 2 of them!” *Smiles*

Ryou : “Are u 2 already pay the pets? Dun just chit-chat! Hurry up, Let’s go home!”

Naoko & Nemoto : “Eh… OK! Wait!”

<Then… after they bought the pets they go home! (In the Street!)>
Riri : “Naoko-chan, Mint-chan… What name u want to give to your pets?”

Mint : “This 1 ‘Choco-tan’ ‘Cause the fur’s colour is brown and I think it’s a female & this 1 ‘cause
its fur is dark blue and I think it’s male, so it’s name is ‘Aoi’!” *Smiles*

Naoko : “Mine is ‘Mikan’ ‘cause I think it’s female and the fur is yellow! Hehehe…
How ‘bout u all??”

Riri : “I think ‘Aoko’ 4 the the light blue fish 1 & ‘Rin’ 4 the orange bird 1! They’re female!
Lucky!” *Smiles happilly*

Ryou : “Why’re u so happy?” *Confused* “Btw… mine are ‘Ken’ 4 the dark green fish 1
& ‘Murasaki’ 4 the purple bird 1! They’re male though!”

Riri : “Eh… That ‘cause I love pets with gender female than male though! Huh!!”

Michiro : “Hey… Hey… u 2 stop fighting!!”

Mint : “Yeah…, He’s right! Stop fighting! Btw… Michiro-kun… what name will u give to your
pets?” *Smiles*

Michiro : “Oh… yeah! I forgot that ‘cause 2 of them! Hmm… Let’s see… ‘Tezuro’ 4 the gray rabbit
1, & I think it’s male, & ‘Midori’ 4 the light green mouse 1, & I think it’s female. How
‘bout u Nemoto?”

Nemoto : “Eh… Hmm… 4 the black 1 ‘Kuro’, & 4 the
white 1 ‘Shiro’! Hmm… that’s good!”

Naoko : “So… All pets already have a name! Now… Let’s go home!” *Smiles*

All : “Yeah!!”

<Then… They go home! And… After Naoko arrive! (At Naoko’s home)>
Naoko : “I’m home!”

Mom : “Welcome home! Oh… What’s that in your hand?” *Shocked and scream!*

Dad, Bro, & Sis : “What’s wrong Mom?” *Look to Naoko* “Huh…!!!” *Shocked & Scream too!*

Naoko : “Eh… Ah… It’s just a kitten! I bought it after school with my friends! They bought 2/each
people! I-I just bought 1… Actually I want to buy 2… but… I’m afraid if u dun let me have 2
pets Mom! So I just bought 1! Is it OK Mom, Dad?” *Curious*

Mom : “Hmm… that’s OK! And… u can buy the other 1 u want! But… u must pet them
everyday!!” *Smiles*

Sis : “Waa… So cute!! What it’s name Sis?”

Naoko : “Are u sure Mom? And it’s name is Mikan, Naiko! Dad… Can I really buy the other pet
and have this too?”

Dad : “Yeah… Like your Mom said!”

Bro : “I’ll help u pet them too!”

Naoko : “Everyone… Thx very much!” *Hugs them*

Mom : “OK… Now let’s eat dinner!!!”

<After eat dinner (At Naoko’s room)>
… : “Naoko-chan… Thx 4 bought me & pet me”

Naoko : “That’s OK!” *Silent* “Eh… Who is it? Who talk to me?” *Shocked & little scared*

… : “It’s me! Mikan!”

Naoko : “Eh…???” *Looks at Mikan, then talk in her heart* “It’s impossible! How can Mikan can
talk? She’s a kitten!”

Mikan : “No… It’s possible & I’m not just a kitten! I’m a Wish Wing, & I can hear your heart too!”

Naoko : “Hoee…!!!” *Shocked & Fainted*

Mikan : “Na-Naoko-chan…!!” *Shocked & Panic*

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21 / F / Find it out yourself
Posted 4/18/09
Wish 2 : Another Friend!!!
(In the morning)
Naoko : “Huahm… Hmm… That’s all just a dream though!” *Talk in her heart*
Mikan : “That’s not a dream Naoko-chan! That’s real! And that not just me… The pets your friends bought yesterday
are same with me too! We’re all Wish Wings!”
Naoko : “Heee… So that’s not a dream!! But… What’s Wish Wings? And how can u all be in this world?”
Mikan : “Wish Wings are humans who already died & became and angels in heaven. We’ve missions in this world,
so we went here & we took pets form! But… we can’t finish the missions ourselves. We need human’s
powers to help us! But… not all humans have powers, that’s why we must choose the right humans! And…
There’re not just good Wish Wings, but there’re also bad Wish Wings, their form are wild animals, like
snake, crocodile, etc…! Their power also from humans, but humans with bad powers! Our missions are
defeat the bad Wish Wings! Do u understand now?”
Naoko : “Um… Yeah… Kind of! So… u mean my friends and I who bought u all yesterday are… power users? But I
think we dun have any powers, so… I think u all choose wrong persons! Sorry!!”
Mikan : “No… we dun wrong! And… u all already signed the contracts to be our master yesterday!”
Naoko : “Really?? But… How we signed the contracts??” *Confused*
Mikan : “Hmm… u all already signed the contracts yesterday in the pet shop! U signed the bill right?! Those our
contracts! Btw… dun u need to go to school now? You’ll be late!”
Naoko : “Oh… Yeah u right!!” *Change her clothes to uniform then runs downstairs* “Good morning Mom, Dad, Bro,
Mom, Dad, Bro, & Naiko : “Good morning!”
Mom : “Here your breakfast Naoko-chan!” *Gives Naoko her breakfast*
Naoko : “Thanks Mom! Oh… Yeah… Mikan!!!”
Mikan : “Meow…!” *Go downstairs*
Naoko : “Here’s your breakfast!” *Smiles*
Mikan : “Meow…” *Eat breakfast*
Naoko : *Eat breakfast* “Hmm… It’s so delicious! Thx Mom! I’ll go to school now! Let’s go Mikan!”
Mikan : “Meow…??” *Walk behind Naoko!* “Where’re we going? U must go to school right?!” *Confused*
Naoko : “Yeah… We’re going to my school now! Btw… Why dun u talk w/ human language before?”
Mikan : “Cause’ I think your family will be surprise, shocked and fainted too like u right?!!? Hahaha… But… if u going
to school… Why u bring me??”
Naoko : “That’s OK! My school’s students can bring their pet to school! But we can’t talk or play w/ them until break
Mikan : “Hee… Your school is really funny!!!”
Naoko : “Hehehe… Yeah! I love my school!”

<Suddenly in front of the school>
Riri & Mint : “Good morning Naoko-chan!” *Wave Hello & Walk to Naoko*
Naoko : “Good morning Riri-chan, Mint-chan!”
Riri : “Oh… u bring Mikan too! Me & Mint-chan bring our pets too!”
Mint : “Yeah…! Oh… right… So… is your Mom allow u to buy the other kitten??”
Naoko : “Yeah… all my family allowed me!!”
Mikan : “Naoko-chan… Who’re they??”
Naoko : “Oh… u don’t know who they’re?! They’re my best friends who bought your friends in the pet shop
yesterday w/ me! This is Riri-chan *While point to Riri* & this is Mint-chan!” *While point to Mint*
Mikan : “Oh… I see! Hello!! Thanks for bought my friends!” *Looks to Riri & Mint*
Riri & Mint : “He-Hello…! Um… Naoko-chan… Why is Mikan can talk??”
Naoko : “Eh… u 2 don’t know?! Aren’t your pets can talk too??” *Confused*
Riri & Mint : “Yeah… they can!!”
Riri : “So… that’s mean our pets are Wish Wings?!”
Mint : “Oh… u know that too Riri-chan?! I know that cause’ my pets are told me last night!”
Riri : “Me too! But… Hbu Naoko-chan?”
Naoko : “Yeah! I was fainted last night tho! Hehehe…! But… How can Aoko, Rin, Aoi, & Choco-tan told to u 2 at the
same time as Mikan told me??”
Mikan : “Hmm… So their name are Aoko, Rin, Aoi, & Choco-tan! So u all are my friends, and my guards and
servants right?!?” *Smiles*
Aoko, Rin, Aoi, & Choco-tan : “Yes our princess!” *Bows*
Naoko : “Huh? Princess? Mikan… u can’t do that! They’re all your friends!!”
Mikan : “Oh… I’m not tell u yet? I’m the princess of Wish Wings! Dun u see a crown in my head?” *Points to her
Naoko : “Oh… I though that just a tiara!”
Riri : “Wow… u bought a Wish Wings princess!”
Mint : “And the price is same as the others!”
Naoko : “Yeah… Lucky!! Hehehe…”
Mikan : “Btw… if u all not hurry… u all will be
late!! Let’s run!!!”
Riri : “Yeah… she’s right!!!” *Run to class w/ *

<In the class>
Mint : “Oh… thank goodness we’re not late!” *Look inside the class* “Oh… Naoko-chan! Look!!!”
Naoko : “What??” *Confused & Walks to her chair*
Nemoto : *Walks to Naoko’s chair* “Hello Naoko-chan! Good morning!!” *Smiles*
Naoko : “Good morning Nemoto-kun! What’s wrong???” *Smiles*
Nemoto : “I want to ask u something! Is your pet said something ‘bout Wish Wings last night??” *With little voice*
Naoko : “Eh… yeah! So… Nemoto-kun too?! How ‘bout Ryou-kun & Michiro-kun?”
Nemoto : “They know too! Though we dun have any powers right?!?”
Naoko : “I already said that to Mikan, but… She said that we already signed the contract yesterday at the pet shop!!”
Nemoto : “Hmm… I think we should talk to them in break time! I’ll tell Ryou & Michiro!!”
Naoko : “OK! I’ll tell Riri-chan & Mint-chan!!”

(In Pets Room)
Mikan : “OK u all! Come here!! We’ll introduce ourselves! I’ll start! My name is Mikan, my form is kitten, my owner is
Naoko-chan & I’m the Wish Wings princess!! That’s all!! Ok… Next!”
Kuro : “I’m Kuro, form black kitten, my owner Nemoto-kun! I’m Shiro’s big bro!”
Shiro : “I’m Shiro, Kuro’s younger bro! My form white kitten & my owner is Nemoto-kun!”
Aoko : “Name is Aoko, I pick light blue fish form! My owner’s name is Riri-chan!”
Rin : “My name is Rin, form bird, & owner is Riri-chan too!”
Ken : “I’m Ken, form is fish, owner Ryou-kun!”
Kira : “My real name is Kira, but my owner gave me another name, & the name is Murasaki, just call me Kira! My
form is bird & my owner is Ryou-kun!”
Aoi : “My name is Aoi, my form is mouse & my owner is Mint-chan!”
Choco-tan : “My name is Choco-tan, form rabbit, owner is Mint-chan!”
Tezuro : “My name is Tezuro, my owner is Michiro-kun, & my form is rabbit!”
Midori : “My name is Midori, form is mouse, & my owner is Michiro-kun! End report!”
Mikan : “OK… So… u all already in here! I’ll count u all! 1,2,3,…8,9,10…! What? Why we’re just 11?? Where &
Who’s the other one??” *Panic & Confused*
Kuro : “We don’t know! We dun see another Wish Wing in here except us! Right?!”
Shiro : “Yeah! How ‘bout we ask our masters in break time!! We’ve time right?! Let’s wait ‘till break time!!”
Mikan : “Eeh… Hmm… O-OK then… I-I’ll wait!”
Kuro : “Dun be so panic princess! The break time is coming in 10 minutes again!!”
Mikan : “Ha… Oh… yeah! Thanks Kuro…! I’m fine! Dun worry!!” *Smiles*

(In Break Time)
Riri : “Naoko-chan! Let’s go to pets room!!”
Naoko : “Yeah… Let’s go Mint-chan, Nemoto-kun, u guys!!”
Naoko, Riri, Mint, Nemoto & Guys : *Run to pets room*

(In Pets Room)
Mint : “Aoi! Choco-tan!”
Michiro : “Tezuro! Midori!”
Ryou : “Ken! Murasaki!”
Riri : “Aoko! Rin! Hello!!”
Nemoto : “Kuro! Shiro! Where’re u guys?”
Naoko : “Mikan!! Everyone! Come here!!”

Pets : “Oh…!” *Run to Naoko, Riri, Mint, Nemoto, Ryou, and Michiro!*
Nemoto : “There you’re Kuro, Shiro! Btw… Can we ask u all something?”
Kuro : “What Nemoto-kun? Just ask!”
Nemoto : “Why we all be your masters? Though we dun have any powers!”
Shiro : “That ‘cause u all already signed the contract! And u all the 1 who prefer to be our masters!”
Ryou : “Haa?? How can?”
Ken : “U all come to that magic pet shop right?!?!”
Ryou : “What do u mean by magic??”
Kira : “That shop is invisible for normal peoples who dun have any powers!”
Michiro : “But we can see it! Though we dun have any powers!!”
Tezuro : “No… u all have you own powers!!”
Midori : “But… u all just don’t know yet what powers u all have.”
Rin : “Now we’re the 1 who want to ask u all a question!”
Riri : “Hmm… What is it???”
Aoko : “Actually… Wish Wings must be 12 angels (w/ pets form), but…”
Aoi : “Why we’re just 11???”
Mint : “Eh… ‘bout that… I think your friend is still in that pet shop!!!”
Choco-tan : “Eh… How can? And that pet shop must be disappear now!!”
Mint : “Eh… Really??”
Naoko : “It’s all my fault! I should buy your friend yesterday with u all guys, but I’m to afraid to buy 2 pets in the
same time & I dun have enough money! I’m so sorry!!” *Cries* “I-I’ll see it after school over!!”
Mikan : “Naoko-chan that’s OK! Dun cry! Dun push ur self! I know w/out my other friend… we can’t use
our max. powers, but we still have your all powers! So… that’s OK!” *Licks Naoko’s cheek*
Naoko : “But I’m still going to search that pet shop and your friend! ‘Cause it’s all my fault!” *Smiles*
Mikan : “Naoko-chan… Thanks! I’ll help u!” *Smiles*
All & Pets : “Yeah… We’ll help u too!!!”
Naoko : “Everyone…! Thanks very much!!”

(After School, in front of the school)
Naoko : “OK everyone! Let’s go now!!”
All & Pets : “Yeah…!!!”

(In the Street)
Riri : “Hmm… I dun see that pet shop around here!!”
Mint : “But… It should be in here! ‘Cause yesterday it was in here!”
Midori : “Like we said… That pet shop is already disappear!”
Mint : “Eh…?! So… we can’t find that pet shop again?!?!”
Aoi : “Yeah, that’s right!!!”
Riri : “Hey…, why u guys talk like that?! We must be work hard to find that pet shop now! We
want to help Naoko-chan right!?! Huh!!!”
Ryou : “No, they’re right! We can’t find that pet shop again! Look there!” *Point to the pet shop’s place!*
Riri : “Haa…??” *Confused & Look there too* “What!?!?!”
Ryou : “The pet shop really disappear right?!?”
Michiro : “Then… How’s the kitten (another wish wing) in there?”
Ken : “About that… I think our friend go back to heaven.”
Michiro : “Back? Heaven? What do u mean? And how can that be?”
Tezuro : “Like I said to u yesterday, Michiro-kun! Wish Wings are angels. We need human’s
powers to finish our mission, so we must be find a right human. But, if we dun find a
human (been adopted) by a human, we must go back to heaven, our real place! Just like our friend!”
Nemoto : “What’ll happen if u go back to heaven??”
Choco-tan : “We don’t know. We never go back to heaven before!”
Aoko : “But I think we’ll be get punishment!”
Riri : “What punishment???”
Rin : “Wish Wings who dun find right human & not finish their missions will be punish! And
their punishment is… They can’t be Wish Wings anymore & they just life as humans in
the hell…, not Wish Wings anymore!!!”
Kira : “But they can be Wish Wings again in hell, if the Maou makes them Wish Wings again!
But… they’re not our friends anymore, the ‘good’ Wish Wings… They become our
enemies, the ‘bad’ Wish Wings!”
Naoko : “So… It’s really-really all my fault!” *Cries*
Mikan : “No… No…! It isn’t your fault!”
Naoko : “I’ll search your friend again!” *Runs & Cries*
All & Pets : “Naoko-chan!!!” *Scream*
Mint : “What should we do now?”
Nemoto : “I think we should go help her to find the another Wish Wing!!!”
Kuro : “That’s a good idea Nemoto-kun!!”
Shiro : “But… Where’s she go? She already disappear u know!!”
Nemoto : “I know… Then… We should disperse to find her!!!”
Mikan : “Ok… I & my friends will look her under the bridge! Let’s go everyone!” *Run!*
Pets : “Yes, princess!” *Run w/ Mikan*
Nemoto : “We should look her in the in the park! Let’s go!!”
All : “Yeah!!!”

(Searching! But Naoko…)
Naoko : “Where’s the kitten? Where’s it?” *Runs for searching & Cries*
… : “Meow… Meow…!”
Naoko : “Eh… kitten sounds!! Maybe… the kitten is…” *Runs to the sounds from*
… : “Meow… Meow…!”
Naoko : “The sounds are more loud! The place it near!!”

Naoko : “Ah… that kitten! I’m not wrong! That kitten was in the pet shop yesterday!”
Kitten : “Meow…??”
Naoko : “Are u a Wish Wing too?” *Smile*
Kitten : “How do u know that? Oh… if I’m not wrong… you’re the 1 who bought princess & cancelled to
buy me right?!”
Naoko : “Oh… So u still remember me!? Good then! Um… I’m so sorry… I was afraid my Mom dun let me
have 2 pets & I didn’t have enough money too! So… I didn’t buy u yesterday! Now… do u want
to go to my house?” *Smiles*
Kitten : “Really? Hmm… I want to, but… u must sign the contract 1st!”
Naoko : “Ok… Where’s the contract? And I’ll give u a name! Ur name is Aka-chii from now!” *Smiles*
Aka-chii : “Wow… Cute name! I like it! Thanks!! Oh… & this is the contract!” *Gives Naoko the
contract & Smiles*
Naoko : *Sign the contract* “How can the contract in your hand? That must be in the pets shop right?!
But… that’s OK! ‘Cause I already found u!!” *Smiles*

Pets : “Naoko-chan!!!”
Naoko : “Oh… Everyone! What’s wrong? Btw… Here it’s ur new friend, Aka-chii!” *Smiles*
Mikan : “Aka-chii? Our new friend? WISH WINGS???” *Shocked*
Kuro : “Oh… U already found our friend! Thanks Naoko-chan!”
All : “Oh… Naoko-chan!” *Run to her*
Naoko : “Everyone! U all come here too?! I already found their friend! Here! And it’s name is Aka-chii!”
Aka-chii : “Hello everyone! Nice to meet u all!!!” *Smiles*
All & Pets : “Hello Aka-chii! Nice to meet u too! Welcome to your new family!”

<And that is, They’re all already found their new friend & They’re all happy!>


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