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Post Reply With My Last Breath, I'll Do Something No One Ever Done
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Posted 4/8/09 , edited 12/22/09

{♪ Ќіийїэ ♪ 's Huge editing story, Story number 1! :D}
~~ Organized dialogue o_o Details are next! But i got more stories to organize first xD

RAWR I should of rethought the title o-o cuz now i cant find a way to edit it D=<. Anyway

TITLE CHANGE: With My Last Breath, Everyone will live. {Sounds so corny<3 }


Side Characters:

Outfits from order they appear:

With my last breath,
I'll hold it as long as I need too,
To complete my final mission,

With my last breath,
I'll sing til I could not sing no more,
Til I feel as if my voice is gone,
Forever through thin air,

With my last breath,
I'll hold my friends hands tight,
Until I could no longer feel the heat of their hands,
Until I could no longer feel anything,

With this final breath,
I'll bid the people I love 'Good Bye',
I'll say a few last words,
Meaningful words,
That'll always be there,
No matter what happens.

"Though I may be gone,
It does not give you guys the chance,
To change the way you live or act,
Nor does it give you the chance,
To do something reckless as too kill yourself,

So with my last breath,
I would wish everyone I know,
Don't give up,
Even though I am gone,
Please do not give up,
Not until you finally understand what to do,

Not until you could do it,
With no help at all,
I know your all strong,
So don't give up,
Cause everyone will be there for you,

And finally with my final,
Everlasting breath,
I will say one last thing,



{Poem was slightly changed cuz i couldnt remember it T.T}

Though this story is a huge different then how I usually do stories, I felt I needed to do something alittle different. Just for now. As for this story, it'll have a sad ending. {Not sure if i could do it but i'll try :D} Through everything those girls from C.C. have gone through fights, tears, pain, happiness, and so much more together. With each day coming closer and closer, their bond reaching to a limit no one could seem to get too. What'll happen if a member, their best friend, dies from a disease? What'll happen if after that friend dies, it leads into another, which then leads into another. There have been stories about this death sequence, but it seems no one could figure a way to stop it. Somehow, even though I have heard of this story, this prophecy, this past, I believe these girls, will find out a way, to end this pain, this suffering of their beloved friends, fans, and loved ones.

Something's about to happen, I just know it

"Damn, why can't I see with my left eye?!" I muttered, closing my right eye, trying to see with my left. "What the heck is wrong with me?!" I groaned, hitting my fist against the table.

"Tk! You okay?!" Masuki asked, knocking against my door.

"Hai! I'm fine!" I replied, reopening my right eye. I glanced my right eye's reflection in the mirror and noticed it was blank.

"Well, then hurry up and get ready! We have a charity concert at Sakura park today!" Masuki said.

"Forgot about the concert." I groaned, as I heard Masuki's footsteps fade. "Maybe I should go to the hospital later..." I mumbled, taking out a red outfit from the closet. "But doctors are scary..." I reasoned to myself, changing out of my red hellokitty {HELLOKITTY FTW<3} PJs. "Even thought I'm the youngest....and mature-est of the group....I SHOULD go to the doctors....but I've already told myself how scary doctors are...." I said, fixing my hair, tying it neatly into two pigtails. "Gr..." I growled to myself, trying to decide.

HIYAKU, TK!" Shiki shouted from outside my window.

"I'M COMING!" I shouted back, grabbing my puffy hat and my sunglasses. I ran outside, putting on my sunglasses before leaving the house.

"Took you long enough." Shiki replied, as I locked the door. I turned and stuck my tongue at her. "Ikou! Maki's already there." Shiki said, taking my hand and dragged me to Sakura Park.

"Good luck!" Shiki, Togapi, Remi, and Ryomi said, and then went to their seats. I bit my lip nervously, staring out at the lake behind me. It glittered under the sunlight, along with grass blades, that seemed to still have morning dews on them. I looked over to the right of me, birds and squirrels up on the trees, wondering what the commotion was about. I glanced towards my left, unable to see anything, except the lake.

"I can't see any farther then the lake without my left eye..." I whispered under my breath.

"Tk! We're on in five!" Masuki said, as she grabbed my left hand. I turned towards her and nod.

"Got cha'."

"Be on standby in three minutes." She told me and then left to add finishing touches.

"Standby in three minutes..." I repeated to myself, as I sat down near the edge of the lake.

"You feeling okay, Tk?" I heard a familiar voice asked.

"Im fine, Shiki." I told her. 'I can't tell where she is...' I thought, biting my lips.

"You look a bit down." Shiki said, sitting to the left of me.

"It's nothing." I replied again. 'Still can't see her!' I thought, still biting my lips. 'I could just turn my head.....' I suddenly thought, as I felt an anime sweatdrop sliding down the back of my head.

"If you say soooo." Shiki said, and then got up. "Your on standby." She stated, and then ran off.

"Wah....?" I said, turning to where she just was, blinking cluelessly.

"OH!" I suddenly shouted, running to the side of the stage. "Almost forgot about being on standby!" I mumbled.

"And how come I don't see that suprising." Masuki said, chuckling lightly as she appeared next to me.

"AH!" I shouted, jumping a bit. "Never do that again!" I stated, pouting.

"Still can't believe your the mature-est out of all of us." Masuki stated.

"And I CAN believe your the sane-est one in the group." I said, grinning.

"Sukay! Your on in one!" The director called.


"What are we singing again?" I asked, tilting my head.

"You FORGOT?!" Masuki shouted.

"Eto....hai..." I said, giving her a confused look.

"We're singing three songs, {-looks up some songs o.o- Brb...} Che.r.ry, Good Bye Days, Rolling Stars." {All by YUI o-o i'll organize the lyrics so the both of em' can sing :]} Masuki said, as I nod.

"Sukay! Your on in, three...two..." The director said, and then pointed his index and middle finger towards the stage.

"OH-HAI-OHHHHHH~!" I shouted, running out onto the stage.

"What's up, minna?!" Masuki asked, running out onto the stage. We both looked at eachother with a grin, and then gave a salute with our index finger and middle finger, towards the crowd. "Well, we better get started, na~!" Masuki said, as the crowd got louder. The background music, Che.r.ry started playing.

"Oi! I can't hear you!" I shouted.

"Tenohira de furueta sore ga chisana yuuki ni natte ita n da." Masuki began singing. "Still can't hear you!" Masuki shouted, as she did a small turn.

"Emoji wa nigate datta dakedo kimi kara dattara wakuwaku shichau." I sang, as Masuki tried to get the crowd yelling louder. We grinned to eachother and then Masuki jumped off the stage, taking grasp of a girl's hand and leading her up towards the stage as I continued to sing.

"Ne, what's your name?" Masuki asked, as she urged the girl towards the stage.

"Na-Natsuki!" She stuttered.

"Ah, Natsuki-chan, omedetto des, your the special guest for this concert!" Masuki congradulated letting Natsuki stand next to me with a microphone in Natsuki's hand.

"I'm sure you know this song." I said, letting Masuki take the lead.

"H-Hai!" Natsuki stuttered.

"Ehhh? Daijoubu? Will you be okay singing by yourself?" I asked, noticing her stuttering.

"Hai! Mou daijoubu!" Natsuki said, grinning.

"That's great." I said, smiling. "Ah, Masuki's part is ending, your next, Natsuki-san." I said, smiling as Masuki finished her line, and Natsuki's voice began echo-ing through the park.

"What was that, Natsuki-san?" I shouted, jumping off the stage.

"I can't hear you, Natsuki-chan!" Masuki called.

"Minna, can you hear her?!" I asked, placing the microphone in front of three friends.


"The people have spoken, Natsuki-san!" I said, acting like a news reporter. The crowd echo-ed in laughter as Natsuki's lips formed a smile as she sang louder. "Ari-" I tripped over someone's foot, my face went into pure shock as I fell to the ground, hitting my head roughly against the side of the stage.

"TK!" Masuki shouted, running over to me.

"I-..ita..." I mumbled, as my vision darkened.

"What's with this disease...?"

"What do you mean, Kyujo-sensei?"

"There's only 8 cases about this disease!"


"Is there anyway to stop it?!"

"Iie, there's only been 8, we havn't found a cure for it yet."


"It takes longer then that, Agenkiyo-san. It'll take much longer then the time we have now."

"How long does she have...left?"

"About two months, Takahisho-san."

"Arigatou gozaimasu."

"Oh! Matte!"


"Takani-san is currently in a coma...there's a chance she might-"


"Ryomi, Shiki, Togapi, Remi, go to your concert, i'll call you if she wakes up."


"Go, you can't disappoint your fans."


Step. Step. Step. "Please...there has to be a a way to stop this. You will not die on us, Tk! You can' just can't..." Masuki walked over to Tk's bedside and sat down. She clutched her creamy bag tightly. The window across from her was slightly opened and the flowers against the sill of it was fully bloom. A small TV was up in a corner across from Masuki and a few drawers was against the left side of her. A few tears slid down Masuki's soft pink cheeks. They fell onto her bag and onto the floor.

~{1 and a 1/2 month later}~ {I sure am lazy o_o}

"Ne, Masuki, it's getting closer..." Togapi whimpered biting her lips as her finger slowly passed the days on the calender. October 25....October 26...October 27....Wednesday....Thursday...Friday....Saturday....

"Wakatte....teru...." Masuki quietly mumbled looking down onto her lap. Her hands were red, dry blood were stuck to her skin. Her eyes were puffed up from all her crying and her dark blue jeans had dark blood stains. She dug her nails into the skin of her palm again, biting her lips due to the pain and allowed a fresh blood trail to slowly drip down her palm.

"Masuki! Stop this!" Togapi whined as she took apart Masuki's nails from her palms. "I know this it painful, demo, would Tk really want you to kill yourself like this?!" Togapi cried as tears slid down her face. "Tk wouldn't die. I refuse to let that happen." Togapi whispered looking at Masuki staight in the eye.


"I don't care how impossible this thought could be! She will not
die!" Togapi shouted. Her tears stopped flowing and for once, her face made a small smile. A smile that showed all the hope she could gather. A smile that brought Masuki back together.

"Arigatou, Togapi." Masuki thanked as she got up and went to the bathroom to wash up.

"You will not die on us, Tk."

Tick....tock....tick....tock.... "Stupid clock...." tick....tock....tick...tock... "...SHUT UP!" A fist came flying down onto the clock as she grind her teeth together. "Stupid clock." Togapi muttered, brushing the broken pieces off her hand.

[I cant even finish a short story ._. ne ne, im gonna edit this soon, change alot of things, cause it doesnt make sense to me XD and then i'll work on getting it finished ^^ for now, TIME TO EDIT ;] ]

{im lazy today o.o}
{OMG Update?<3 XD i feel like this is being rushed @[email protected] well too lazy :3]
Posted 4/8/09
i agree, this IS quite different :p~
koOOl :]
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Posted 4/8/09 , edited 4/8/09
OMG SUE O_O CR SOMEHOW DELETED THE REST OF THE POST D=< my summarrieeeeeeeeeeeeeee the rest of hte poemmmmmmmmm THE PREVIEW OF THE STORYYYYYYYYYYYYY -dies- T.T
&& I knooo o-o...but different is always good
Posted 4/8/09
omgg -SUE!!!- D:<
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Posted 4/9/09
yesh i am D: -points at the missing part of the poem...and summary....and preview- O-O;;
-kills CR- DIE D=<
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Posted 4/9/09
lol XD
Posted 4/9/09
-CR dead ;p-
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Posted 4/9/09
I killed CRrrr~ I killed CRRRR~ -twirls- o-o
-grabs a ruler and starts poking on the dead CR- o_o
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*10 days ago*
UGHH =.=""

kinnie; i will read wen im not so lazi
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kinnieism<33 :]
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aw kinnie x3
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