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Posted 4/9/09 , edited 4/10/09
With springtime meaning lots of fresh graduates entering companies for the first time, Oricon conducted a survey of 20- to 40-year-olds, asking them which famous person they would like to have as their new co-worker. Sho Sakurai of Arashi and talento Becky took the top spots in the men's and women's rankings, respectively.

For the male rankings, one female stated that Sakurai "thinks quickly and seems like the type to remember things about work quickly." Working as a newscaster for NTV's "NEWS ZERO," Sakurai has gained a lot of attention for his opinions. In the survey, he was followed by Teppei Koike of the duo WaT and pro golfer Ryo Ishikawa.

1. Sho Sakurai

2. Teppei Koike

3. Ryo Ishikawa

4. Hiro Mizushima

5. Haruma Miura

6. Satoshi Tsumabuki

7. Yusuke Kamiji

8. Takeru Sato

9. Junpei Mizobata

10. Eiji Wentz

Among the women, Becky's regular TV appearances have given her a very cheerful image. Some of the survey takers described her as someone who can "read the situation at hand," and as someone "so lively and cheerful that it'd be a nice breath of fresh air to have her around in the company." Right behind her in the rankings were actresses Aya Ueto and Yui Aragaki.

1. Becky

2. Aya Ueto
3. Yui Aragaki
4. Maki Horikita
5. Masami Nagasawa
6. Aoi Miyazaki
7. Haruka Ayase
8. Saki Aibu
9. Erika Toda
10. Mikako Tabe

Credits : Tokyograph


i will update later with the pictures......
Hiro Mizushima still on chart but not on top...maybe because his wedding announcement... :D

For me, i will choose Ikuta Toma and Aiba Masaki to be my co-worker... :D
Posted 4/9/09
i'd like becky as my co-worker too
Posted 4/9/09
:O Toda Erika is in the chart too !
Posted 4/9/09 , edited 4/9/09
sakurai sho tops the list..
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Posted 4/9/09 , edited 4/9/09

sho sho. im so glad that hes tops. he would be a great co-worker. so funny and clever. bless his cotton socks.
Also glad to see hiro.

i havent really heard of becky
though surprised that aya ueto didnt top it.
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Posted 4/9/09 , edited 4/9/09
Oh Sho. I love Sho and I think he'd be great anywhere (they voted him Most Wanted Tutor, and he was among the top choices for Most Wanted Husband LOL). However, watching his Arashi appearances I get the feeling that if he wasn't a Johnny he'd be the totally nerdy one that people pile all their work on because he's so smart... and he just takes it. So they'd give him all this crap for fun XD
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Posted 4/9/09
I'd like to be aragaki yui, Hiro Mizushima and miura haruma co-worker...
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Posted 4/10/09
i want yamapi to be my co-worker.
then i can start an office love affair with him
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Posted 4/10/09
look some girls on the list have worked together with Yamapi! :D
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Posted 4/10/09
lol..i wouldn't know who the hell Ryo Ishikawa was if i wasn't watching the Masters right now..hahahaXD
Is it just me or does Sho looks diff on the picture...probably just me
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Posted 4/10/09
great list.
i agree 100%
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Posted 4/10/09
lucky Becky, she has been in most TV shows and I think thats the reason why her popularity is rising...
I would love her to be my co-worker and be my bestfriend too...

for the males, haha, I would love to have Haruma Miura, Takeru Sato, Koike Teppei and Mizushima Hiro as my co-workers...

But I would also love to recommend Yabu Kota, Inoo Kei and Nishikido Ryo as co-workers.. hehe
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