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Fira's Knowledge & Brast's kids

Friday 03/04/2009

(Green’s Castle)
(Fira,Kora and Otara went to the hall where the king was)
Toria Onas (the king) - long time no see you legendary Fira
Fira - hmm.....
(Fira looked at another place)
Otara - hey be careful from your movement in front of my father
Onas - it’s ok Otara
Otara - but father..hmm. as you want father.
Fira - so what you want?
Onas - I just wanted to meet you after all so many years passed from our last time we saw each other
Fira - ....
Onas – I’m wondering why you show up after all those years.
Fira - ....
Onas – anyway, for how long you are planning to stay here?
Fira - not too much...
Onas - I have a request from you.
Fira - request?
Onas - I want you to be here until the Sora tournament finish
Fira – and why I have to do that?
Onas - there will be council at the end of Sora tournament and some important’s people will attendance it,so I want you be there too
Fira - why?
Onas - we want to find a solution about Oshitira’s area
Fira - huh? Oshitira’s area?
Onas – as you know Oshitira area have several villages where the poor people live, plus they don’t have law or a king and for sure no peace, which make the villager’s life harder and horrible, so we want to solve this problems in this council.
Fira - i will think about it
(Fira went out)
Kora - sorry for my master’s action
Onas - it’s ok, it’s his natural to be like this
Otara - father why you believe he must be in the council?
Onas - I believe he has knowledge and information about the earth that we don't know, also he know the best for the world
Otara - what make you feel that father?
Onas - Otara do you know all the strongest people in the earth? Especially the 10 strongest?
Otara - not all of them..
Onas - but he do, and I suppose he is the only one that know about them, do you know I think all this is for him is just little information
Otara - .....
(In the center of the city)
Ayoma - lets go guys
Dani - huh? Why you become so friendly so fast?
(Ayoma hit Dani by punch)
Dani - oh lets go {evil girl}
(they started to move in the way Dani saw a boy with a girl)
Dani -{are those two are.... }
(Dani started to run)
Ayoma - what? Where are you going?.....
(Dani runs toward both the boy and the girl and on purpose he hits himself to the boy, when Dani hit the boy he fall back and the hit didn't affect on the boy at all )
(The boy look at him)
Boy - hmm ? Do you want to die kid?
(Ayoma and Ironoside came toward them)
Ayoma - what you did Dani? Oh I am sorry
Boy - huh? Sorry?
Dani - sorry when I saw there was selling candy, I run fast toward it to get one but I think I lost the control and I just couldn’t stop when you show up in front of my face
Boy – hahaha.. what idiot run for a candy in this age? hahahaha
Girl - brother lets go
Boy - ok , you made me laugh so i will forgive you this time
Dani – o…thanks....
(And they went)
Ayoma - Dani?
(Dani looked back and he wanted to see Ayoma, but he saw punch coming so fast to his face and it hit it)
Ayoma - you idiot
Dani - ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh it was unfair ahhhhhhhhh
Ayoma - you desire it , Ironoside lets go I don't think we must be with him every time to protect him
Ironoside - oh ok { is he playing dump or ..... }
(so Ironoside and Ayoma left)
Dani - wait for me guys
(Dani stand up and he went after Ironoside and Ayoma, in his way he was thinking)
Aani - {as I thought that boy was Aitono shord prince of ice and the girl was Aitono fitan princess of water those two are son & daughter of Aitono brast one of the10 strongest people in earth hahahahaha this should be fun to fight with them in tournament}
(in Hayo’s castle)
Shitoro - { hmmm interfering Mady in my plan for something unexpected, and if he will be in this game means he will have effect on my plan}
(Kagomi came to the room that Shitoro was sitting)
Kagomi - father?
Shitoro - what is it Kagomi?
Kagomi - there is someone want to meet you?
Shitoro - huh? And who is that?
Kagomi - I don't know him
Shitoro - ok I will see him
(Shitoro stand up from his chair and he was moving toward the door, in way he was thinking)
Shitoro - {who is this man that know this house but Kagomi don't know him?}
(Shitoro opened the door and he saw Mady in front of the door)
Mady - long time no see you Shitoro..........
(Shitoro was surprised)
Shitoro - legendary master Mady..................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

End Ironoside-Season01-Chapter16

Writer : Ironoside
Posted 7/5/09 , edited 7/5/09
Konnichiwa..Ogenki desu ka mina san!!! now lets back to the story
... suprise #1.. Wo0ow there is a son and a daughter for Brast and Nora.. What a shock if they know it about ironside and what he done to their parents oh I take my word that wasn’t ceapy because suprise #2 is mush scary ..when Mady show up in fornt of Shitoro that was reaaaly creapy..
Brillent ideas from you writer keep going I’m became so involve on this story
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Cemetery (UAE)
Posted 7/16/09 , edited 7/16/09
not bad at all thanks writer
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Posted 6/22/11 , edited 6/22/11
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