Do you think "the world's most wanted man" Monkey D. Dragon is stronger than Yonkou?
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Posted 4/10/09 , edited 4/10/09
How strong is the revolutionary dragon?
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Posted 4/12/09
we can't be really sure just how strong he was... at that point, we just have saw once his ability... but, even just in 1 little show it seems that he's really incredible... well, if he was making a scene with one of the younkou... i take shanks as the example, i could say we'll win the battle... but, if he did fight with WB... hmmm, i guess it'll be a draw match between both of them...
moreove, all of "D." family actually have an incredible power as their nature to do with... just take a look at luffy and garp, even without their special ability their strength was so big... so i can say to calculate dragon's power can't be done by just calculating his DF ability... it just hard as to calculate luffy's power, cz more u punch him more strong he will be...
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Posted 4/12/09
Smoker dun even dare to fight him, when he is reasonably strong. Is it possible the time when Luffy almost got executed by Buggy, and that lightning is cause by Dragon? Dragon have storm ability? One thing I am sure is Dragon does not lead a rebellion for evil purpose.
Posted 7/13/10
yaa i bet dragon-san is stonger than someone else ,but i wonder if he have fight his son someday
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Posted 8/15/10
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