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Posted 4/10/09 , edited 4/10/09
. A V A T A R . A N D . B A N N E R . R E Q U E S T S .

Avatar/banner requests now available to group members~!

Note: 1 avii and banner per person! Once done with the avii/banner you requested, you may post again. Not respecting this will lead to you being ignored.

Also: To creator/mods, if you would like to help, please pm me and tell me your going to help, then you can put in your examples under mine and add yourself to the list!!


Avatar creators:

Samples (more to come!):

Fill out this forum:
Mod Requesting: _______ (user name)
Name for the avii: _______ (user name, quotes, letters, etc.)
Avatar Picture: (inside spoiler)
Crop: _____ (yes, no)
Size: ____ (thin and tall, etc.)
Borders and Extras: ______ (yes, no)

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