Dragonball RN - your thoughts on the new dragonball manga
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Posted 4/10/09

"Several years have passed since Goku mysteriously vanished with the Dragonballs, the Earth and its mighty warriors have been at peace. Gohan has retired from his duties of being a fulltime superhero; the Great Saiyaman and is desperately trying to balance his life between his family and work, spending much of his time dreaming of his past glory. Vegeta faces a new disturbing force which he has never seen before, and which he has no idea how to handle... complete peace. Due to the lack of new rivals and adventure, he has settled into a very relaxed family life. What will Earth's mightiest warriors do when a new evil rises? Will they be able to save the Earth from this new, evil presence that lurks over the planet? Faces of the past linger behind the shadow of a new evil, bound to shake the grounds of reality forever! Goku, where are you when we need you the most!? "- www.dragonballrn.com

your thoughts? will it be a hit? or a flop out like the live action "adaptation"? At first i thought the movie had potiential..till i saw the first 2 mins of it...it failed as an "adaptation" and as a kung fu movie.

but manga rarly fail. Can the dragonball series really come to the surface after DBGT and the movie?I think this manga has potiential. We might get to see Pan, goten and trunks in action in ways they werent before...though it seems everyone else got weaker, which may be a good thing, if the heroes r overpowered, you cant have good fights.I will see where this goes..hopefully further then the movie...peace over war
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