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Posted 4/15/09

hourglass1412 wrote:

Name:Black Moon
Age: 13
Position: Pureblood vampire
Gender: Female
Personality:cold, filled with hatred
History:Everyday, my parents would curse me just by ignoring my prescence. I was the eldest with one younger brother who my parents loved. I became a girl who did not know anything but the feeling of hatred. I was always alone. When my 12th birthday arrived, I decided to leave my pathetic family. But on that, before I left the doors of our manision in eastern London, my brother and a mysterious figure behind him appeared. The mysterious being used my brother to attack me like he was contolling him as a puppet. I assainated my brother, then my mother, and then my father. One by one I killed the family whose name was not "Moon" but "Blood." I had already knew that I did not belong to that family since I secretly researched my past relationship with them. There was liitle detail, but a clear message was writen on those papers; I was not thier daughter. After killing everyone in the Blood mansion, the mysterious figured chuckled, I slashed it and it doged my attack and disappeared. But I was able to identify that the figure had a human body of a woman and a mole at her chest. I live from today onwards to seek any information to fuifull my revenge.
Things you want people to know:I don't drink other vampire's blood unless it is neccessary
Other: I can stand alone ven whn no one is around to help me. I also carry a ring that belongs to my true family(Moon).
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be happy to join in the rp
Posted 4/20/09 , edited 4/20/09
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Personality:quiet,scared ,sweet,kind,shy
History:Himeka is a girl that had a vampire for a master.He wasn´t kind to her,he would hit her but she still stayed whit him..After a while he just sented her on the street:whitout a home and any friends wondering in the night Himeka started feeling scared and lonely.She started to be scared of vampires:She got sick one time and almost died.After a while she stopted talking.
Things you want people to know:she loves to sing and loves animals
Other:Will do anything to protect her friends
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Posted 4/21/09
Name:Tir McDhol
Position: human familiar
Gender: Male
Personality:loyal, friendly
History: Tir was born into a family of nobles and had a vampire as a friend. Tir's father was a General of the place where tir lived. He was to be expected to be like his father and did small errands like taking messages from around the towns. one day his vampire friend came into the house with injuries all over knowing the villagers did this tir took the vampire into hiding till he was healed then left the village in search of a place where his vampire friend could live in peace.
Things you want people to know:
Other:will protect his friends
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Posted 5/9/09
Position: pure blood
Personality:shy, secretive, artistic and creative as my friends say, silent and disturbingky clumsy
History: i was a wandering vampire till i saw this group.. and promised to be it's sheilg...=3 i was bOrn a pure blood vampire but was separated from my parents and little brother.. humans adopted and raised me.. so i feel sympathy and pity for humans that i decided to feed on animal blood
Things you want people to know: i really am disturbingly clumsy in real life... belive me yOu shouldn't be more than 10 meeters away from me
Other: naa.. i'm prety much plain old boreing

Posted 5/11/09 , edited 5/11/09
Age: 15
Position: pureblooded vampire
Gender: Female
History:Yumemia is a vampire that come form a family that hate her.She was always diffrent,peopel nenevr hated her and talk to her normal like she was a human.When she turned 15 her family told her to leave becoz she is´t like them that broke her heart and she bacam kind of weird always saying stuff that don´t matter and acting strange sometimes.She is able do walk under the sunlight and can control her thirst.She is kind of scarde of other vampires and humans.So she is usally alone.
Things you want people to know:she is scarded of other vampire
Other:she is able to heal ppl wounds and sometimes read ppl minds
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Posted 5/14/09
weLcum Yumemia.. and yOur position is HUMAN FAMILIAR
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