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Slang words from your country
Posted 4/11/09 , edited 4/12/09

sanpincha wrote:

evyss wrote:

you want me to give a list? ok, it's in spanish, but i will traduce it in english :)

1. Mae : It's like referring to someone, instead of using his name.
2. Qué mae, ¿pura vida? - It's like a way to say "how are you?" formally: "¿como estas?"
3. ¡Qué chiva! = "how cool! " formally: "¡Qué bueno!"
4. Jale = "Let's go" formally: "vamos"
5. ¿A chile? = "Really?" formally: "¿enserio?"
6. Voy jalando = "Im going" formally: "ya me voy"
7. choza = "house" formally: "casa"
8. vos = "you" formally: "tu"

and many more, but right now that's what i remmember :D

ahhh thats really interesting. I like Spanish^^

since most english slang is already posted...
here's some japanese

chou/mecha - very or so as in, chou kawaii! (very cute)
kimoi - gross; formally kimochi warui
wakaran (though...i don't know if this is just an Okinawan thing..come to think of it all my mainland friends don't say this) - I don't know; formally wakaranai
warui - my bad

hmm and then I guess anything that ends with 'ei' when it should be 'ai' is slang

urusei (shut up)

LOL, i like saying urusei a lot with my family
and you know something? "Mae" in reality should be said "Mahe", and it actually means "stupid or idiot" hahahha XD
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Apple-CCCCCCCCCCc-hole - A-hole.
P.K - F*** you
1314520 - I love you forever.
530 - I miss you !! ><
Think thats about it
Posted 4/11/09 , edited 4/12/09
sick- awesome
hella- a lot
pwn- own
chillax- calm down

ummm i'll add some more later.
Posted 4/11/09 , edited 4/12/09
Holy skittles/ Holy hell: Don't know what to say about this one.

BS: Bullshit.

Motherflank: Motherfuck

Pisslicker: I don't know why I say it.

Baka: Idiot.

Dodalydammit: I just made that up.

Owned: Just like it says. I usually say it when someone gets fucked up.

Pluck: Replacement word for fuck.
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Posted 4/11/09 , edited 4/12/09
Mofo - Motherf*cker
Tight - Cool
No shit sherlock - Obviously; duh
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117 / F / Boracay....sana.
Posted 4/12/09 , edited 4/12/09
1. Yabai~
2. SHIMAFU [sh*t mother f*ck*r]
3. Baka
4. Uzaken...

[Not really widely used in the country but it's really known in our classroom]
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24 / at home. .
Posted 4/12/09 , edited 4/13/09
astig - cool
utol - sibling
ermats - mom
erpats - dad
baduy - corny or cheezy
yosi - cigarette
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23 / F / (For Smaticals: T...
Posted 4/12/09 , edited 4/13/09
Er; america has
But here are the ones I use.
No shit=No way.
what the freak?=What has happened?
Shuddap=Please quiet down
You're mad homo=You are really dumb.
Go fck yourself=I don't like you.
Stupid ass=Dummy.
Fat ass= go to jenny craig.
You look smexi=You look lovely today.
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M / india ,darj
Posted 4/13/09 , edited 4/13/09
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24 / M
Posted 4/13/09 , edited 4/13/09
asa = "you wish"
nimal = cliche of bastard
lupet = cool?
manyak = pervert
epal = failure
putani = fuckkkkk

mski = weak

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M / india ,darj
Posted 4/13/09 , edited 4/13/09
theres so many lang in india i dont knw where to start frm but recently i learned there not recently but 3yrs ago dont think im not indian but its we hav diff soo many lang so here goes .............

madarchod------------> m****f**** --------> maki chut
chutya-------------------> stupid
laura----------------> i use this everytime its easy..............means pennnnnissss

n hers frm my home town Darj.............

condo------------------> this 1 i like it....................m A**hole
hey seems like im forgettin my mother tongue :D

jatha--------------> actually i dont knw wat it means

other lang i like sayin Eat sh!t............. also f**k UUUU....................

i like when they say BAKA

isaid too much
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