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Lee Min-ki, you have a competitor for Yoon Eun-hye’s feelings.

Eli (pronounced e-lai) of boyband U-Kiss also has the hots for everyone’s Coffee Prince darling. The 19-year-old , revealed his crush for YEH on April 10 when U-Kiss were guests on Gong Yoo’s KFN-FM military radio programme.

When the topic veered towards their “ideal woman”, Eli hesitated to reveal his choice, and his bandmates teased him mercilessly. They said that Gong Yoo, who co-starred with YEH in the highly-popular Coffee Prince drama, would not like his answer.

Since Eli was such a hard nut to crack, Gong Yoo decided to guess the answer. Gong Yoo eventually asked, “Is it Yoon Eun-hye?” after mentioning a few actresses’ names.

Eli said yes and apologised to Gong Yoo thinking the actor, who is DJ-ing as part of his military stint, would hate him. Eli then said that YEH is really cute.

Gong Yoo then said, “Why were you worried that I'll hate you? Yoon Eun-hye and I are just (a couple) for (the) drama not reality, so don’t worry about it. Can you leave a message for YEH so that the next time I see her, I'll give her your message?”

Confident: A more confident Eli (left) when not around his crush YEH (right)

The young chap couldn’t leave a proper message as he was all nerves. He started with “Hi noona…” and started shaking and sweating. His bandmates were of no help as they made fun of him. Gong Yoo noticed poor Eli’s condition and commented: “Wow, you really are shaking and sweating.”

After a while, Eli burst out saying, “I love you noona!”

Aww, ain’t that cute? Eli’s got a crush! Eli, who speaks fluent English, was born in Los Angeles then moved to Washington DC. He even studied in Beijing so he knows some Mandarin.

if you want to listen to the interview (in Korean), hit the link below:

Source: Jesse GY thread and smr05 YEH thread & K-popped! reader Tom Carillo

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Here's the transcript of the segment mentioning YEH in GY's radio show, guesting Ukiss:
credit: smr05

Gong Yoo: Now it's time for us to talk about our ideal girls. If you had to choose a female celebrity who would it be?

Gong Yoo:: How about we start with Eli this time?

Eli: (In English, he asks, "dream girl?")

Gong Yoo: Are you familiar with Korean celebrities? (since most members are from overseas)

Ukiss: oh of course, we know of them very much!

Gong Yoo: Typical how you know that very well

Ukiss: Oh thats right! Hyung, I don't think it's a good idea to tell you

Gong Yoo:: why?

Ukiss: yeah, we shouldnt tell you who it is.. You wouldnt like it..

Gong Yoo: who? that person?

Eli: No, hyung, you wouldnt like it..

Gong Yoo: ... is it Yoon Eun Hye, Yoon Eun Hye?

Ukiss: yes...

Gong Yoo:why wouldnt i like it?

Eli: 'cos you did a drama together and yeah

Gong Yoo: you think we're married with a kid or something? it's just a drama, wow you're such a kid

Ukiss: uh oh~ [background- GY: wow, you're crazy]

Eli: i'm very sorry

Gong Yoo: I would like for you to differentiate a drama from reality

Ukiss: HA HA HA!

Gong Yoo: in fact i think Yoon Eun Hye-ssi would be the one not liking what's been said right now

Eli: ... oh

Gong Yoo: since she's got so much ahead of her
[**i think, Eli misunderstood what GY said. Cos GY was implying that YEH wouldnt like to hear that she's wrongly associated with GY, but
Eli thought GY was implying that YEH wouldnt like to hear that she was his ideal girl**]

Eli: oh...

Ukiss: it's alright~

Gong Yoo: what do you like about Yoon Eun Hye? [background- Ukiss: her personality]

Gong Yoo: Have you seen any of her dram--

Eli: her appearance

Gong Yoo:her appearance? i see, so you like the visual of Yoon Eun Hye, hmm.. So you're into the cute style?

Eli: yes

Gong Yoo: hmm, i see

Eli: *lets out a shy laugh*

Gong Yoo: if you have anything that you'd like to say to her, say it now. You know she was on here a while back?

Ukiss: ah~

Eli: anyong-haseyo (hello [formal])

Ukiss: HA HA HA! all of a sudden, all of a sudden he's sending a voice letter

Gong Yoo: I'll pass it on to her when I meet up with her next time.

Ukiss: wow!

Gong Yoo: I'll tell her that Eli from Ukiss likes her, so say something.

Eli: ah ...

Gong Yoo: There's a chance that she could be listening as well.

Ukiss: he's shaking right now! he's sweating, he's sweating, ottoke!

Gong Yoo: now this year, wait up, Yoon Eun Hye was born in '84, and since she's 5 years younger than me, that makes her 26 years old.

She's 26, so a 7 year age gap isn't too bad. Ok, come on say something.. wow he really is sweating!

Eli: yes, Nuna anyong-haseyo, i am Eli from Ukiss

Gong Yoo: haha, how embarassing

Eli: nuna, I love you!

Everyone: wow *claps*

Eli: ah, excuse me for a moment please

Gong Yoo:haha, gosh, he really is sweating. Well, anyway, Yoon Eun Hye-ssi, he says he loves you. Eli is 19 years old, you must be happy.
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