Lee Syeon Gyun to be a December Daddy
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Posted 4/12/09

Lee Sun Kyun announced at the press conference preceding his May23 wedding with Jeon Hye Jin that his fiancee is five weeks pregnant.

The press conference was held at Shilla Hotel on the morning of April 11. Excerpts are below:

How do you feel?

LSK: I’m so nervous, happy, and thankful. I’m deeply sorry for causing a fuss and even holding a press conference regarding a personal wedding.

The reason for Jeon Hye Jin’s absence:

LSK:Jeon Hye Jin is at home right now; we did rock-paper-scissors and I lost, so I showed up alone (laughter).

The reason you suddenly decided on marriage

LSK:It’s not sudden; we were thinking of getting married within the year anyways. The reason it was decided was because last year when we considered marriage, we became anxious and felt like we were going through puberty. So we decided to cool off and have some time alone, but that’s when my girlfriend blocked off communication and went off travelling. During that time, I got worried and uneasy. The thought that arose at that time was that I can’t separate from [her]. Although I think it was a passionate relationship from love at first sight, I also thought that we’ve also had a sweet, harmonious relationship for six and a half years, and I can’t break up with her. I laughed while thinking that and also thought that I’m going to have to marry her.

Who is Jeon Hye Jin?

LSK:An actress that I really liked during my university years; I’m honoured that I’m able to marry an actress that I liked the most.

How did you first meet?

LSK:A friend from university said that he was going to a group dinner, so I went along and attended the dinner for group of people in theatre together. After about 15 minutes, I gained courage and asked for her phone number. Jeon Hye Jin was relunctant but gave me her number. But later I heard that Jeon Hye Jin wasn’t interested.

When was your first kiss?

LSK:Since it’s been six and a half years [since dating], my memory’s fuzzy, but I’m pretty sure it was in a car in front of her house in 2003.

What are Jeon Hye Jin’s attractive qualities?

LSK:[She has] an honest, unaffected personality and a solid character. She’s prettiest when she smiles.

When was a moment that you felt her solid character?

LSK:I feel it constantly, but since both of us have a truthful personality there are lots of funny situations as well as lots of arguments. As a couple, I think our strength is that we’re a pair that fights, resolves [fights], and is honest. Our married life will probably be like that as well.

Nicknames you have for each other?

LSK:Jeon Hye Jin is Jjeon; Jeon Hye Jin calls me Kyun.

How did you propose?

LSK:Since there’s a month and a half left before our wedding, I’m planning to [formally] propose sometime before then. Around the end of February, I missed her while on the way to film, so I sent her a test message half-joking and half-serious saying, ‘Want to get married? I’ll become your eternal partner so please become my trinket.’ Her response came as a heart emoticon.

The Jeon Hye Jin that Lee Sun Kyun sees?

LSK:Jeon Hye Jin isn’t affected (hypocritical) and the way she genuinely laughs makes her the most beautiful woman.

The time whenyour lover is loveliest (most lovable)?


Who is the most jealous following news of your wedding?

LSK:As we were planning quietly, we’ve been getting lots of scolding following the news reports. I think [Why Did You Come to My Home actor] Park Hee Soon is the happiest [for me, but also] has the biggest stomachache.

(KP’s note: Having a stomachache is an expression for being jealous.)

Points that you have to fix when you get married?

LSK:We know each other’s character strengths and weaknesses so well. Both of us have flaring tempers, so I hope that we can [change and] live being flexible with our opinions and giving in to each other. We’ll live well while fighting well.

Will she continue to act after getting married?

LSK:Personally, I am a fan of the actress Jeon Hye Jin. Following marriage, she will continue to show good acting.

Plans for the honeymoon, home, and wedding?

LSK:We’re going to go to a nice place after filming [for Triple] is over in August. My current house still has a year left in the contract, so we’ll set up our living there. The pastor of the church my mother attends will preside over the ceremony, and we want to have a wedding that’s like a banquet (party).

Plans for children?

LSK:I think we’ll have to give birth to one in order to know how many we want. Since I grew up in a household with lots of siblings, I like a household with lots of siblings. We’ll have kids as circumstances permit. Since my girlfriend is in her mid 30’s, she’s earnestly preparing and trying; truthfully speaking, there’s a five-week-old baby in Jeon Hye Jin’s stomach. It’s not that we’re rushing marriage because of the pregnancy, we just found out about it this past Monday. We debated whether or not we should make known the pregnancy. We could have insisted that it was a honeymoon baby, but since five weeks is still a stage to be careful in, I thought that it’s a husband’s duty to inform [people] of the truth and allow [her] to comfortably visit the hospital. I’m also making it public because I want to hold her hand and openly go to the hospital. When I first heard the news, my head felt numb as if I was shot by a gun. I feel like God blessed [us] and gave [us] an opportunity. I think that the first half of my life is finished. I want to create the second half of my life well.

Who do you hope your child will resemble?

LSK:I’d like it if [he/she] had Jeon Hye Jin’s appearance and my personality.

Lee is currently filming the film Paju, and preparing for his role in the MBC drama Triple (stills). Jeon Hye Jin is currently on break after ending her run in a play (Mothers and Tigers) last month.

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Posted 4/12/09
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