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Posted 4/12/09
Hey Folks,

Thanks to everyone that joined this group and who came to both Crunchy Roll and Cherry Blossoms Falling during the event.

So ... sine the event , have you gone out and found more info on Mr. Shinkai ? Has anyone bought the DVDS or found these movies somewhere else to watch?

Would anyone be interested in revisiting this type of event on a smaller scale during the year? We're going to definitely try to have another such event next year as well.

For more discussion on Shinkai and his works, please come and check out .

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Limitless Fortres...
Posted 3/7/10
Is there any chance of a license rescue for 5 Centimeters per Second in North America? I love the film and would pay $30 + for it, but not the $125.00 and up that is being asked by the resellers.

I do have the other two films on DVD.

A Blue-Ray box set of all the films would be very nice. I wish Criterion would do something like this, since they could introduce these films to a whole new set of film junkies who would probably see their worth. As it is, too few know about Shinkai here in North America. I hope that will change and he will be recognized and appreciated for his masterful art.
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