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Posted 4/13/09
Saita 05.2009

Cut to the chase, What is your favorite type of woman?
The person I came to like is my favorite type.
I don't like dividing people into a category.
I am somewhat put off by "Such Type" things.
Neither the age nor the appearance matters
Someone who is beautiful inside and its fun to be with, is the best.

If you fall in love, does your character change?
I don't know it for myself, but I think I may have no small change

Your memories of First Love?
I liked a teacher when I was in a kindergarten.
A teacher called me "JUN" by the first name for some reason, I was happy because I felt special.
When I was in elementary school, a letter has been sent from that teacher.
That read "I'm getting married"
When I read the letter well, the name of her marriage partner was "JUN"!
I was not special but the name "JUN" was.

What do you want your girlfriend to cook for you?
Anything will be wonderful, but if you insist, I want her to make me breakfast.
I long for the situation to have breakfast on a dining table when I get up in the morning.
I also cook.
I often go to the grocery store and I'm ordinarily in line in a register mingled with housewives. (Laugh)
Not an same basic dish, but "I want to eat chicken today!" like that and think from the ingredient and decide the menu roughly.

Where do you want to if you can take an long vacation, and go on a trip with your girlfriend?
The North Pole!
I wonder what kind of state of mind will I be in if I walked with someone I love while almost dying in a blizzard?
I'm very curious.
It's something like Psychology of a suspension bridge(Dutton & Aron’s Two Bridges experiment)?

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Posted 5/2/09
Is there more 2 this???
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