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Lastest ranking of young Japanese actors's public awareness
Posted 5/29/09 , edited 5/29/09
yay .! MiuRa Haruma nd Miura Shohei is there .. so many cute actors there .! ahahha .
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30 / F / in the middle of...
Posted 6/6/09 , edited 6/6/09
I'm not really surprised that Aya Ueto is on the top cos she's all over in Japan...she was described in the show of arashi that "THE GIRL YOU COULDN'T NEVER SEE IN within a DAY"....don't know if my translation is right...hehe well they said it maybe because she's CM QUEEN for 2008...
Posted 6/6/09 , edited 6/7/09
hiro and ikuta toma are far....
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Posted 6/6/09 , edited 6/7/09
he's sort of last century. lol
Posted 6/6/09 , edited 6/7/09
Miura Haruma 28 only...

cant believe it
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Posted 6/11/09 , edited 6/12/09
wow...out of all of those, i still see pi's name first..heheXD
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Posted 6/15/09 , edited 6/15/09
cant believe minamis dere!! lol shes like so unknown..
google her..
basically nothing comes up
oh well
Posted 11/14/09 , edited 11/15/09

prin3c355 wrote:

WOW that alot
Yeah Ryunosuke Kamiki is #32 and Horikita Maki is #7
Hurray for them both

Yeah !!! Ryuu-kun...
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Posted 11/14/09 , edited 11/15/09
uhm this ranking is alreay old I think everything changed within a month
I think the one who tops now is

1.aragaki yui(succesful movies/dramas many cm's album release etc)

2nd it's still eiji wentz bcuz you can see him on every variety show or maybe miura haruma he's always on tv his calendar soldout on some shops I'd checked

and ueto aya still on the top your right(post on my top) she's a girl that you'll see everyday or maybe everyhour for her too many CM's but the table had been turned I think for gakky she's also a woman you could see everyday:))

4th sawajiri for the news buzz she made these past few months(contract termination,drug test's etc though it's all negative news)

5th nagasawa masami(maybe on past few month if I made an evaluation she flop to 20 I think but now just for the sake of winning the best legs award by lighting up Tokyo's midtown christmass illumination(btw this is tokyo's main attraction for christmass)

so far that's what I think as I see news everyday on tv Internet news etc
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