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Posted 4/13/09 , edited 4/13/09
WARNING: Do not read on if you don't want to read any spoilers of this anime. You've been warned!

This thread is only for spoilers. If you want to say something then feel free to post something in!

I'm a bit disapointed because there's only 145 episodes but i did like the the ending of it though especially when it is in the national football league and the announcer introduced Eyeshield 21 in a different uniform which i think means he's finished high school and his old teammates he had in the audience and i also like the way he also said Sena's name too!

NOTE: If you haven't watched ep 145 yet, make sure you finish the ending episode because after that is the national football league.
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Posted 5/10/09 , edited 5/10/09
yes, i was disapointed, too. here you go;
my entry for the last episode from my journal :D

cyber_q wrote:
argh such an end in this episode? wtf that producers thinking.. i think if the producers going to do another serie like "eyeshield 21: endless serie" it must be good oportunity.. because there's more matchs.. even anyone can think. baka producer :evil: -----
even though this is an happy ending but i cannoot laugh because it ends like's ok, that hiruma vs. sena at the end.. but there is too much things..
that kuso producers i can't controll my anger!!


i started with anime and then that makes me easy to read eyeshield's manga.. then i started but now..

i am about to go crazy. i was surprised what to do. gods must be crazy. even i do not know what i said. i can not stand anymore. go over the best to drink a glass of cold water.

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