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Posted 4/14/09 , edited 4/14/09

.Please do not crowd the forums by chatting to the mods/creator.
.Follow the form or your request will no be filled out.
.Upload 10 pictures into the payment album.
(we do check the payment albums once in awhile, so no cheating)
.You may not request 2 avatars in a row. although, you are allowed to request another avatar after your 1st request is finsihed.
.Comments go on the comment board. NOT HERE!
.Don't post your pictures in spoilers. >P
.DO NOT quote this post.

1. Request to _______ (username/anyone)
2. Post the picture: (do not post in spoiler)
3. Size (thin&tall - original)
4. Words: (username/quote/name)
5. Extras:
6. Did you pay 10 pictures? (yes/no)
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