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Posted 4/14/09
It's a cave tat is deep inside the Mountain valleys just beyond the Forest......It's opens through Mystic Portals & the spell behind to open it is only known to the members of Bushido Clan............ Under construction
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Posted 4/24/09 , edited 4/24/09
Smish runs into the HQ panting. Dropping the bundle that contained her lead on the floor she got to work setting her in a comrotable way.
"Wake you you stubborn idiot," She hissed throwing water in her face. "If you don't wake up Zein will be killed by Serp and Draze~! Do you want that?" Smish left the cave to look for some source of food for when Aqua wakes up
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Posted 4/30/09
Aqua woke up to some screaminsound about zei being killed. she yawned and said "i'd say let him die but he helped me out so i can't do that" she looked around and realised she was talking to herself
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