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26 / M / Washington, Unite...
Posted 12/22/07
Well my name is cristian im 16 and i go to Delhi High School... i like 2 watch Naruto A LOT!!! and my favorite character of all times is NEJI as u can see in my profile.. LOL
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31 / M / wash,d.c.
Posted 12/22/07
My name is tyrone i love watching naruto my fav character is sasuke uchiha
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31 / M / Nowheresville
Posted 12/23/07
Name: Lester
Age: 21
Location: Puerto Rico, USA
Hobbies: TV (anime, comedy shows, Heroes), Movies (comedy, action), Video Games (own 360, Wii, DS, and a new PSP in X-mas)
Additional info: #1 Rock Lee Fan; Creator of Rock Lee Fans group (; Avid Supporter of DiggingTheWeb Anime HD (
Nice Guy Pose [(^_^)]
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28 / F
Posted 12/24/07

i'll join u name is from malaysia..
love watching naruto too..n most favourite character is of course..gaara..hehe
others includes
1. naruto
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23 / F / Sunshine State
Posted 12/24/07

my name is Thuy, 13 years old. I'm from Vietnam but live in Florida now.
I luv watching every episode of Naruto n Naruto Shippuuden.
i like all the character.
my fav. ninja jutsu is:
Summoning Technique >> Frog Boss of course<<
Konoha whirlwind
n all those moves that follow from family trait.

Posted 1/22/08
well my name is BLUEDEMON ^_^
well im very frendly,like 2 make friends and talk alot
i like 2 draw , and i LOVE ANIME lol
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23 / F / The Land of Pokem...
Posted 2/3/08
OI I'm Marissa from NJ but I was adopted from korian
I love a lot of things,enculding dogs and video games
I'm 14
I Love Gaara, with Sasuke ,Naruto, Hinata,Neji ect.

And I like 2 draw. Fav charactor is Gaara.hehe
I'm also a Narutard and Pokemon Fan

Also likes other Animes besides Naruto and NAruto Shippuuden
I also I The Legend of Zelda,Mario and other video Games.
I was a Link fan , but when Naruto came out I became a Gaara fan

And HI!
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F / somwhere over the...
Posted 2/5/08
LMAO xD yayy ookey well
My name is emma :3 and u can se how old I am on my profile :S
and i just loooove naruto and naruto shippuuden ^^
and i also read naruto manga and i draw :3
hehehe yeah and I am a litle crazy.... well umhh not just a litle
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22 / F
Posted 2/13/08
I don't really want to tell my name but my nickname is ellie.
Live in Norway.
Nationality Filipino
My favorite anime is naruto and bleach.
Fav. Manga is inuyasha
Fav. anime characters:
Gaara, Neji, Sasuke , Hitsugaya toshiro , edward elric and sesshomaru.
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