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Posted 4/14/09 , edited 4/15/09
Hey there everyone! I'm currently writing a Bleach fanfic and I'm developing a writer's block and am in need of some (Bleach) OCs. If you're interested, go ahead and post! Or you could PM/Email me...whatever works best!

Of course I'll mention/thank you in the Disclaimer in the beginning and at the end of every chapter in which I use said character. Note, I may or may not change slight details in the character, though I will notify you of any changes that I make as well as ask for your permission to make said changes. Thanks!
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Posted 4/15/09 , edited 4/15/09
Can i??
Original Character isn't??
What kind of fanfics would you made??
What kind did you want??
Is this one fine??

Name: yagyou momiji
description: she likes lolishota boy~ esspecialy hitsugaya~ she is the 3rd seat on the 10th division
always try to be friend with her taicho~ quite dislike hinamori because she and her taicho looks know each other very well(maybe jeallous??) very respect her taicho and try her best to help hitsugaya's work~ she only live alone...
she also very curious about her taichou..
at first sight,, she describe her taicho.. As.. A dog??! (lol) and also a cute bunny^^ she very want to see her taicho blushing~
she only can cook her favorite food and cake~

Personality :cheerful, friendly and energetic girl~ never give up and have big courage~

zanpakutou: giniro no yuki (silver snow) only until shikai level

picture: comming soon
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Posted 4/15/09 , edited 4/15/09

Yeshh as in "Original Character"

I might use this character...thinking about how to fit it into the fanfic :D
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Posted 4/15/09 , edited 4/15/09
Here's the recommended character template for submission:

Previous Partner:
Previous Affiliations:
Previous Occupations:
Theme Song:

Battle Data (out of 100) (Shikai | Bankai):
Physical Strength:

Powers and Abilities:




Here's an example of one OC 0_0

Of course, that example's a bit of an overkill XD
I work on characters for a while
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Posted 4/16/09 , edited 4/16/09
Let me lend you the support! Oh yes, where are you going to write your fanfic?

Name: Ashane yamato (Yeah... he's sort of one of my current RP characters, but he's great.)
Age: 175 (looks 23)
Birthday: may 10th
Height: 1.74m (help me change this if wrong measurements)
Weight: 54kg
Gender: male
Species: Shinigami
Partner: None so far.
Previous Partner: Shinji Harako (Trained under him for awhile)
Affiliation: Soul society
Previous Affiliations: none
Occupation: 3rd seat, 1st division.
Previous Occupations: member of 5th division, member of 6th division.
Theme Song: Alones (The 6th bleach opening)
Personality: Carefree, fiercely loyal towards friends and squadmates. Hates being stuck in one place due to his carefree nature. also a happy-go-lucky person till he ends up in battle.
Appearance: Black short hair, a bit messed up, brown eyes, his shinigami robes resembles the 9th division's lieutenant, kisagi shuuhei.

Battle Data (out of 100) (Shikai | Bankai):
Offense: 60| 70
Defense: 50| 60
Agility: 65|75
Kido: 50| 69
Intelligence: 64| 64
Physical Strength: 67| 72
Total: 366| 400

Powers and Abilities:

Battle instinct- Ashane has quick adaptibility to battle, and his instincts somehow gives him an advantage over battle, managing to strike opponents easily almost all the time.

Reiatsu cloaking- Having trained under shinji, he has managed to learn how to controlthe amount of reiatsu he gives out, thus concealing his presence, useless in the face of highly skileld opponents like captains,

Kidou adaptibility- Applies kidou in certain situation, and at the appropriate moment, having been under the 6th division, although he doesn't really like kidou due to the many spells he has to memorise, he has a favourite few that he would resort to gain advantage in battle.

Swordsmanship- Ashane is a pretty good user of swords, having a real talent for it, despite the lack of practice over the years, his skills are just as good as he once was.

*Name: Ashuranga (Ashuranga Ishinji is the bankai's name)

Shikai: (release command is 'swing')

Ashuranga changes the zanpakuto blade into a boomerang like blade, attached to the hilt. Can be use to slash foes, althoug a bit more heavy like a broadsword. The zanpakuto is able to be swung around like a boomerang, the blade being the boomerang itself. Ashane can
direct the movement of the zanpakuto, also if he adds a certain amount of reiatsu, the blade can strike harder and this ability is called the 'wind boomerang'. This is ashane's favourite style of attacking unless any foe comes in close contact which he would use his zanpakuto to fight close quarters.

Bankai: (Ashuranga Ishinji)

Ashuranga becomes a pair of Katanas, with dull transparent grey blades. The ability of this bankai is a much more stronger ability of ashuranga, which is manipulation of wind, able to actually manipulate the air to attack the opponent. Ashane prefers to manipulate the air in different attacks. The first is gale shot, using one of his katanas to sling a burst of wind towards the foe. The second is gale slice, similar to getsuga tenshou, except that reiatsu is only used to manipulate the wind to slash the opponent. The third is defensive, known as Gale shield, able to summon a barrier to block attacks or spells if it is required to. The fourth is a attack he rarely uses, Gale storm, unleashing a tornado upon the foe sending several slashes on the foe once struck by it, also can be used as an area attack. The last is Ashukane, an attack he has never bothered to use yet, a trump card. It manipulates the wind into forming a long dragon head that charges towards the foe, devouring him and dealing a huge amount of damage, if used, could drain ashane of his energy quickly.


Life before:

Unknown. Ashane cannot recall it. But all he remembers was that he was from a village in japan and lived a carefree life.

Pre bleach: (Around the swing back the pendulum arc)

Ashane was a teenager who joined seireitei out of a huge admiration for shinigamis, but also to protect the freedom that he so valued. He trained under the shinigami academy and graduated out of the academy as one of the best shinigamis so far. Seeing how great the captains were, he made a silent resolve to become one. Then he was assigned under the 5th division, and Shinji upon first sight, took a liking to him and trained him in many ways, hopefully to become the next 5th division captain such that Aizen WOULD never be captain. Ashane with his skills almost attained bankai, but unable to as Shinji was set up by Aizen and ended up fleeing from seireitei, meanwhile Ashane got assigned under the 6th division, where he picked up a few uses of kidou here and there.

Bleach history:

Ashane was not so involved in the Aizen incident, but it has affected his dreams. Aizen by betraying seireitei, put a fear into ashane, a fear of having authority, worried that he would be corrupted by it and end up like aizen. Thus, despite being promoted to third seat in the first division for his outstanding skills, he tries hide the very fact that he has attained bankai, unwilling to take over any captain, but unaware of it, yammamoto has already known his secret but pretends not to know. All Ashane no wishes to do is to protect freedom everywhere. His powers enabling him to do so.
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Posted 4/17/09 , edited 4/18/09
Name: Jake
Age: Unknown
Birthday: Unknown
Height: 6'
Weight: 150
Gender: Male
Species: Vizard
Partner: None
Previous Partner: Unknown
Affiliation: Neutral
Previous Affiliations: Unknown
Occupation: None
Previous Occupations: Unknown
Theme Song: Last Cross
Personality: at time he's kinda and caring but other times he is a demoniac monster that will hurt friend or foe
Appearance: Short brown hair, that's look liked he's never combed it or anything

Battle Data (out of 100) (Shikai | Bankai):
Offense: 70 | 80
Defense: 50 | 100
Agility: 80 | 40
Kido: 10 | 60
Intelligence: 80 | 90
Physical Strength: 80 | 80
Total: 370 | 450

Battle Data as a Vizard (out of 10)
Offense: 6
Defense: 5
Agility: 7
Cero: 4
Mask Duration: 10
Control: 10
Physical Strength: 2
Spiritual Energy: 3

Powers and Abilities:
Master Swordsman Specialist-
Though known why Jake seems to be a master of swordplay begin able to defeat many captain level shinigami in this, even crushing the current Kenpachi.

Flash Steps Master-
Unknown why Jake seems to as fast or even faster than some of the fastest shinigami live. This is needed since when he uses his Bankai, his speed is greatly lowered

Vast Spiritual Power-
Unknown but because he hold the power to fight on par or beat captain level shinigami he holds a vast amount of Spiritual power. Though to be able to conceal this much power, it forces him to cut his strength by 1/4

Jake is cable of creating new tactics to fight his enemies in a mater of seconds. Plus when he is in his bankai, his zanpakuto speaks to him, giving tips on how to fight his enemies

Enhanced Strength-
Because of the weight of his zanpakuto(tho the size makes it look like it is around average weight for a zanpakuto, it is true heavy. Plus When using hi Bankai, he gains heavy armor, made of the densest of materials.

This is only shown through his ability to manipulate ice in to a sword to dualweild or some other object to help tip the tides of the fight

Battle instinct-
Shown through his fast reflexes that allows him to dodge attacks by centimeters.

in its seal state it looks something like this

*Name: Frostmourne
*Ability: to manipulate Ice special ice that can adsorb reiatsu to harden to the point it can be as strong as the toughest metals

Shikai: (release command "Rule the frozen wastelands"

Frostmourne becomes a heavy broadsword with ancient writing on it. A favored tactic for Jake is to hold frostmourne in his right hand and form a shield out of ice or a identical sword in his left. Also create a mist that can block any reiatsu from leaving a person, preventing the opponent from knowing where Jake is, but at the same time, allowing Jake to know the opponent every movement

Bankai: (Frostmourne the forgotten)

In this form Jake gains armor that is able to absorb the strongest blows, weakening any attack done on Jake. Here in exchange for defense he sacrifice half of his speed.


Jake's past is unknown to anyone, he has lost all his memories of his past and is trying to find out his place in the world
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Posted 4/19/09 , edited 4/20/09
Name: yagyou Momiji
Age: 397 appearance:15
Birthday: dec 18
Height: 160
Weight: unknown
Gender: feMale
Species: shinigami
Partner: unknown
Previous Partner: Unknown
soul society
Previous Affiliations: none
Occupation: shinigami
Previous Occupations:
Theme Song: kero! to march (noburu kakuda)
, U (super junior) & ballons (tvxq/dbsk/toshoshinki)
Personality: cherful, playful, friendly
Appearance: like my avatar
but wear shinigami's uniform

Battle Data (out of 100) (Shikai | Bankai):
Offense: 30 | 80
Defense: 70 | 100
Agility: 90 | 50
Kido: 50 | 60
Intelligence: 60 | 90
Physical Strength: 80 | 80
Total: 380 | 460

Powers and Abilities:
she master kido, flash step well...

before command, its look like a normal katana
*Name: akai aki
*Ability: freely to control a strong black fire & blue fire that not weak againts ice and water

Shikai: (release command "kasshou!(burn)"
a strong fire katana
(pic comming soon)

Bankai:don't have it yet

above(my first post)

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Posted 11/13/09 , edited 11/14/09
wered u guys come up with these
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Posted 2/18/10 , edited 2/19/10
Any update on what happened with your fanfic?
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Posted 2/20/10 , edited 2/20/10
Name: Tsukiyomi Ayumi
Age: 129
Birthday: 18th September
Height: 162cm
Weight: 45kg
Gender: Female
Species: Shinigami
Partner: None
Previous partner:: None
Affiliation: Soul Society
Previous Affiliations: none
Previous teams: None
Occupation: Lieutenant of the 13th division
Theme Song: Brown Eyed Girls - How Come ; 2NE1 - In The Club
Personality: She is friendly to people whom she knows, and is wary of people who she has met for the first time, even if they are well known shinigami from the 13 divisions. She does not hesitate to attack the enemy even if the opponent is clearly much stronger than her. Ayumi is quite naive, and therefore prefers to fight the enemy by herself even though she may be overpowered. She does not usually use bankai, and will only use it under dire consequences. To her, pride is not everything; friends are. Hence, she will fight to the death to protect those whom she is close to. She is usually calm in all situations, but she is not an optimist. She gives her all during battles, not caring whether she will die. She treats all shinigami in her squad who's ranking is lower than hers as her friends, but she expects them to listen to her in serious situations.
Appearance: Ayumi is of a slim build and has long black hair that has a slightly purple tinge that reaches slightly past waist level, some of which is tied with a long white/silver ribbon. Her eyes are of a shade of (dark) violet, and the sheath of her zanpakuto is secured to her back by two 1-inch wide long-length white/silver ribbons.

Battle Data as a Shinigami (out of 100) (Shikai | Bankai):

Offense: 95 | 100
Defense: 80 | 90
Agility: 90 | 100
Kido: 40 | 50
Intelligence: 90 | 100
Physical Strength: 75 | 90
Total: 470 | 530

Zanpakuto name: Sugoshiteru (Claw of white flame)
Shikai form: A completely pure white sword made from molten metal; its hilt is entwined with white and (pale)violet ribbons.
Release command:Tsuyoku Misenai, Sugoshiteru (Burn to ash, claw of white flame)
Shikai abilities:
-Tomedonai no Hirogaru, Kizamareta (Ashes to ashes, incinerate to dust)
eg. The zanpakuto glowed even whiter(if possible) than usual with the intense heat as it cut cleanly through the enemy's left arm. The edge of what was left of his arm turned white, but the red of spluttering amber could still be seen.His arm was slowly reducing itself to ash.
-Kakenuketa, Shinjiteru (Stab to death, claw of molten metal)
eg. When a person is stabbed with the zanpakuto, the stab wound bursts into flames.
-Kyodai, Norikonda Ikiteru (Engulf, white fire blaze)
eg. Whatever the zanpakuto comes in contact with can be engulfed in flames if the wielder wishes it to. However, this attack can only be used within a 20 metre radius.
-Sameta no kara, Hoshinozora (Block and defend, wall/pillar of flame)
eg. The wall/pillar of flame seperates the enemy from wielder(and/or comrades), and it cannot be destroyed/surpassed by elemental attacks, except ice.
(Might learn one more attack in the future)
Bankai name: Sennen Shirageta (Thousand year flame) Note: Bankai name is not confirmed.
Bankai abilities: Allows the wielder to control fire, and the fire can't be put out by water. Only ice can freeze its attacks.
-Kaze no Tsutaeru (Claw of raging fire)
eg. Sets the target ablaze even from a distance. The accuracy decreases the further the distance is between the target and herself. The target kind of 'vaporises', and can only be stopped by an ice attack(by which you end up freezing the target presumably to death).
-Toritsukare dashite (Eternal flame)
eg. Summons an intense fire(which is white) that causes fatal damage to target. Cannot be defended against except by using ice attacks, or by the wielder's will. There are flames/fire when you slash the enemy with the sword.
Bankai form: The zanpakuto's appearance is unchanged, but it has an outer glow of white flame. The sword's length increases by 10-20 centimetres, depending on how much reiatsu remains.
History: Tsukiyomi Ayumi was recruited into the shinigami academy due to the high amount of reiatsu she was emitting. Captain-commander decides to put her skills(if any) to good use, and by her being a shinigami means that she'll be able to control her reiatsu better, so as to not attract any hollows/menos grandes/espadas. Ayumi could have been the captain of one of the squads, however, the captain-commander believes that she is still too inexperienced to be one. Captain-commander ended up delaying her position as a captain until further notice. Ayumi doesn't really mind as she is happy with her current position, and she is not enthusiastic about all the paperwork/reports she'll have to submit when/if she is a captain.
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Posted 2/20/10 , edited 2/20/10
Here's another 2, but it's typed in my own format.
You're welcome to edit their stats yourself ;D

Gender: female
Character name: Tsukiyomi Yuki
Race: Shinigami
Age: 114
Height: 157cm
Weight: 46kg
Birthday: 31st June

Battle Data as a Shinigami (out of 100) (Shikai | Bankai):
Offense: 80 | 100
Defense: 70 | 90
Agility: 70 | 90
Kido: 30 | 40
Intelligence: 80 | 100
Physical Strength: 60 | 80
Total: 390 | 500

Zanpakuto name: Ochiteyukou (White river rapids)
Shikai form: A white blade of silver with a gray hilt which is entwined with red ribbons.
Release command: Hanabira no Kyou, Ochiteyukou (Drown in froth, white river rapids)
Shikai abilities:
-Motome Kakegae (River of turmoil)
eg. When stabbed with the zanpakuto, the enemy is encased with water.
-Mousukoshi Ikiteru, Mitsukeru darou (Suffocate to death, river of oil)
eg. Attacks with water that contains oil; this attack is especially effective when combined with Ayumi's Kyodai, Norikonda Ikiteru(Engulf, white fire blaze), as fire is fueled by oil.
-Kanjiru no Kyori (Wave of destruction)
eg. A wave that resembles a tsunami crashes down on the target. The impact even breaks bones.
Bankai name: None.
Bankai abilities: None.
Slot in squad: 4th seat of 13th squad
History: Tsukiyomi Yuki, like her sister(Ayumi), was recruited into the shinigami academy as a ryoka.Her reiatsu level was impressive, though it was only slightly more than half of Ayumi's reiatsu. She was assigned to the 4th seat in the 13th squad as her powers combined with Ayumi's were fatal, which was why Captain-commander wanted the two sisters to be in the same squad. However, Yuki was not qualified enough to be the 3rd seat, as most of her attacks were not lethal enough.

Appearance: Yuki has short, dark brown hair, eyes of a bright amber(kind of red, like Yuki from Vampire Knight), and the sheath of her sword was secured to her back by ribbons similar to Ayumi's except that hers were red. She is Ayumi's younger sister.

Character name: Kanzaki Kaori
Gender: female
Race: Arrancar
Age: 135
Birthday: 14th March
Height: 165cm
Weight: 47kg

Battle Data as an arrancar (out of 100)
Offense: 95 | 100
Defense: 90 | 100
Agility: 100 | 100
Cero: 85 | 100
Physical Strength: 80 | 100
Total: 450 | 500

Zanpakuto: fang foudre (Lightning fang)
Shikai form: A rapier made out of steel, with black tassels attached to its grey hilt.
Release command: étincelle, fang foudre (Spark, Lightning fang)
Shikai abilities:
-électrocuter, lemé de la lumière (Electrocute, blade of light)
eg. The blade is charged with over 10,000 watt(maximum of 18,000) of electricity and is able of inflicting fatal damage to opponent if the wielder wishes to. The electricity current increases according to Kanzaki's reiatsu.
-coup de grâce, la foudre à pincés (Kill with grace, lightning rapier)
eg. This attack consists mainly of slashing the opponent while the blade is being charged with 1000 watt of electricity.
-massacré, la foudre fang (Massacre, Lightning fang)
eg. This attack allows Kanzaki to move almost three times faster than usual, and to attack with accuracy even from a distance. An intricate fighting technique that consists of many different moves.
Slot in espada: Espada 3
History: Kanzaki was one of the few espadas who survived when the shinigamis defeated Aizen. She had retreated into the forest when the shinigamis came as she thought that Aizen's plan was both meaningless and futile, and she has been living as a recluse since then. She despises shinigamis as they think that they could do anything, but has nothing against them personally. She is currently lurking in the forests, tracking down the shinigamis to see what they are up to as she has sensed the significant increase of reiatsu recently.
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